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Kambarami Accuses Mguni Of Obstructing His Reinstatement

Kambarami Accuses Mguni Of Obstructing His Reinstatement

Bulawayo City Council Ward 3 councillor Tinashe Kambarami has accused the mayor, Solomon Mguni, of frustrating council management’s bid to effect his reinstatement.

The High Court recently ordered Kambarami’s reinstatement after he successfully challenged his recall by the MDC-T.

In his judgement, Justice Martin Makonese ruled that the letter to recall Kambarami by the MDC-T was null and void as he was not a councillor by the time it was written.

It’s now three weeks after the High Court judgement, but Kambarami is still to be reinstated.

Speaking during an interview with The Sunday News, Kambarami accused Mguni of frustrating the process of his reinstatement. He said:

The mayor is the biggest problem, he is single-handedly frustrating the whole process of my reinstatement.

Last week he stopped a special council meeting as he said he was in Plumtree but my question is does council business stop because the mayor is not around?

Right now Clr Mlandu Ncube is going around being introduced as the Deputy Mayor, something which he knows he isn’t.

Last Thursday he even went to the council stores department and collected the Deputy Mayor’s fuel allocation for the whole month, which is tantamount to fraud.

Mguni is now in contempt as he is using his powers to block the reading of the order by council management.

I say, reading because this is not about any interpretation but about reading and implementing as the order is clear that I have been reinstated as ward three councillor and the city’s Deputy Mayor.

If he continues doing this I will end up dealing with him as an individual. He cannot be allowed to continue furthering factional fights in council.

If you don’t like me, you are free to go drink wine with your friends but when it comes to council business we have to follow the book.

What Mguni should remember is that I was not elected by him, but the ward three community had confidence in me leading them.

Mguni is a lawyer but I am shocked how he does not read the law to see the implications of all this.

He should remember that he is too junior in politics which is why I think he is being this childish.

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Justice 1 month ago

Isu vamwe we are busy looting millions iwewe otochemera monthly fuel allocation then you call yourself senior in politics kkkkkk

Devolution 1 month ago

MaShona, lets give citizens from the Mat regions to lead themselves.
Kambarami wei naye?

Nketa Drive 1 month ago

Why do we need Shona Councillors in the Bulawayo City Council?

Zuze 1 month ago

Are all residents of Bulawayo Ndébële?
Then why did they vote for him instead of your proposed tribalists?

Duduzani 1 month ago

Laye umgodoyi loo Kambarami wokuthini awusuke laa uMaypr wokunuka uthuvi

Mgunis 1 month ago

Kambarami try Gweru, Masvingo, Harare.. So many Ndebele politicians in Byo

Zuze 1 month ago

Why go elsewhere? He was voted for by residents in his Bulawayo ward. He was not imposed. No to tribalism.

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