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Kasukuwere Says He Will Not Beg ZANU PF For Forgiveness

Kasukuwere Says He Will Not Beg ZANU PF For Forgiveness

Former ZANU PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, said that he will not apologise to the ruling party or President Emmerson Mnangagwa, and seek readmission into the party.

In a leaked virtual address to his supporters, Kasukuwere, who is in self-imposed exile, said he is available to lead if members invite him to do so. He said:

I am not one who must be expected to go on my knees to beg for forgiveness. I think there has to be maturity on all angles to say you cannot expect one who was also victimised, should I go and say I am sorry because you missed me? No.

We have been man enough to accept that some of these things must be handled in a much more mature way. There are no crybabies.

Kasukuwere said he was not a coward and will not hesitate to lead if “the people” ask him to do so. He said:

Do not be in too much haste for you might even meet more challenges in the future.

We still have time, we still have our eyes on how to resolve our question as Zimbabwe. There is the issue of the security of individuals.

There is an issue with how all the processes we are proposing should be handled.

I want to assure you comrades, I am not blind to your discussions. I am aware I have taken this extraordinary step for the first time to say, yes we are leaders, I am available as one of the comrades if people say come and lead I will not hesitate to do that. I am not a coward; I am not a fool, and I am not scared to do that.

I have given this address for the first time because no leader must impose himself on the people.

No leader must be one to say it’s me. Let the people decide. Let the clarion call come from the people.

Last week, Kasukuwere’s fellow former G40 kingpins Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao issued a public apology to ZANU PF members over their role in a campaign calling for the party to be removed from power. |

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Phidza 2 months ago

Who cares he can p**** around who needs him.

Manikiniki 2 months ago

Kkkk Kasukuwere which 'people' are going to ask you to come and lead them. No one wants you. U looted national resources wen it was yo time to loot and now you arehomesick in exile where u ll die witout any political milleage u dream of having.

Karanda Mission 2 months ago

We have decided that you should stay in RSA, the damage you caused in Mashonaland Central is irreparable.Your indeginisation nonsense left the country on its knees.

2 months ago

Tyson Tyson Tyson cut the crap We always knew you to be a bully when you were around Don't pretend to be humble before the people of Zim and keep those silly sentiments to yourself Zimbabwe is better off without people like you

CID 2 months ago

who will beg u to lead kasukuwere,,, plus Yu are indirectly begging for forgiveness bvunza Chero Chibadura anokuudza,,GARA kwauri hatidi kuwedzera mbavha isu dzatinadzo tisingazivi todii nadzo

VYBZ KARTEL 2 months ago

Ah shame cde marwara futi nechirwere chakabata mfana Chamisa twittayosis huyai kumba tine jeri rinemushonga unorapa zvine simba bvunzai va Sikhala vatirikupa 5 star treatment

Grandpa Rick 2 months ago

Well every so called politician is now vouching for themselves. If our fellow zimbabweans are not wise/intelligent enough tgey will fall for these side campaigns that will change their decision who to vote for due to confusion.
Then soon soon there will be donations which will be falsified as government donations yhen fools like me will think that they care for us and vote for for them just for being given 5KG of seed, whilst there were quiet from when they were inaugurated.

Rural people lets use our brains, Zimbabweans let's think before casting our votes.

Mtawatawa Youth 2 months ago

Kkkkkk very funny.Two politicians come to Mtawatawa to campaign. One anoita ne 5kg yembeu ne one bag re D. Mumwe anoita akasara maoko iri akuda kutivakira airport.Am so confused, ndatoshaya kuti ndavhotera upi..🤡🤡🤡

2 months ago

Vhotera weAirport. because ari kunyatsoratidza kuti haana basa bemi

mtawatawa renegade 2 months ago

usavhote iwewe hausi kuona kuti airport zvese ne agrikarucha zvese Boe same fans saka ida vese and stay at home hako


SlowActingPoison 2 months ago

Only a fool will take these words for granted. Who knew that ED would come back from exile and beat the lights out of Uncle Bob. Who knew that his being fired by Uncle Bob would result in him taking the uncle's throne.
Tyson should never be taken for a non-entity. In ZANUPF masses don't matter. There kingmakers who decide who will lead and it is not about Zimbabweans but a ZANUPF monarchy.
No opposition can undo ZANUPF before this party has autocatalysed itself from within.

2 months ago

Newewo wakangofanana na Kasukuwere wacho pa kufunga iwe. Isu mho takutomhanya na Chamisa iwe uchifunga kuti Kasukuwere will come back to lead you. OK you will be led into exile.

k 2 months ago

kasukuwere urimbavha newewo

kk 2 months ago

have kasukuwere anorova dhidhinity chekuti heki temba muriswa akatopona nekutiza ne akinasu Yake kasukuwere ada kuipaza zvekutodaro

Grant4Nero 2 months ago

Nhai is it true kuti Tyson na Dread vaidya munda waRobert?

Crocodile 2 months ago

@K asiri mbavha muZanu ndiyani nhaiwe K leadership yese imbavha mhani tibverepo pamuchazowona adzoka kuzo leader muchanyarara henyu makushaya zve kutaura futi

alligator 2 months ago

haaaa hakana kwakaipa

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

TYSON the big one...

brought low 2 months ago

tiri mamilitary guys topedzera hedu

Grant Sikhala 2 months ago

We offer Ceiling Protection Services. Tinogaramo zvokuti hapana tsotsi rinopindamo.

senior kondomu 2 months ago

grant Sikhala utori kondomu rakashandiswa

Cde hondo 2 months ago

Ndiwe waimwisa vanhu mushonga wedonje ku Mt Darwin iwewe.. Paraquat... Garai ikoko good riddance

txxt 2 months ago

God is in control.

@Grand Sikhala 2 months ago

You have unparalleled business acumen shipness.

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