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"Kirsty Coventry Is An Excellent Swimmer But Is Drowning In Her Incompetence" - Mahere

Youth, Sports, and Recreation minister, Kirsty Coventry has been criticised for her silence when some groupings are urging authorities to ban Winky D from performing in Zimbabwe for allegedly dabbling in politics.

Winky D, born Wallace Chirimuko, is under fire from some individuals and groups including the Economic Empowerment Group (EEG) over his song Ibotso he collaborated with Holy Ten.

The song describes Zimbabwe as a crime scene where the “powerful people” loot resources meant to benefit the common man leaving them in abject poverty. 

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere, has said Coventry, an Olympiques gold medalist, has failed in her role as a minister. 

Her remarks came after the EEG, a Zimbabwean empowerment lobby group founded by Mike Chimombe after he was relieved of his post as Affirmative Action Group (AAG) president, had urged the government to ban Winky D from performing in Zimbabwe. In a Twitter post seen by Pindula News, Mahere said:

Artistes are being threatened by @ZANUPF_Official. Shadowy groupings are calling for them to be banned for singing. Through it all, the Minister of Arts is fast asleep. @KirstyCoventry is an excellent swimmer but an incompetent public official. We need new leaders. She’s drowning in her incompetence. What a disappointment.

Meanwhile, Holy Ten, born Mukudzei Chitsama, has said he is regretting working with Winky D in Ibotso. He cites the sensationalisation of the song by commentators, mainly journalists, and activists.

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kirst Coventry 3 weeks ago

leave me alone , Zanu pf forced me to be a minister but Ccc yacho ndotoidawo saka ndotaura chii pamahumbwe ari kuitwa nemadhara aya

Streak 3 weeks ago


kirst Coventry 3 weeks ago

leave me alone , Zanu pf forced me to be a minister but Ccc yacho ndotoidawo saka ndotaura chii pamahumbwe ari kuitwa nemadhara aya?

. 3 weeks ago

Gafa igafa,chero mukahukura message mainzwa, ndovarume chaivo ava

Gafa 3 weeks ago

Vatipe tirimagafa makanganwa hr

WINK D FAN 3 weeks ago

why are we even winky D to be banned in performaning in Zimbabwe... they songs that were sang by other artists for some parties no one said let them be banned for it was on their side.

even so doesn't one have freedom of expression, do we now dance accord to other people tune.
it's a song only.

Why not ban corruption and ban those who fail to do their work right than wanting to ban a musician who says the truth.
We should stop listening to Holly zero music hes not matured kamfana kasina game.

#We Behind Winky D the Gafa

jonso 3 weeks ago

zimsec english paper leaked again

yah 3 weeks ago

dai manyora henyu nechamajaira mazuwaose coz english yenyu ikuti rwadzei

👽 3 weeks ago

why complained about my english, I written what was loaded in my mind. Why against offloading of my mind

3 weeks ago

Regera wega

3 weeks ago

I think the news writer tiday has an agenda from morning the writer has been talking abt Gafa and Holy


jonso mukoma musoro damba 3 weeks ago

zanupf is not moved by winky's songs we are winners

jonso 3 weeks ago

at least for now

3 weeks ago

@Jonso iwe ndiwe ani kuZanu?

lamboos 3 weeks ago

kkkk chakauya nengarava chriingu

Dispatcher 3 weeks ago

Holy 10 is a Ben 10 i see you are shaking in your boots bi.tch.

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

Mahere was an excellent politician as an independent, her objectivity has gone awol since she joined CCC and it's sad.
She could just wait to see the action if any is taken by Zanupf and then make her statement. Everyone has a right to say what they like or dislike about artist, their products are for public consumption. Those who don't like the music should just ignore it.
Tuku was criticised for Bvuma, Winky D sang njema, Zhakata had Mugove, the list is endless, people interpret music or artwork they way they like according to their situations and experiences. Or maybe Mahere prefers the political interpretation.
Vakawanda vanodya zvevapfupi nekureba, not just in politics but even in business and churches. People in churches have been sold maize cobs for $10 some bought oranges for $5 each,,,,,hadzipere nyaya dze vanodya zvevapfupi nekureba

B YOUNG 3 weeks ago


..... 3 weeks ago

@Mahere failed to handle her own marriage now she wants to teach us to be competent as overall seers of national resources back off look for a husband rather than being used by keyboard warrior and Twitter President failed Chamisa.Honourable Minister was never invited to grace the launch of that floppy album now You're under attack you want her to intervene NONSENSE!

Man U 3 weeks ago

3-0 Red 😈 z kupedxa basa

. 3 weeks ago

ko Arsenal yapedza sei

VYBZ KARTEL 3 weeks ago

Arsenal ishiri isina manhenga nemapapiro. Arsenal 0-3 Newcastle

3 weeks ago

vybs Siya vanoda bhora vataure zvebhora iwe taura politics dzako haikona kunyepera vanhu.

Arsenal 0 Newcastle 0

Joker🃏 3 weeks ago

Hw can u say someone b banned from singing music iye achizvishandra since kusina mabasa makuda kuti asaite basa rake raakazvipinza ega imi tongai chete munyerere dnt b jealous thiz pipo have talents dai hake akatoita iye president🤣

Sir Chinoz 3 weeks ago

Ariko here uyu kitsi kovhentiri mu uyu mukuru

winks fan 3 weeks ago

let them ban him, , tomuteerera ariko kunze kwacho ikoko

3 weeks ago

Arsenap 0.0 Newcastle

3 weeks ago


attack 3 weeks ago

Mahere ingoziva zvekurara na Chamisa nyika ayitongwe ne sitonyeni , marriage yakaramba unoda kurapadza dzimba dzevambe.


i just say no leader is perfect or a leadership post is difficult to handle because you face a lot of factions and sub groups with various agendas .This is but a challenge that forged a better leader.

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