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Khupe Allegedly In Talks With Chamisa To Join MDC Alliance

Khupe Allegedly In Talks With Chamisa To Join MDC Alliance

MDC-T deputy leader Thokozani Khupe is reportedly having talks with MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa with the intention of joining the party.

ZimLive reports that talks between Khupe and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa have caused ructions in the MDC-T which is reportedly planning to recall her from parliament. MDC-T has dismissed reports of a plot to recall her.

MDC-T insiders say Khupe never fully accepted her defeat at the December 2020 Congress which saw her losing the presidency to Douglas Mwonzora. ZimLive quotes an anonymous MDC Alliance official as saying:

The lines of communication between the Khupe and the MDC Alliance leadership are very open, and very busy.

Khupe’s growing disquiet opened a flank for Chamisa to woo her back into the fold as he bids to strengthen the MDC Alliance in Matabeleland, where Khupe remains a political force.

Chamisa has also reached out to other MDC founding leaders in Matabeleland including former chairman Lovemore Moyo and the former organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe, who joined him on his tour of Matabeleland South last month.

Chamisa’s spokesman Nkululeko Sibanda said Chamisa wants to lead this country and building a nation is not a partisan enterprise. He added:

 His focus is to get every citizen to support change.

The MDC Alliance stands ready to welcome all comrades who underestimated Douglas Mwonzora’s complicity and connivance with the regime to frustrate change.

Khupe’s spokesman Ntando Ndlovu denied that she has held talks with the MDC Alliance. Ndlovu said:

Dr Khupe would like to place it on record that she has never held any discussions with any party about working together or anything of the sort.

These reports come after Khupe’s lawyers wrote to the MDC-T secretary-general Paurina Mupariwa on December 6 raising concerns about a resolution allegedly passed by the party’s national council to recall her and her supporters from parliament.

The lawyers claimed a national council meeting held on November 26 passed a resolution “to recall Dr Khupe and others from parliament and local authorities” and that the intended recalls “are due any time.”

MDC-T spokesman Witness Dube said:

It is entirely open for speculation why madam vice president Khupe would come out of a national council meeting only to seek an audience with her lawyers about what she calls plots to remove her from parliament.

He denied the alleged plot to recall members adding that the MDC-T, however, reserves the right to recall members who on various grounds including joining other political parties.

Dube denied the alleged plot to recall members. 

ZimLive reports that MDC Alliance secretary-general Charlton Hwende has been the point person in discussions with Khupe, who has so far only spoken to Chamisa by phone.

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Phineas 5 months ago

That woman is a political ghost her career died the moment she joined a zanu pf puppet party

Simba 5 months ago

Iiiiihhhhhh Mai imi siyanai nesu.NHM,hatidi naye.Nero haasisiri weMdc,bt ava wevanhu.Tisu takumuudza wekutaura naye,uye wekubatana naye.So Mai imi hatikudii padhuze nemunhu wedu.Asifuni sibili sibili.

Pipi 5 months ago

Sha kuphe dzokera kwawakamamwa

Blessing 5 months ago

Iiiiii Saka pakatoipa ask kpe go back to ZANU

SK 5 months ago

I don't think it's a wise idea to let her rejoin MDC A. I smell a rat🤔🤨😥😯

Davison Mitsubishi 5 months ago

Hatimudi khuphe


Chamatams 5 months ago

Dokota Khupe vakazvi parira vega. Vanhu ve MDC Alliance havacha ku trusteryi manje.

kambwa 5 months ago

Nyoka inyoka,

Vax 5 months ago

Matambudziko ose Ari muMDC A akakonzerwa naKhupe saka mkomana ngaangwarire Matebeleland yagara yakasimba vana Welshmen Ncube madhara edu saka Khupe ngaaende hake kuZanu PF

S 5 months ago

Mukomana ngaangwarire vanhu vari politically confused. Asi chokwadi Khupe kana achida kuenderera mberi ne politics ngaadzokere ku MDC Alliance.

Shampoo 5 months ago

Regai chokwadi zvinzi politics is a Dirty Game. Pamwe Khupe has realised kuti aingo respectwa ari ku MDC Alliance. Saka ngaasiyane nezve kuda kutora nzvimbo ya Chamisa. Nekuti Mukomana muhombe. Kubvira kudhara ari ku University. Mugabe akaiona nhamo yacho pa Munhumutapa Building.

OMICRON 5 months ago


Man of the moment 5 months ago

Sure Beware 💀 Nelly with Madam Doctor Ava, you are ok without HER
Remember the Mass is with you

I POVO Madam Ava Nana Douglas
People of various opinion (povo)

🤠🤠🤠 MASS for CHAMISA 🤠🤠🤠

jombo 5 months ago

There are know permanent friends in politics 5 months ago

@Jombo:Dai mangonyora shona/ Ndebele. Manje chirungu chamanyora chichakonzera kuti vanoda kuenda kuUK vachanzi chimbomirai fourth wave yecovid19( omicoron) yakanyanya kuZimbabwe

Mdara Odza 5 months ago

Shona/Ndebele bhoo futi

Rangaridzo 5 months ago

If true and Nero akangobvuma chete kugara pasi even for a minute with this woman zvadhakwa. 5 months ago

Hazvidhakwi, hanzi na Jombo( There are know permanent friends in politics). Simple, there are neither permanent friends nor enemies in poliltics

Smeagle 5 months ago

A snake only sheds it's skin to become a bigger snake inyoka uya akadzoka anosviko konzeresa and destroy MDA Alliance from within maZanu tactics hamusati makuaziva nanhasi vanhu havadzidze

Tuku 5 months ago

Dzoka uyamwe✋

Togarepi 5 months ago

That woman is very dangerous chikonama should get rid of her,she openly said she is in politics because of money so becareful

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