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Kapini Wants To Emulate Gianluigi Buffon's Longevity

Kapini Wants To Emulate Gianluigi Buffon's Longevity

Former Warriors goalkeeper Tapuwa Kapini says he has not thought of retiring yet and would want to play for his childhood club Highlanders before hanging up his boots.

The 37-year-old Sekhukhune United goalie wants to emulate veteran Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon’s longevity.

Buffon (44) recently signed a new two-year deal with second-tier side Parma in his homeland and is set to play until he is at least 36. Kapini told Sowetan:

I haven’t thought about retirement yet. All I am thinking about is just going to training every morning and doing well… motivate these young boys that if I can play at my age, what about them?

Buffon is 44 and in Africa people expect us to retire at 37… imagine. Seeing Buffon still going strong is a huge inspiration for many of us.

Kapini has only played in Sekhukhune’s first three league games of the season before the arrival of Toaster Nsabata who took the No 1 jersey.

The Zimbabwean said he has not lost hope at Babina Noko and will do his best whenever he gets an opportunity to play. Said Kapini:

Football is all about competition. If there’s someone who’s doing well ahead of you, you must be patient. Toaster is doing well at the moment but I won’t stop pushing him.

There’s also Ayanda Dlamini, who’s a top keeper in his own right, so the competition is stiff. Whenever I get a chance to play, I’ll grab it with both hands.

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tinacho chitupa chake kapini 3 months ago

37yrs plus dze age cheating dzaakabisa 8=45 .....hurray we have our selves the oldest goalkeeper and 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🇿🇼

..... 3 months ago

37yr old kapini kkkkkkkkkk amana ka ini zii hangu

3 months ago

Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

I know this guy he doesn't have discipline with his finances,the failed to invest during their hey days.Look at Gilbert Banda,Mthulisi Maphosa and the Matewa's all these guys are suffering. Gilbert Banda former Bosso captain was a drunkard,he squndered his finances with several girls and failed to take care of his parents.Others are doing car washing while still living in their parents house @38,40years..the former Dynamos players.Football is just another sad story in terms of financial security.

Bright 3 months ago

Vanonyanya kudya Mari vanenge vachifunga kti vacharamba vachitamba maybe bcz umm look at tendai ndoro now

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Zvenyika Makonese is now a bus conductor who was recently acussed of stealing a cellphone

Bright 3 months ago

Goal keeping ahina problem kunyanya kana 45 anogona kusvika achitamba keeper we Egypt aibata pa last afcon yakazotorwa ne Algeria iya akatamba nana Peter ndlovu 1995 all Africa games


😴 3 months ago

Zvakatanga naRobati now Hlupheko haasi kufunga kusiirwa twana twutokotoko. Hey wena Hlupeko, The Lizard,t Thula Msindo🦎
Kapini ndiye adii? Tamba kusvika muguwa iweeeee.Dhlali bola wemfana🦍

Thula Msindo 3 months ago

Hey wena😴 Uyi menemene Thula Msindo🦍

Shepace 3 months ago

Kupenga uko ko kungorega uchagona unobvei

Mboko 3 months ago

Zvigaro zvei..arikutambira mhuri,achishandisa body yake..sports depends on compete n be selected..

inini 3 months ago

ndaasiye akura apewo vafana mukana.chiiko kuda kurambirira pazvigaro

xxx 3 months ago

anobva everythng.

Boi boi 3 months ago

Retering is not an option for Zims we work to the grave, ngaapinde hake mukomana

Shepace 3 months ago

Vakaita mari kudhara ngavashanise iyoyo

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