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Killer Zivhu Formally Applies To Rejoin ZANU PF

Killer Zivhu Formally Applies To Rejoin ZANU PF

Expelled former Chivi South MP, Killer Zivhu, has formally written to the Masvingo ZANU PF provincial leadership requesting to be re-admitted into the party.

In his letter to ZANU PF Masvingo provincial chairman and Zaka North MP, Robson Mavhenyengwa, Zivhu apologised for disregarding party protocol which resulted in his expulsion from the party in 2020. He wrote:

This letter follows my first letter of the 1st of March 2022 and the subsequent comment by Chivi DCC chairman submitted on the 23rd of March 2022.

First Cde chairman, I surrender myself to the revolutionary party, ZANU PF and apologetically regret my wrongdoing that violated the party’s constitution and its operational procedure, values and norms.

I apologise with my deepest sincerity and by way of this letter humbly apply for readmission.

Zivhu also denied reports that he engaged in negotiations with the opposition.

He claimed that it was the opposition that tried to influence him into becoming its member, adding that he refused and informed them that his home was and will always be ZANU PF.

Zivhu was expelled by the ZANU PF Politburo when it sat for its 340th Ordinary Session in June 2020 following a recommendation by the party’s National Disciplinary Committee (NDC).

His home province, Masvingo, then led by Ezra Chadzamira who was the chairman, had recommended having Zivhu expelled from the party over the disregard of party protocol.

Zivhu had used social media to push for a meeting between First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s wife Sithokozile.

Meanwhile, Mavhenyengwa confirmed that Zivhu had formally written to the party, adding the provincial leadership was yet to look into the matter.

Mavhenyengwa affirmed that as per ZANU PF position if Zivhu was to be readmitted, he will start from cells as an ordinary member.

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Blambi 1 month ago

Warohwa nenhamo wakuda kunoba fti kaaa

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Poor turd, let the man be. I'm retarded, l love avocado with lemon and machunks

William Sonboy Chinembiri 1 month ago

Come back Zivhu, we want you back in the revolutionary road

Tozivepiko 1 month ago

You are needed Zivhu to help speed up the destruction of Zimbabwe into Zimbabwe Ruins by the Looting Zanu-Pf so called revolutionary elites

Dzoka 1 month ago

Dzokera asi uchazonyara masvasvangiwa pa2023 remember zvakaitika pa by_election

😂😂😂 1 month ago

can't help but laugh he wants to ride the gravy train one last time😂😂😂😂😂

Manikiniki 1 month ago

Zivhu weku donator maCanoe kumaTeacher uchiti vachawedzera mari yeSalary nekutengesa Fish ! Ko wazofungeyi kudzokeraku Zanu. Ka****u kaya kakupera nendzara kkk So embarrassing!



It was clear that at one time or the other, Killer Zivhu, on his bended knees and arms was going to crawl back to ZANU PF and ask for forgiveness.

Killer Zivhu had no place in any opposition political party because he has a penchant of stealing from Cross Borders, which is a taboo in all opposition political parties.




Yours sincerely

Joe Brownn 1 month ago

Zivhu has always been Zanu-PF but he wanted to join the CCC just like Jonathan Moyo but unfortunately people rejected him categorically. The saddest thing for Killer is that Chiwenga will never allow him to rejoin Zanu-PF.

i 1 month ago

can someone read for me the last sentence of the article loudly 🎺

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