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Khupe Is Political Poison, Says CCC Official

Khupe Is Political Poison, Says CCC Official

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Bulawayo provincial leadership has refused to work with former MDC-T vice president Thokozani Khupe and likened her to Morrison Nyathi, a former ZANLA commander who became a traitor during the liberation struggle.

Nyathi (also known as Maurice Nyathi and Livison Mutasa) was a ZANLA double agent who led Rhodesian Selous Scouts to attack a ZANLA camp at Nyadzonia in Mozambique, killing hundreds of Zimbabwean refugees.

This comes after Khupe on Monday announced that she will support CCC candidates in the weekend by-elections.

However, CCC Bulawayo spokesperson Swithern Chirowodza said party structures did not trust Khupe due to her association with President Emmerson Mnangagwa when she was MDC-T interim leader. Said Chirowodza:

If ZANLA freedom fighters did not accommodate Morrison Nyathi who was accused of selling out the liberation struggle, why should CCC entertain Khupe?

There is no need for a diplomatic talk with an enemy. We will call a spade a spade.

Zulu king Tshaka, a victorious military general, taught his warriors never to forgive an injured enemy lest the enemy heals, gathers courage and jumps to slit your throat.

We are Bulawayo, the headquarters of Matabeleland. We will not accept to be led by a person who run Mnangagwa’s schemes.

The ink has not dried on the paper on which she wrote to two senators in the United States pleading with them to lift sanctions.

This is the same Mnangagwa who was the State Security minister during the Gukurahundi era.

This is the same Mnangagwa who was commander-in-chief of the army (Zimbabwe Defence Forces) that shot and killed six Zimbabweans on August 1, 2018.

We will not drink with Khupe. She is political poison.

Khupe was recently seen posing for pictures with CCC interim vice-president Welshman Ncube and member Abednico Bhebhe.

Her decision to rally behind Chamisa came a few months after she was fired from MDC-T by Douglas Mwonzora.

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muntu 1 month ago

khuphe = political prostitute

Mkomashef 2 months ago

She's welcome, back seat kumaTerrace

ngorima mushava 2 months ago

.....she wrote letters to 2 US senators asking them to remove sanctions....Which means sanctions are there , they are real,,,and you as MDCA/CCC you don't want them to be you happy seeing Zimbabwean 🇿🇼 children SUFFER...

sarah 2 months ago

pasi naThokozani.
sellout hatimude

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

CCC supporters have emphatically rejected Khupe but Chamisa seems enamored with the idea of working with Khupe. The problem is, Chamisa uses double speak. He speaks with a forked toungue and at times he speaks without thinking seriously about the implications of his statements. Mugabe once called Chamisa, "my Supersonic Minister". Supersonic refers to faster than the speed of sound. In shona Mugabe aireva Speed, Dzungu, Bvepfepfe. The CCC is infiltrated already. Welshman Ncube is one such spy. Khupe is the finisher. Khupe has unfinished business with Chamisa. She believes she should have been President after Tsvangiarai & Chamisa scuttled her ambitions. It seems CCC supporters are more circumspect than Chamisa. They are wiser in their rejection of Khupe.

ngorima mushava 2 months ago

constitutionally KHUPE was too the rightful successor ,akagombirwa


CCC 2 months ago

If u allow kuphe back I'm out. cry Zimbabwe

Iwe 2 months ago

Kuphe,ncube are all after money CCC is doomed with them around

King 2 months ago

Mmmmmmm siyei nezvekugadzira pamokwanisa kugadzirisa, state capture in Zim, capture of judiciary by zanu, capture of security by zanu. maiti vanhu vakapata havaoni pamaituma maArmy Major kunouraya vanhu parerun ya 2008? madirwa masanction mozhamba. zanu ngaima me nawo masanction coz they are barbarians

mwendas 2 months ago

shava mufakose tirivejira imwe, Nelson kuti pfidzisa kuti PFII ne sanctions denga hauripindi mumwe wangu and haufi wakatonga nyika ino
mwari wakakuisa pa BLACK LI ST yavo.
Tiperekedze kuma elections tinyatsokutsotsota zvakanaka senda yakataurwa nevakuru vedu.

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Mzukuru ZIDERA ACT ndeya rinhi ? 2000

Ukutaura 22 years ago ndopakaiswa ED pama sanctions.

That time Chamisa was 22 years old..

Again if ED is saying "i can live without NGO'S" ..It means he can live with sanctions too.


rova mbira 2 months ago

dai Ma khupe awuya ku Zanu pf vaimupa chigaro. There is no way she can go to the cells nekungwara kwake kuye.
Arikuparadza nguva nekuterera Nelson , hapana kusvika.

Nimrod 2 months ago

Leadership position no. ngaambogara juna teracce for about 5 years or any reasonable sabbatical period.

Vbyz Kartel 2 months ago

Nhasi ndinema period pains. Pamwe kuvhunduka CCC

shava mufakose 2 months ago

zvingotaridza kuti kuiswa kwe masanctions iproject yeopposition party vachazama kuomesera vanhu nenzara kuti vavavhotera kuburikidza nenyika dzekumadokero

Calvin 2 months ago

CCC yenyu iyi hambofi yakatonga chero mukawinner hamulume. We suffering as a nation because of your leaders who constantly ask for sanctions arikukuvadza the poor ivo they're looting revenue yema city councils. So dump of you CCC and ZANU supporters who always give help your oppressors.
If chamisa has citizens in heart ngaudze tuvanhu twake kuti tubvise ma sanctions cz we dnt need a certain political party to rule, all we need is a good leaving. Tell your chamisa to copy from Julias Malema

C trial's 2 months ago

Munyika muno tinemasanctions hre ? Ndepapi patikasanctionwa tell me pmwe ndingaziva

Kwete nharo dzenyu idzo

C trials

Vbyz Kartel 2 months ago

Shamwari ndinitengesa airtime nema ice cream and mwana wangu anobhadarirwa ne Beam. Mukadzi wangu anodanana ne mbinga,saka ma US$ tinawo namadam wangu. I'm not affected by sanctions Calvin.

Calvin 2 months ago

@vybz zvitarise iwe kuti uone effect yema sanctions. You're always on pindula because you don't have anything to do even bundle re whatsapp hauna dai unaro ungadai uchitaura nevamwe manje your so called sanctions have reduced you to dust to an extent that you now think ma necessary commodities ave ma luxuries. Wakapedzisira rini kudya ice-cream? Kkkk young man usapusiswe nevanhu vari power hungry.
There's a party called Mthwakazi inosungirwa ma leaders vagoitirwa hutsinye wakawandisa but they never asked for sanctions.
Pauchatadza kuendesa mwana kuchikoro ugoona wa councilor we CCC achienda aripa level rewe Zanu uchadzidza kuti ma politicians dnt care about u but vangori after money

Vbyz Kartel 2 months ago

Vana Calvin makapusa, ndimi vano vanoverenga newspaper ye Chronicles /Herald mu toilet.Muno believer neku mha mha.How are you affected by sanctions Calvin? Tell us

Paul Piki 2 months ago

Imi vanhu imi, musangoti hee Khupe. Tambirai mwana adzoka.

Vbyz Kartel 2 months ago


Khupe is a sellout and will always be a sellout therefore I am in support with those who are against the idea of allowing her to be a member of CCC.
Please don't be discouraged or distracted by these ZEC strategies, whether dark or blue Ngaapinde hake Mukomana. We will vote were it's written CCC.

26th of March Vote CCC MPs and Councillors
Thank you in advance.

Help 2 months ago

Pliz can someone tell us here what are the sanctions on Zimbabwe as a country or individuals and specify how do they affect the general people. Am tired of propaganda misleading the people

Dzvinyu 2 months ago

Zimbabwean Citizens are not on sactions. Zanu pf top officials almost 128 personals are on sanctions.

This means that they cant purchase equipments or machines from USA and Europe( Britain) and also they are not allowed to have a citizenship or holidays there.

This thing affects themselves not us .

Zifodya 2 months ago

Vamugabe vakati ndovotera MDC aliance wani asi chituro apana ngavotere ccc asi asapiwa chituro ndo ma vote acho makuramba kuvotegwa

❎☝️ 2 months ago


Obey 2 months ago

Chamisa ngasiyane naKhupe uyo ko akapihwa naani mvumo yekupfeka hembe yeduuu asina kutaura nevakuru

upp 2 months ago

khupe is a betrayer

Vlodomir 2 months ago

Chamisa akurasikawo futi

Analyst 2 months ago

Kana vanhu.vachitaura tinobata manzwi .
Although Khupe is wrong but on a statement of blaming him on writing an application for.America to.lift sanctions she wasn't wrong .
Chero zvikadii masanctions haaiti.

👏 2 months ago

How. Explain how the type of sanctions and how do they affect the general people

chikandamina 2 months ago

ndaattangire pasi

Anonymous 2 months ago

ko akapa khupe hembe dze CCC ndiyani

Gabarinocheka 2 months ago

I advocate for a law that makes it criminal for school children to attend a political gathering.

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Confused tsikidzi

choshi 2 months ago

PASI NAKHUPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chishi 2 months ago

chamisa ngaasiyane nakhupe zvine uchenjeri mukomana ngadzose masimba kuvanhu kut obvunza kut khupe todii naye vanhu vomuramba nema votes evanhu cz khupe inyoka chaiyo

Patriotic One 2 months ago

Thumbs up to CCC Bulawayo province for taking that stance and I hope the national leadership will follow suit. To me she looks very much to be a project and a disaster to CCC. Why would she have the guts to hold a press conference wearing CCC regalia without either the consent of the provincial leadership or having the leadership'presence at her presser? It already shows that she thinks she is bigger than the Bulawayo CCC leaders. To hell with her!!!

🤫 2 months ago

uyo ngaangogara separty suporter kwete kumupa chigaro

🤫 2 months ago

uyo ngaangogara separty suporter kwete kumupa chigaro

King 2 months ago

Khupe is a political hyena, a serious opportunist who will jump at the slightest of chances to get a meal. She is always there to spoil the party. CCC leadership need to learn from previous experiences, shake off political dyslexia.

Never 2 months ago

So poison is poison. Non starter.

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 2 months ago

Khupe is bad news. I support the stance by Bulawayo's CCC leadership.
Anoda zvakapfava kunga honye.
He must deal lethal blows publicly to ZANUPF and Mwonzora to compansate for his damages not kungonzi hee Khupe has a large following so we need it. Let her form her own party with that large following.
Vanhu vari kutambura muZim because of these politicians, KUKAKA chaiko.
Trust is earned and once you break it you have to labour and prove that you are worth it.
It will be a terrible mistake if Khupe is given a seat at CCC's high table. Parade her like ana Chebundo, if she likes but l do not think pride will allow her to do that.
Pamberi negolden future. Pamberi neCitizens' Coalition for Change.

Mark 2 months ago

@Tkt and @Goldie and many others

For the past week or so I've steadily noticed that there seems to be a faction that is very much against the Bush Lawyer for some unknown reason. Can you please all stop it?

I find it embarrassing that most of you would stoop so low as to verbally assault, mimick him incorrectly and dare insult a person who freely gives analysis based on the understanding of the law. As far as I'm concerned, not one of you who attack the Bush Lawyer have said anything logical since the day this platform was created. The saddest thing is that while you guys may argue that he is too old to be using the platform, I find it very disgusting that you actually find the time to insult an old man simply because you don't like what he said.
He mainly gives off analysis and stays out of your way yet you feel entitled to insult him. I feel so disappointed knowing that we have grown men and women who act irrationally when something they don't like is said.

Please... if anyone doesn't like The Bush Lawyer's analysis just type @Mark then tell me directly what don't you like about it because it's now becoming out of hand. Insult me personally and tell me what you hate about The Bush Lawyer, leave the old man alone

Mark (original) 2 months ago

I only wrote this message once and didn't bother to reply any other messages. Someone is using my name and reposting this over and over again.

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Fokoro damn it.
Bush Lawyer wacho ngaafe zvipere....


mbinga 2 months ago

very soon kunenge kwave ne2 maCCC. Ccc-Chamisa and CCC-KHUPE...Mark my words

Anonymous 2 months ago

Kunongoita 2 kkk
1. CCC
2. CCC-Chamisa
chaiyo chaiyo inenge yatorwa

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