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Kagame Reiterates ED Needs To First Convince Zimbabweans That Things Are Fine

Kagame Reiterates ED Needs To First Convince Zimbabweans That Things Are Fine

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has reiterated that President Emmerson Mnangagwa needs to start convincing Zimbabweans that things were fine before he convinces the international community.  

In a meeting held on the sidelines of the current Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) 2022, Kagame said it was high time the Zimbabwean government addressed the real scenario on the ground. cites him as saying:

You need to work hard to change the perception, you cannot bribe your way through it, you cannot just sweet talk some people, even if they say ok, we agree with you, things will not be fine.

The way the people of their own country feel about what is happening, it will always come out and before you even convince anyone from outside so that they cannot have a wrong perception about you, convince your own people.

Make sure they are with you and say look, whatever you are saying, we feel there is change, so concentrate on making sure your people are involved, they are benefiting, they can themselves push back on this story of perception.

If the country is hungry and people have nothing to eat, they are people who have nothing to eat and when the outsiders are saying it, do not go against them and say why are you saying that my country is starving? When actually people are starving, they are starving.

This comes when recent statistics have shown that thousands of Zimbabweans are leaving the country fleeing from the biting economy.

While addressing the media on the eve of Rwanda’s 25th liberation commemorations in Kigali in 2019, Kagame said:

The Zimbabweans are irreplaceable in dealing with their own country. It has to be practical.

I hope all of us understand. Even for us, we want to show we want results. We don’t want anybody to give us credit for nothing.

So, for us, it is to say we can be with you, and work with you and share whatever we can from outside but it’s a responsibility of the Zimbabweans as has been of Rwandans. When it comes to Rwanda, there is no question about it.

We want to do something and convince our own people, later on, convince these outsiders who, or sometimes who would never be convinced. The moment you are with your people, it’s a done deal.

Mnangagwa, like his predecessor, the late Robert Mugabe, have enjoyed respect internationally while they face criticism from Zimbabweans back home.

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Nobody will listen to Kagame instead people will continue to be abducted, harassed and locked up.

jz 3 weeks ago

hey mr President Kagame,,,,,may you keep your country safe,,,plizz,,,dont critisize our country and president leave us alone,,,even you are telling the truth

dispenser 3 weeks ago

s t u p i d e kind of people who are letting this country down . advice from a wisdom saturated leader ,yet yu are against . Who live yu alone sarcastic ,mad , uneducated ,an embarrassment, . Yu are unable to think fr urself

jonso 3 weeks ago

how about a swap with masisi

Zuze 3 weeks ago

@Jonso, swap inoita but panenge paakuda top up. Zvino Zimbabwe tingaigone here top up kuti Masisi auye?

Yoweeeeee 3 weeks ago

George Charamba will refute everything - instead exhort Kagame to mind his own bizness and resolve the Hutu+Tutsi genocide juxtaposed with the Matabeleland disturbances (sic). Kigali will be told outrightly that ED is loved by every single Zimbabwean as exuberantly displayed by the handshakes with our dear Tony Blair. The Herald is now working overtime to find every superlative to demonstrate that Kagame is a puppet of the West.

Kule Kule 3 weeks ago

ukavona uchipokana nechokwadi chakadai, zvokwadi une dambudziko. infact unenge utori dzambudziko

Gwedu 3 weeks ago

Strong words which is real. Zimbabweans must put food on the table first before talking about investment. How can we invest to people who are hungry.... obviously that investment won't last long due to corruption,, vandalism etc. Development path is a complex one and needs charismatic thinking. Uyo wamoti Kagame Ari kutaura idi but aiwa zve cde nemiwo magarisawo pachigaro apo..I picture ipi yamakupa world. Itaiwo muvhiburuka mooiwa an influencial position in Africa and you still be active in the developmental path of Rwanda. Enough!!


Chamhamha 3 weeks ago

President vedu vanoita kunge mbudzi yekurasirirwa zvei nazvo zvese zviri muhuro izvo

zambian fan 3 weeks ago

@baikey Hakainde Hichilrma is doing well without a scaff .

Billey 3 weeks ago

😂😂😂😂 Mr Scaff

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

Deal with corruption and I can promise you will become Zimbabwes hero the next day.
But the can you do it considering you are the number one beneficiary of it all.

cde chipopi 3 weeks ago

Kagame u are a real statesman hautye kutaura chokwadi sa Biti na Job Sikhala.

mdara Loli pop 3 weeks ago

Team rekuruzevha rinozongo rohwa ne propaganda ye Zanu pf roisa bhora mugedhi. Asi wambo zama zvako kumuudza Paul Kagame. Thank u ipapo. Munhu we tonaz haavharwe zvakapusa kudaro.

Native 3 weeks ago

Maximum respect to the man Paul Kgame....our own neighbors whom who share borders with can't even utter yo words.....& thanks to pindula for rewinding this article

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