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Kamativi Teen Mother Dumps Newborn In Toilet Cistern

Kamativi Teen Mother Dumps Newborn In Toilet Cistern

A newly-born baby boy died this week in Kamativi after his 17-year-old mother dumped her in a toilet cistern.

In a statement on Friday, police said the teenager gave birth and tried to conceal the baby in the toilet.

However, she continued bleeding and a neighbour took her to Kamativi clinic for medical care where she said she was experiencing period pain. Reads the statement by the police:

On 22/06/22, ZRP Kamativi recorded an infanticide case at Kamativi Compound, where a female juvenile (17) gave birth to a baby boy and concealed the infant in a toilet cistern.

The suspect who was constantly bleeding sought assistance from a neighbour who took her to Kamativi clinic, where she lied that she was suffering from period pain.

On returning home, the neighbour heard a crying baby and alerted the Police.

The infant was taken to the clinic, where the mother and the baby were later referred to St Patrick’s Hospital.

However, the infant passed on along the way to the hospital.

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SC 1 month ago

This is a murder case right?

SC 1 month ago

Thank you good people

Law 1 month ago

It's only that law is stubborn, that canbe different semantics but how can we separate life of an adult and a newly born baby. Considering this baby was a full developed Human being as compared to one who abort before fetus become a full embryo. Now the fact that this one does not have documents to be recognized in country records leverage her mother from charged with murder? Nways a story of another day but remember there are some babas and amais out there with birth certificate or birth record. if those are murdered we call that murder, food for thought. A lot needs to be done for justice, that child have finger prints that match no one else until rapture. Child advocate a pro life organizations let's call for a bill to protect right if the child ..

😀 1 month ago

@SC inonzi infanticide. thank you sit down

chahototo 1 month ago


****s 1 month ago

murder charges

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Hope the one who got her pregnant is of same age coz statutory rape is next...

Kacha kacha 1 month ago

Abanye abalali ubusuku lemi befuna umntwana kodwa abanye bayalahla

jonso 1 month ago

ngumntwana kukhona obekusenzeka labadala bayakwenza


MNdebele 1 month ago

Yar unana mele abuzwe kahle kahle ukuthi ubelwenzelani lakho mhlawumbe angalichaza iqininiso...

Tky 1 month ago

munhu uyu muroyi

She's a minor 1 month ago


Muchoni Mangisi 1 month ago

Infanticide. No custodial sentence on grounds of post-partum mental instability. So sad vamwe vachivatsvaga vachivashaya

yemkono 1 month ago

ama 2k

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Our laws classify deaths caused by the mother at birth or soon after birth, infanticide. It recognises that the mother was traumatized. If someone else who is not the mother kills it, he/she will have committed murder and not infanticide.




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