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Kombi Crew Rape Woman (20) In Ushewokunze

Kombi Crew Rape Woman (20) In Ushewokunze

A 20-year-old woman was raped by an unidentified kombi driver and his conductor after she had boarded their vehicle on Sunday.

Posting on their Twitter page, police said the suspects gave their would-be victim a lift at 6 PM in a white kombi at Mbudzi Roundabout and proceeded to the Ushewokunze area in Harare where they took turns to rape her. Police said:

The ZRP is appealing for information that may lead to the arrest of a kombi driver and his conductor who gang-raped a 20-year-old woman in the Ushewokunze area, Harare, after giving her a lift at 1801hrs in a white kombi at Mbudzi Roundabout.

In an unrelated incident, a group of armed robbers consisting of 14 men and a woman stole US$40 000, ZWL$20 000 and a pistol among other items from a house in Chitungwiza. Police said:

The ZRP is investigating a robbery case that occurred in Chitungwiza where 14 unknown men and a woman, armed with machetes, knobkerries and hammers pounced at a house in Manyame Park and assaulted the security guard who was on duty at the premises.

The suspects blasted the complainant’s bedroom window with dynamite and attacked the complainant, who was in bed with his wife and demanded cash.

They stole US$40 000, Z$20 000, six cellphones, a pistol with an empty magazine, car keys for an Isuzu KB300 and a Honda Fit vehicle.

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Jason 1 month ago

**** those people for unfair justice

cyberspace 3 months ago

Please wait

Terminator 2 😎 3 months ago

Hurumende pindurai b4 something goes wrong . Mutwakhazi ngaabatwe go to econet mopuwa #Zvinotevera must be lesson to his clan of followers apathy happened in joza but they focus on building joza kwatirikumara mashoma **** .

Viva mthwakazi 3 months ago


Daudi 3 months ago

Zwana Mthwakazi,masitshiyane letribalism.Masokhombiseni amaShona stereki asizalele abantwana so that we dominate


cute 3 months ago

muthwakazi this is a peaceful nation we all know what happened in Gukurandi era we don't want the same thing to exist please stop fueling tension between shonas and what is happening in Ukraine war is trouble f.a.c.k you ,i think our government must stop you before you done more harm.

Maparamuro 3 months ago

Please tell the authorities to fix the banking system so that people do not keep large amounts of cash in their houses

John 3 months ago

Why are you concerned about other people's money.

Lobengula 3 months ago

Pamberi me Zanu Pf

povoo 3 months ago

muthwakazi **** rako

povoo 3 months ago

ummm muchitungwiza mashata

Terminator 2 😎 3 months ago

@tyn thanks let's all call for his arrest before zimbabwe turns into a Rwanda like country.Ngaasungwe munhu uyu we can't have such pple in Zim.

123 3 months ago

Less than 10000 people read pindula, in a country of millions. Nothing is gonna happen

Tyn 3 months ago

Munhu ngabatwe uyo.

victory 3 months ago

uyo anonzi mthwakazi anenge akutopenga uyo anoda kuongororwa brain

Ginious 3 months ago

yaa Terrorists must be tracked and dealt with.

Terminator 2 😎 3 months ago

Thank you blabber we need to take some action soon . Pindula I personally I am taking this as a threat to national security . It's hightime he faces the music . Let's visit his Econet world with the relevant authorization from the state .

Aiwa ka 3 months ago

Mthwakazi republic is always commenting some tribalistic hashwog on every article inoPostwa. Wakubhowa. Hauchanakidze. Stop acting childish. Iwewe if you want to create your own Republic. Vaka ziDurawall kwaunogara uise vanhu vako imomo uvatonge. What's the reason yekunetsana nemaShona everyday? Haunete? Blame the leaders of Gukurahundi not the whole Shona people. Wakambonzwa tichikuBlamer nenyaya yekunetsana nemaShona muna 1891-1895 ikoko? Aiwa, because hatinei nazvo, zvinhu zvakara. We had no power over that. Zvakapfuura. We move on. We become a unit. We should be banding together to stop Zanu PF, not kunetsana pachedu isu maCivillians. It's rubbish. On top of this corruption and poverty then moda kutangidza a civil war. Can we just leave a relaxed, peaceful time here? Why are we always subjected to this bullѕhít? Haaaa wakutibhowa manje. We have a lot of problems. Shut up

Live 3 months ago

Absurdity!!! Inhumane

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