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Khama Billiat's Critics Don't Know Football - Katsande

Khama Billiat's Critics Don't Know Football - Katsande

Former Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Willard Katsande has defended his compatriot and former teammate Khama Billiat who has been criticised by some of the club’s fans and former players for his poor form.

Billiat has only provided two assists for Kaizer Chiefs this season and is yet to find the back of the net.

But Katsande says Billiat’s critics “don’t know football, they follow it on social media”. He said:

Now he must take the stage, he must take all blame as well as the criticism because he’s a senior player.

But looking at it from a different view, he is a quality player who needs to be supported during this difficult moment.

Supporters must rally behind him and stop criticising him. Let me tell you what type of guy Khama is the kind of player who is sensitive.

He is unlike me. I’m a village boy, and I was a diehard, a hardcore player you know that.

Other players like him are not like that. They need to be handled and treated differently.

They need all the love and attention, they thrive on that. Some players need that to perform at their best.

Even some of the best players in the world are like that. Currently, he is not getting that from anywhere.

So psychologically, I think he’s not 100% there because he can feel that the love is not there anymore.

Remember, obviously he is no longer a young player. When you grow older some things change and as a player, you become more experienced.

Now he is a senior player. He requires all that support. He still has two or three good seasons to give for the club.

If you can even look at other top players in the world of his age, they are older now, just like him and they are supported by the fans.

But how can you be mature when everyone is throwing all these negative things at you?

Every time he goes on social media or reads the news it’s negativity about him. Of course, he is going to feel down because of it and of course, then his performance will suffer.

I don’t blame him for that. We need to show him some love because we know when Khama is at his peak, he makes us all proud.

People who criticize him don’t know football. They just see football on social media.

If they knew it, they would just sit down and analyse what he contributes to the team.

We just need to appreciate him because he is one of those kinds of players.

He’s one of the gems, and it will take time for us to see a player like him again in the PSL.

We must not chase him away. If we do, we are losing a brilliant player.

| Nehanda Radio

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The Propagandist 1 month ago


coach 1 month ago

profound but in football vanhu vanopera baba. Unlike **** and executive jobs hakuna chinhu chinonzi maturity kumasports. That's why uchiona vachisiya ma sports kuma30s. Kukura nekupera zvinofambirana kuma sports.

Dr Reply 1 month ago

unlike what?

khosi 4 lyf 1 month ago

Khama apera sehondo yechimurenga

Lin chun wan 1 month ago

Ngayende ku Turkey he is wasting his talent Ku chiefs.

Dreamer 1 month ago


cid 1 month ago

akunyanya kuzvida Khama

sports reporter 1 month ago

This player is proud for nothing and fans know that and bhora hapasisina apera uyu so what love does he deserve?


shut up 1 month ago

garapasi wirad, biriat apera uyo fullstop..akungodya mari achitenga usless cars achitadza zvebhora..

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