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Killer T Pledges To Stage Free Show

Killer T Pledges To Stage Free Show

Zimdancehall chanter Killer has pledged to stage a free show for his fans following his failure to turn up for a show in Botswana over the weekend despite receiving the full US$2 000 payment for the performance.

The organisers of the show were left counting the cost after irate fans attacked bouncers and destroyed property at the venue following Killer’s no-show.

The musician’s manager, Kudzai “Super” Biston said they will discuss with the organisers and chat a way forward.

He, however, blamed the show organisers for tarnishing their image, following the orgy of violence. Said Biston:

It was their first time doing a show and I don’t know if it was pressure.

They started pushing everything on social media, meaning they wanted to tarnish our image.

We cannot put out pressure on social media attacks. Imagine everyone is writing what they want.

Just ask them if they delivered their papers on time? We will engage them and we may do a free show for our fans.

There are some situations that arise when you are an artist, and this is one of them.

Killer murungu wangu (is my employer) and knows what should be done. We are planning a free show.

We have chats with them, where we communicated from day one, I have the papers, which they signed, and ask them if everything was done on time?

But we will do it for our fans, a free show is coming soon.

One of the organisers of the aborted show, William, said some fans are still demanding to be reimbursed what they paid to enter the venue.

He also accused Killer T’s camp of tarnishing their brand. Said, William:

They (Killer T’s camp) have not given me any feedback, I am even shocked, people were waiting for him.

We went three times to the airport, to make sure, but he never came.

We are facing a lot of challenges, kufamba mahwani (we are now afraid appearing in public) because people are demanding their payments back.

Fans want to know and I don’t know where we will get the money.

We are waiting for his confirmation as to why he didn’t come.

People were injured, the name of the company has been tarnished, and everyone was angry.

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mmmm 1 month ago

chikoro chinodiwawo pamwe pacho freeshow sei wen u wer paid already kkkkkkkkkk

star 1 month ago


killer t loyalist 1 month ago

my brother Kelvin Kureva aka Killer T yes you derail from the agreed terms abt hosting a show in Botswana it is my pleasure to welcome the decision to have another show after failing for appearance
the fans were left heartbroken and disappointed
they is no language called free show infact you had pocketed 2000usd hardcash

botswana pula are hard to get as you know pple had sacrificed to support their own son of the soil but you dd an evasive game muchispiner mari dzema economic refugees who are in Zim

i chat with a Botswana friend he said i drove from Boarder uko kunemhuka hobho ndichiuya kushow kusvika kunoridzirwa masings ako apa hauna kubatika

as an upcoming artist you need to be professional in doing business zvekudhakwa izvo imbomirai obvious mange makarohwa nezvinhu maakunyepera kuti they ddnt submitt their papers on time

killer T hauna descpline u had a record of coming to show visibly drunk

musadaro mdhara dai iri SA makaiswa pfuti muchingosvika vanouraya havatambi

🤠 1 month ago

Is it going to be a free show when he was actually paid already

Gwemba 1 month ago

Vapfana ava vanoimba yamunoti Zimdancehall problem yavo vanoda kuita imitate chigangsterism chana Vybz Kartel vekuJamaica vanove varidzi veDancehall vachikanganwa kuti image ne brand protection ndizvo zvese mumagitare. Mapromoters akutoona mupfana uyu setsotsi

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