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Komichi Calls For All-inclusive National Dialogue

Komichi Calls For All-inclusive National Dialogue

MDC-T chairman and Midlands senator, Morgen Komichi has called for an urgent all-stakeholder national dialogue that will address the country’s socio-economic challenges.

This comes after MDC-T president Douglas Mwonzora privately met President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House twice in the past twelve months.

Speaking to his supporters in Highfield last month, Mwonzora said he will meet Mnangagwa for talks soon after the 26 March by-elections.

Komichi said national dialogue has historically been key to solving the country’s problems, as evidenced by the Unity Accord of 22 December 1987 and the Global Political Agreement of 15 September 2008. Komichi said:

We are still waiting for the dates for the dialogue, but we want an all-inclusive dialogue that pursues an inclusive agenda.

This dialogue, in our view, should include stakeholders such as traditional leaders, labour, churches, civic society and all other key stakeholders, who will reach a consensus on the resolution of the economic crisis facing the country.

If the government is genuinely concerned about the people’s lives, it should call for dialogue among all Zimbabweans so that we can solve our problems, which are mainly economical.

This dialogue, which we are proposing should not be elitist, but should be stakeholders driven.

All our problems, starting from Lancaster talks up to 2009 during the MDC’s conflict with ZANU PF, have been resolved by dialogue.

Meanwhile, the MDC-T’s political capital has been eroded significantly by its failure to win a single parliamentary seat or ward in the 26 March by-elections.

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Fairchild 1 month ago

mkoma komichi musatinyaudze

nhando 1 month ago

desperate to rule handiti tiripo vurayi meso muone munofunga mount hampden yavakirwa ani pafungeyiwo.
Garayi.pasi mutaure!!
bvisai tuma tie twe yellow muchadzipwa natwo
biiit is the biggest clown i.ave ever seen

.. 1 month ago

taje time to listen to yourself

also your surname telks it all
you need a family cleansing exercise from AFM&ZAOGA pastors

Da Truth 1 month ago

Guys Forget about Cup.Arikudyawo achiendesa mhuri ku toilet nezvaari kuita mupei adyewo musamumisa.Akawana mota nazvo izvozvo .Doggy style is in political wilderness .Dhimoni iroro riri mumo mu Zim . Every election vanhu Iva havashaikwi 1980 Mzorewa aivako, Shakespeare Maya NAG, Arthur Mtambara, Priscilla Misihaarambwi,,Jon's pro Moyo , Mutsvangwa,Now Chinengozi Komichi,,Mbudzi yakarasirwa.Zim is never short of 🤡 clowns political clowns like them.

way forward 1 month ago

Va Komichi varikutaura chokwadi.
Panodiwa kugara pasi vanhu vosvika pakubvumirana...consensus.hanzi zvekzvekuti winner will take all will never work in Zimbabwe.
That is the truth.Mukuru Mukuru hanga haigare pfunde.

Nimrod 1 month ago

Unotaura ndokunge unevanhu vekumirira. Komichi, Douggie, Mudzuri ,Mupariwa Havana. Their mistakes were many:
1. Using a defective court ruling to take over MDC A resources;
2. Recalls
3. Supping with Zanu pf
4. Having a non- charismatic person as leader
5. taking over MTH using army and police
6. joining Polard
7. Nicodemous neetings with ED at state house
8.Not strategizing on how to convince the public of their nefarious activities
9.Great Betrayal of their erstwhile comrades
to mention but a few

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

If KOMICHI wants dialogue he can join POLAD. What the citizens now want is a clean voters roll and equal playing field before, during and after the HARMONISED Elections.


Yellow 1 month ago

Makachinya kuvhaira nguva iya iya vakomichi, hamuna kuziva kuti imi personally you are an unelectable material maive makashildhiwa nebato paya kkk

Team Yellow Ties 1 month ago

unogwara kumich

AIDS 1 month ago

Iwe mdara usade kujairira vanhu wanzwa unodiwa Nani Mira uone zvako next year 2023 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

professor 1 month ago

komichi unoita nezvei zviya.Enda kumusha mdara kurima kwaramba motokanga mbeu.

Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera 1 month ago

Komichi naDougie pray hard that Sikhala does not ever become the Minister of Home Affairs. U will serve hard labor kuchawagona hapana

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Wakainonokera Colgate Morgan Cup
Dialogue? Wakamirira ani?

Domingos 1 month ago

Komichi, go **** your mother... ****... son of a ****... mutengesi...

Domingos 1 month ago

Komichi, go **** your mother... ****... son of a ****... mutengesi...

kkkk 1 month ago

that's rubish sero fish

CORRUPTION 1 month ago

Economic crisis yatiri haidi dialogue,cause one of the causes of this mess we are in is corruption Saka motaurirana kutiyi nevanhu varicorrupt apa vachiramba vachida kudya.The best kumbovaisa paside

Skim 1 month ago

Shame Komichi get a cup of tea and drink or quit politics hw about ur 65000 where are there... ☺️ Yellow fever.....

Never 1 month ago

No dialogueKomichi Toda free and fair elections

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Aika, ko Comrade Komichi zvavave kutaura zvimwe futi? Asi chii nhai? Ko POLAD how far?

I thought MDC were choir masters for POLAD?

saviour kasukuwere 1 month ago


RBZ inodhinda $100 ine****mu hwe 33cents tichienzanisa ne$1 reUSD,asi vachishandisa US50 cents kutenga bepa rekudhinda ZW100, nyika ingaendepi? Tosvika rini tichitengesa mombe kurapisa dhongi?


VOTE FOR HON. BITI: My question to the Hon. Minister of Finance and Economic Development, through the leader of the House is that with the cost of living rising exponentially, with the exchange rate depreciating, the parallel market rate is now close to 300, what are you doing to the plight of civil servants, teachers, nurses, doctors, judges, magistrates, bus drivers, Speaker of Parliament, Clerk of Parliament, staff at Parliament, Members of Parliament who continue to have their salaries being eroded by the rambunctious inflation and the depreciation of the Zimbabwean dollar? Why do you not just dollarise the salary of the Speaker, the Clerk, civil servants, teachers, doctors and nurses? I thank you very much Hon. Speaker Sir.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Order Hon. Member, there is no need to mention specific people. Just simply say the public, it is enough.

HON. BITI: But I was making a case for your salary too.Arent in that bracket of earning RTGS ?

Tendai Biti is something else yaakunakidza manje parliament iye😂

Nimrod 1 month ago

uuuum. wakurasika Komichi. we want to have elections first... then those with mandate to engage in any dialogue. Your party, whatever name they use, did not get that mandate. you are usurpers and you have no right to talk about dialogue. nonsense. kuda kudya zvevapfupi ne ****fu. Shut the hell up komichi

Chitova 1 month ago

Bambo vave kutsvaga relevance thru dialogue makarambwa nepovo inonzi kiti yatota kkkk

super 1 month ago

ita na mhonzora muri 2 kana kudeedza supreme court ne.con.court.munowana.answer isu.zii zvedu

Sir Zimbabwe 1 month ago

Get well soon Makomichi, you n your company are going to disappear like a mist

Noname 1 month ago

What is causing Server Error 500

As 1 month ago

Server Error (500







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