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Kariba Hit By An Earthquake

Kariba Hit By An Earthquake

An earthquake has hit Kariba and the surrounding areas with the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) of Zimbabwe estimating that the epicentre was approximately 50km South of Kariba Dam near Bumi Hills. A statement seen by Pindula News says earthquakes are a common phenomenon in the area. Reads the statement:

An earthquake of magnitude M4.3 occurred and was felt in the Kariba and surrounding areas at 22:03 hours (10PM) on 2 August 2022. The epicentre was triangulated by the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) of Zimbabwe to approximately 50km South of Kariba Dam near Bumi Hills. Although this is a naturally active seismic area, it started experiencing increased seismicity after the filling of Lake Kariba in the 1960s. Accordingly, the earthquakes are normal and expected. They are referred to as “reservoir-induced tremors” because they are attributed to the presence of the lake.

In the last twelve months, two earthquakes of equivalent magnitudes and several others of smaller magnitudes occurred south of the Kariba Dam. Of note are magnitude M4.5 and M4.6 earthquakes that occurred on 9 August 2021 and 24 May 2022, with epicentres near Binga and below the Lake respectively.

We wish to assure the public and those domiciled in and around the affected areas that tremors of this magnitude are not expected to affect the structural integrity of the Kariba Dam. We further confirm that there were no unusual observations made from the inspections that were carried out on the morning of 3rd August 2022 nor from the analysis of dam safety data that is collected from several instruments that monitor the behaviour of the dam.

About the Zambezi River Authority The Zambezi River Authority is a Bi-National organization mandated to contribute to the economic, industrial, and social development of the Republics of Zambia and Zimbabwe by obtaining the greatest possible benefits from the natural advantages offered by the waters of the Zambezi River (between Zambia and Zimbabwe) through the most economical and effective means of providing water for generation of electricity and for other purposes which the Contracting States may decide upon.


ENDS// -Issued by: Selusiwe Y. Sibanda Manager – Public Relations and Communications Lusaka, Zambia I Cell: +(260) 779663323 1 Email:

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Machiavelli 1 month ago

Nyami Nyami is angry with a political party that tried to buy votes using sweets. Until the local populace cleanse the area completely by getting rid of this political party, Nyami Nyami will continue shocking the Kariva area.

Mz 1 month ago

Nyaminyami is angry with the Child rapists

Mmmm 1 month ago

😂 😁 😂

worried citizen 1 month ago

heeede dai ikasatiwisira hayo HEP tingaita million years tisina magetsi muno🤣🤣🤣

Daddy bee 1 month ago

KKKkkkk😂😂😂ipapo manje panenge pashata ngaiite twunhu twayo asi kumagetsi ngaitiregerere


Midzimu irikutsamwira Chamisa

NHUBU 1 month ago

no nyaminyami is very happy to be back again in the kariba dam

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

musatya vazukuru. ndiwo matambiro a nyami nyami. maida kuti abike mahumbwe here?


pk 1 month ago

it's high time we should have earthquake detecting machines. inga timbotamba ne China. people were supposed to have been warned 8hrs before the earthquake.

Nyaminyami 1 month ago


sonboy 1 month ago

nyami nyami yakatsamwira bhinya ED

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