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Kenyan Taskforce Searches For Missing Zimbabwean Boy

Kenyan Taskforce Searches For Missing Zimbabwean Boy

The mother of a seven-year-old boy who was kidnapped in Zimbabwe four years ago and smuggled to Kenya says she is losing hope of ever seeing him again.

This comes after authorities in the East African country reportedly failed to find him at the children’s home where he was said to be.

Awakhiwe Ackim Ncube was abducted while he was playing with other children at his grandfather’s homestead in Nkayi.

He was found at the Kenyan border and was taken to Happy Children’s Home in Nairobi after the authorities in Kenya had failed to locate his parents.

A taskforce is led by the Children’s Services in Kenya failed to locate Awakhiwe at Happy Children’s Home, and will now search for him in all children’s homes in Kenya.

Awakhiwe’s mother, Nobekezelo Maseko, spoke with a woman at Happy Children’s Home some time back but failed to get the name or the phone number of the woman she spoke with.

The International Organisation for Migration(IOM) said it was difficult to locate the child. IOM representative, Tsetse Mkhonto, said:

The Kenya Children’s Services has formed a committee that is already on the ground investigating the whereabouts of the kid.

It is a challenging task because we have not yet found the lady whom the parents had contacted, if we manage to get her contacts it will be a conclusion of the matter.

Maseko revealed that she was invited for an interview by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). She said:

They wanted to know whether I have a passport or not and I would be able to go and take my son when he is found and I told them that I have nothing. I am now losing hope again after it was restored.

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Vybz kartel 5 months ago

he is not a zimbabwean boy he is a mthwakazi boy
(hes not a shona fool)

Chakanetsa 5 months ago

You **** ****s . You do not represent your tribes . Speak for yourselves . Do not tarnish our image . Whether shona or Ndebele , you should never assume the role of a spokesperson . You were not elected. You have ugly backward minds. You are like cancer . You degenerates

Jinx 5 months ago

Uchadya ****o chete ramba wakadaro ne tribalism yako iyoyo. Ndikuku sviira

lol 5 months ago

Zimbabwe news are biased
last year it was reported that awakhiwe was found in Kenya children home


Jinx 5 months ago

Newe ndoda kuku sviira Kartel. Tribalism paisinga pinde..****i rr munhu. Dakuku dyisa jeendee ..ndobva ndakusviira. Mai va loser mwana iwee wakuita zvehu ****i. Dakukusviira mira uone

Jinx 5 months ago

Im not gay but these tribalistic ****ss must get fuuucked.

Mthembo 5 months ago

Why are you gay

Jinx 5 months ago

I will be Zen the moment tribalistic comments stop or be filtered.

. 5 months ago

take it easy wangu pane vana vadiki panapa

Vybz kartel 5 months ago

use english you fool i dont understand a word you are saying

Headless chicken 5 months ago

Ndakutoumba mazamhu anamhamha apwanyirwa igwara😂😂😂😂

Jinx 5 months ago

I said , get ****eddd you useless piece of ****! Get used to the Shonas or get the fuuuuck out of Zimbabwe. Shonas will Fuuck u and your daughters t****ughly.


Mthembo 5 months ago

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Jinx 5 months ago

Right...u now feel the same i feel about tribalism. Stop tribalism and i will stop my own nuisances!

Jinx 5 months ago

Does one die if he or she just reads news, comments and not touch another tribe? A mother lost a child and boom it goes tribal! Be zen and I'll be zen too

Catherine Smiles 5 months ago

Zvakawoma ufunge, asi vanhu munodarirei

Mboko 5 months ago

Ndakazvitaura last year kuti ngaagare hake kuKenya,kuNkayi hakuna chunhu imhuka dzega dzega,anofa nezhara kuNgayi...ndikatukwa nemadzviti...asi mahwa kuti mai wacho haana kana passport,imhuka.KuNkayi hakuendwe,basa kus vira madhongi

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

Tapiwa Mboko we are watching you watch this space

.. 5 months ago

Ra Mai vako

.. 5 months ago

J e n d e **** vako iwewe wanza

.. 5 months ago

J e n d e **** vako iwewe wanza

The Coackroach That Escaped Raid 5 months ago

😂 😂 😂 Haaa ndezvekusaya

sunday 5 months ago

i wish we could constructively and informatively use this platform. we can better our lives in a way.

may someone think about it please. this is ana opportunity

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

Hope and pray my sister your son shall be found.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 5 months ago

The CID here should visit the mobile company which she used and search for the lady she spoke to, ovias its the only Kenyian number she spoke to...

Venom 5 months ago

Please lets behave lyk human beings paPlatform inoi not lyk wild animals makura wani tochibvura choya icho kana musingazive kuti ndechei

Citizen 5 months ago

@pindula your comment section is now overrun by trolls who are trying to inflame tribal tensions. Please set up a system to weed out such people and their comments quickly.

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