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Kagame Reiterates ED Needs To First Convince Zimbabweans That Things Are Fine

Kagame Reiterates ED Needs To First Convince Zimbabweans That Things Are Fine

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has reiterated that President Emmerson Mnangagwa needs to start convincing Zimbabweans that things were fine before he convinces the international community.  

In a meeting held on the sidelines of the current Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) 2022, Kagame said it was high time the Zimbabwean government addressed the real scenario on the ground. cites him as saying:

You need to work hard to change the perception, you cannot bribe your way through it, you cannot just sweet talk some people, even if they say ok, we agree with you, things will not be fine.

The way the people of their own country feel about what is happening, it will always come out and before you even convince anyone from outside so that they cannot have a wrong perception about you, convince your own people.

Make sure they are with you and say look, whatever you are saying, we feel there is change, so concentrate on making sure your people are involved, they are benefiting, they can themselves push back on this story of perception.

If the country is hungry and people have nothing to eat, they are people who have nothing to eat and when the outsiders are saying it, do not go against them and say why are you saying that my country is starving? When actually people are starving, they are starving.

This comes when recent statistics have shown that thousands of Zimbabweans are leaving the country fleeing from the biting economy.

While addressing the media on the eve of Rwanda’s 25th liberation commemorations in Kigali in 2019, Kagame said:

The Zimbabweans are irreplaceable in dealing with their own country. It has to be practical.

I hope all of us understand. Even for us, we want to show we want results. We don’t want anybody to give us credit for nothing.

So, for us, it is to say we can be with you, and work with you and share whatever we can from outside but it’s a responsibility of the Zimbabweans as has been of Rwandans. When it comes to Rwanda, there is no question about it.

We want to do something and convince our own people, later on, convince these outsiders who, or sometimes who would never be convinced. The moment you are with your people, it’s a done deal.

Mnangagwa, like his predecessor, the late Robert Mugabe, have enjoyed respect internationally while they face criticism from Zimbabweans back home.

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Mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

Ndiko kuti dyoooo. Kutaura zvazviri sezvazviri.
Ndivo vanonzi varume ava, haikona vakanyorwa pachimbuzi.

That is calling a spade a spade, not a trenching tool. Thank U Pauros Kagame

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

ndizvo hazvo but chivhet hachiz kunyatsot dyoo

Dmao 3 weeks ago

Rwanda mainly speaks French. English is a third language to them

Bounty Hunter 3 weeks ago

Rasta avo havakwati kkkk pullooo pullooo

Rwanda First Lady 3 weeks ago

Blue must read this article twice

biggie smalls 2 weeks ago

speak for yourself, we you and who?

D. A. Ko. Ko 2 weeks ago

Blue zib. E e c he raamai vako handifungi kana rainakira baba vako coz mmmm rinozvara mvura dzakaita sewe

Anti blue 2 weeks ago

You are a puppet yourself blue an **** a fool who was baptized in Zanu ethos.Please have mercy people are suffering.Dzora moyo am begging you.. Please we have suffered enough.

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

ps. Someone advised me sometime ago on this platform to ignore @Blue and over the last couple of months I have heeded that.

But the last few days have just proved too much to bear.

Please Pindula forgive me.
I tried. Believe you me I tried very hard

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Please @Blue, face facts and don't just spew vitriol.

1. Kagame- puppet to who?
2. French have no interests in Zimbabwe and have never been at the forefront of criticising Zimbabwe since time immemorial.
3. At no time has Kagame voiced any support for Zimbabwean opposition. If you have facts quote chapter and verse please.

As the English say, if the cap fits, wear it. Where criticism is warranted and correct, please for goodness sake accept it. DO NOT BLAME EVERYONE FOR YOUR OWN INADEQUACIES

dispenser 3 weeks ago

yu are a liar so called Blue. I said before who ever who cld have used yu to do evil is yr enemy. If I was yu I did rather repent and seek God . Today yu are having sleepless nights thinking otherwise if change yu cld be arrested. My advice look fr God ,He is ever forgiving. Do say they used us to mudder, terrorize innocent people fr their benefit ,now that I m open forgive me Lord .Yu begin to see light.

Blue💙 3 weeks ago

What do you expect from a puppet leader like Kagame, whose strings are pulled by the French. He'll say anything to campaign for the opposition. Our country is fine. We are doing great.

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Someone has to translate this into braille because Blue is blind

---- 3 weeks ago

@Blue, if I may ask, why do you think many entities are against ED? As in, in your opinion why do these many entities including fellow Zimbabweans not like ED and as you suggested?

It's quite unfortunate that when one is mad, they don't know it and will defend their actions since they themselves can't attribute the actions to madness. So based on that, I also tend to just ignore you @Blue when I am compelled to comment, it's because I'd be so uncomfortable with the idea of anyone else listening to a deranged man. Wangu, I can bet you're miserable af but don't even know it, you're the House N I G G A to the ZANU slave masters. The Butler paDjango, you don't know any better and I hate that I sympathize ipapo

. 3 weeks ago

😂 I feel shame for Blue, he is such an embarrassment to himself. He seems stressed.... the devil will take him if he's not careful.

🤠 3 weeks ago

@blue bvumawo kuti pataurwa chokwadi ibato rako hngu asi ichi ichokwadi chiripachena

Blue💙 3 weeks ago

Grab a atlas and point to a country that doesn't have problems. His own Rwanda has issues, so he shouldn't speak as if his house is in perfect harmony. EDM is doing well considering the amount of entities against him and his government. Screw you Kagame.

Bhatiri 3 weeks ago

Ichokwadi chataurwa. Zvoshanda kwese kwese. Trust ngaitangire mumba.

Blue 3 weeks ago

Karate is a Western Puppet and will do anything to discredit our Leadership pasi membrane ngochani dzevarungu.

dispenser 3 weeks ago

kana makashandiswa kuuraya vanhu musati chokwadi kana chava kutaurwa motya kuti pamwe tingangoenda kumajere . what is bad have to be described in its context.


SENIOR LAWYER 3 weeks ago

it shows that @blue your not normal you ar mentally retadeted pataurwa chokwadi ngavaudzw vanhu zvinobuda kwetr 42years dzekunyepa @

Blue💙 3 weeks ago

Dzikamai ED got this.

Ngaanjile murombe 3 weeks ago

@blue agara i SRB (strong rural background

Ikokoooooo 2 weeks ago

Team Hopley ndiwo vana Blue,no title deed woti ndakawaniswa stand,kkkk

Celestial 3 weeks ago

Ed musa saver sipo nesugeza manzwa makura imi

muzimbo 3 weeks ago

vana kagame ndovarume avo,

ataura chokwadi chinorwadza scaffmore

🤠 3 weeks ago

ndokutaura uku

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 weeks ago

I read this article over and over again. Chokwadi chinonakidza kuverenga nhai

biggie smalls 2 weeks ago

FDI from string pullers yemapuppets here?..... dah

bored 2 weeks ago

to hell with yo cheap propaganda @ blue , people are starving,

Kuzambia within a year vakudya vachiguta, tavakutenga magetsi nekurapwa ikoko.

42 years zanupf in power chabuda hapana, people are leaving in abject poverty

Cadre 3 weeks ago

Blue is mental deraged.I went to war because I was convinced I was going to liberate our people.We were indoctrined not to criticize our leadership .But as for me and few others who went back to school after the struggle I realize the folly of the war because the people are denied what we risked for.

I do agree with cde Kagame. convince your own lot first instead of running around the globe to convince the world what it not see.
asante sana

Cadre 3 weeks ago

I went to war when I was sixteen.We were indoctrined not to criticize our leaders ..But when you see people suffer as they do you ask yourself kuti is this what I fought for and are this the people I rusked mybfight for.?Kagame is right,you have to convince you own people first before you convince the world.I fought for democracy, not for s party
When I came back in 1980 I refused to be tied down to party politics and went back to school.

---- 3 weeks ago

Nhau @Blue maForeigners aneFDI yacho yambiro kunyengerera they tell you the environment they need to provide that FDI, ED refuses to create that environment and acts in counter productive ways, oudzwa where he's getting it wrong then y'all diss akuruma nzeve wacho. The only thing worse than being an i.d.i.o.t is being one whilst believing one's smart and that's both you Blue and your illegitimate ZANU president. Facts are stubborn.

Yoweeeeee 3 weeks ago

That's the effect of being indoctrinated and brainwashed. I was in the struggle with the likes of Edgar 2boy Tekere and many many others. Where things are wrong say so and Kagame is hitting it on the head. Nyika inopembedzwa nevene Vayo. Ukaona vene vayo vachiti tambura,zvinhu hazvina kumira zvakanaka kana tirikuronga nedemo that's the general consensus. And that is what Zimbabweans are saying anywhere everywhere. Saka ED is being told the pregnant truth. Iwe @Blue your task to say otherwise is unconvincing and totally absurd. You only proving that you are in the minority. U are a beneficiary of Zanu inputs including caps and scarves. Ediotic.

Baba waBlue 3 weeks ago

Blue mwanangu Zimbabwe yose iri in poor state saka chikomana Kagame chohwikwa neZim yose nekuti chero statistics chaidzo dzichakutaurira kuti 24% ndiyo yoga inodya chingwa chemustoro zuva nezuva which should be simple for majority in a moderate economy.

. 3 weeks ago

Is Blue the brat throwing his toys out of the cot 😂

Blue💙 3 weeks ago

It's all about perspective. The medium and rich class won't echo his sentiments. Only the poor will agree with him. That's a cold fact. If you echo Kagame you are poor. That doesn't mean ED isn't doing his best to reduce poverty levels, no. It's a process. It will take time. As for Kagame, he should just eat his shorts. Every country has it's own issues. His sentiments block FDI into this country yet you applaud him. You self destruct, imploding backstabbing, unpatriotic masochists. He's blocking investment yet you applaud him. That's ****ity

Tintin 3 weeks ago

uyu haafe akupuhwa road muzimbabwe nechokwadi chinorwadza kudai.

Chamhamha 3 weeks ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Am laughing at the pic. Vedu president vanenge mbudzi yekurasirirwa nezvinenge zviri muhuro. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Vamwe havana asi vanozivikanwa kuti mapresident wani

Cde hondo 3 weeks ago

Muudze Ed uyu kagame. Zimbos ara starving, no jobs.,poor roads, no electricity, no medicines in hospitals, teachers on strike every term, the list goes on and on iye nema crooks ezanu vachidya vachiguta

Doug 3 weeks ago

That's the leader of the country we signed an agreement with recently and already about 200 of our best teachers have gone to teach there..

Crocodile 3 weeks ago

@Blue iwe neZanu yako hapana kana chokwadii chamunoda kimboterera mazano kubva kune vamwe muri vana muziva zvose nyika yakangonyura mumadhaka aah zvimwe zvinhu so ka

mdara Loli pop 3 weeks ago

team rekuma ruzevha rinongo rohwa ne propaganda ye Zanu pf vongo Isa futi bhora mugedhi zvinhu zvakamira kudai. Asi wambozama zvako kumuudza Kagame , thank u Mr President

caiphus 3 weeks ago

toma ma ma nenzara tichingonzi pasi nemhanduuuuuuu

Akusurira(Auxillia in Shona) 3 weeks ago

@blue is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, as a result he cannot tell the difference between truth & lies even right or wrong. Its caused by being brain washed and then fed with zanu pee efu ideology. In short, he is a mental case and a danger to himself and the public.

biden 3 weeks ago

inga musoro wa blue wakazara **** nhai

Weed 3 weeks ago

Big up to the man Paul Kgame....yes I....enough respect mann.....✊✊✊

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Profile pic iyoooooo!!!!
Ndini ndega ndaona kuti kumas**** uko security team yese comprises Presidential Guard (Gold berets) plus 1ZRP ADC? All the other Presidents dont appear to have such visible security teams.
Paranoia over personal security? Ndofunga kuti even achienda kunoita **** team yese inovakwa yaziva kuti nhasi mudhara and manyoka.

Zimboo 3 weeks ago

Blue urichibabababa iwe !! Taura hako , Kagame arikuda kushandiswa zvisizvo. Plus chataurwa naPaul chamabva manyanya kuti ichokwadi chashamisa ndechipi.ED akawagadza pasi wose kkkkkkk BLAIR akati uyu ndiye murume anoziwa zvaari kuita !! Kagaro koita jeolous kkkkkkkk yes ngaazame kufadza wanhu wemuno but haangafadze munhu weseka bcz ZVIMBWASUNGATA ZVAGARA HAZVIFADZIKE !!

---- 3 weeks ago

Ko Blair makatanga kumuBigger rinhi nhai? Munhu akutotsvagawo basa nemaCents kwamuri, atoona shiri yake panaED yaanogona kuguma maCents. You're insane to think Kagame who's hosting everyone and is leading a truly developing nation would get jealous of ED, kutovhuvha chaiko. The sad thing also is y'all talk of zvimbwasungata and use war terminology when anyone who can read or has interest in zvehondo will tell you kuti munotonzwisa tsitsi. Tell me one war, that has been won by maZimba? I will wait for you to say liberation war and then ask you to go and study facts not propaganda! Muri maDumDum. 42 years muchinyorwa sabotage chete, zvimwe nyarai mhani

dhoritori 3 weeks ago

ed is the army president,period

Mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

Taura hako @dhoritori.
I would go on to say not the whole army, but a fraction of the army

Taneta 2 weeks ago

chakanaka chakanaka mukaka haurungwe, mashoko makukutu aneudzamu ,usarove imbwa wakaviga mupini

Majority Rule 2 weeks ago

Kagame you are the man not zvirikuponda nyika,all the suburbs the roads are like from Cecil John Rhodes era, Blue you are such a shame to our society. I am sure urimwana wekusmell house

kiong 2 weeks ago

what a man

Comrade Gabarinocheka 2 weeks ago

🎯 Thank you Mr Kagame for saying what we been saying all along.
It sounds sweet & wise coming from you
The challange:
You wasted your breathe, my Good Elder
He didn't listen to any word you said!
Wanna bet?

Matemadanda 1 week ago

Kagame arasika gwara remusangano weZanu Pf ngayende kuHebert Chitepo school of ideology

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