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Kezi Barman Arrested For Murdering Imbiber

Kezi Barman Arrested For Murdering Imbiber

A 25-year-old bartender has been arrested for fatally stabbing a man with an Okapi knife on Unity Day in Kezi.

The suspect killed the now-deceased after accusing him of attacking him with a catapult and then stealing a bottle of whisky.

According to a statement issued by the Police, the incident occurred at Donkwe Donkwe Business Centre. Police said:

Police in Kezi have arrested a bar attendant, Wilson Mugandi aged 25 in connection with a case of murder that occurred on December 22, 2022 at a bar at Donkwe Donkwe Business Centre.

The suspect stabbed the victim, Mduduzi Moyo aged 21, with an Okapi knife on the chest, thigh, and waist after alleging that the victim had attacked him using a catapult before stealing a bottle of whisky from the bar.

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1Ā month ago

vdmwe vanhu havazezi kuuraya shuwa

Zanu šŸµ 1Ā month ago

U cant be a zanu supporter and use pindula free simple means u are sleeping while others are looting or u are just a useless and senseless being in their organisation

Ngozi 1Ā month ago

kuuraira munhu doro? Manje achariona jeri

Progressive Citizen 1Ā month ago

Mhepo dzakamusimukira,,, apa bhawa harizi rake.. Plus bhawa richambozezwa and thats bad for business

Umlilo 1Ā month ago

young people from matebeleland have degrees in violence

Stew- peed comment @Umlilo 1Ā month ago

@umlilo you must b the ones lecturing the Mat guys in vau lenceā†’_ā†’

AK47 1Ā month ago

Cherevo naiyevo wekuuraiwa anacho ungafura mutengesi wemubhawa kuti atize achiti marobbery osara oba bottle redoro dai akaba mari zvaivenani. Asi dai muchida uyu akaramba ari mupenyu aizopedzisira atova robbery chairo nekuti maitiro ake anga akaipa shuwa anga furira munhu nerekeni kuti store doro ko kuzoti dai aifunga zvekutora mari chero kuuraya aiuraya uyo

0% 1Ā month ago

wisdom šŸ™„šŸ™„šŸ™„


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