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Komichi Calls For All-inclusive National Dialogue

Komichi Calls For All-inclusive National Dialogue

MDC-T chairman and Midlands senator, Morgen Komichi has called for an urgent all-stakeholder national dialogue that will address the country’s socio-economic challenges.

This comes after MDC-T president Douglas Mwonzora privately met President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House twice in the past twelve months.

Speaking to his supporters in Highfield last month, Mwonzora said he will meet Mnangagwa for talks soon after the 26 March by-elections.

Komichi said national dialogue has historically been key to solving the country’s problems, as evidenced by the Unity Accord of 22 December 1987 and the Global Political Agreement of 15 September 2008. Komichi said:

We are still waiting for the dates for the dialogue, but we want an all-inclusive dialogue that pursues an inclusive agenda.

This dialogue, in our view, should include stakeholders such as traditional leaders, labour, churches, civic society and all other key stakeholders, who will reach a consensus on the resolution of the economic crisis facing the country.

If the government is genuinely concerned about the people’s lives, it should call for dialogue among all Zimbabweans so that we can solve our problems, which are mainly economical.

This dialogue, which we are proposing should not be elitist, but should be stakeholders driven.

All our problems, starting from Lancaster talks up to 2009 during the MDC’s conflict with ZANU PF, have been resolved by dialogue.

Meanwhile, the MDC-T’s political capital has been eroded significantly by its failure to win a single parliamentary seat or ward in the 26 March by-elections.

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