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Komichi Threatens To Take Action Over Fake Resignation Message

Komichi Threatens To Take Action Over Fake Resignation Message

MDC-T chairman Morgen Komichi has refuted social media claims that he has resigned from the opposition party.

A message was posted on the microblogging site Twitter on Wednesday claiming Komichi had stepped down from his role in the MDC-T.

But in a statement on Thursday, Komichi said he was not behind the Twitter account that announced his “resignation” which he branded a “forgery and unsound”. Said Komichi:

The Twitter handle which was used to carry that message @morgan_komichi and posted on 15 December at 9:59 am is not even mine.

My name is Morgen and not Morgan. I will take appropriate action to deal with this mischief.

There are those bent on creating wrong impressions in an effort to try to prop up their waning outfit’s fortunes.

This is a sign of desperation and trying to destabilise the MDC-T which is enjoying a massive regrowth, (and it) will not work.

We are currently focused on the preparations for our ordinary congress as well as gearing for the March 2022 by-elections.

There are ongoing internal struggles within the MDC-T, with party President Douglas Mwonzora and his deputy Thokozani Khupe at daggers drawn.

Mwonzora is reported to be planning to recall Khupe from Parliament and the latter has since dragged her colleagues to court over the issue.


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Black Jack 5 months ago

Uyo Komichi ari kurota uyo. Anomuvhotera ndiyani??? Pachezvake ari Confused. Akanga adyaira kuvhoterwa ari under Chamisa. Iyezvino hakuchina. Gearing for what? For defeat for sure.

Chapwititi 5 months ago

Ana Komichi, you are on regrowth and gearing for March 2022 elections?but i can foresee your resounding defeat.

Jonh Wick 5 months ago

Mwonzora Democratic Party .of Abbuja Nigeria Bhokhoharam na Jonnathan soroguru Moyo vanogona kuita party inemutsindo kwabvukururu uko give them chance Komichi yemukumbi irikutiii kkkkk kwanzindosung8sa vanhu kkkkkkkkk Ana Komichi idyai makanyarara vasikana vemumba ma housegero ekwaaaaaa uuuu idyai

Shampoo 5 months ago

kkkkkkk Ichiri Party here iyi kana kuti toyi tumidza Zita nyowani rekuti MADRAMA PARTY Instead of MDC T.kkkkkkkk

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