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Justice Mayor Wadyajena Released On $200k Bail In Corruption Case

Justice Mayor Wadyajena Released On $200k Bail In Corruption Case

Justice Mayor Wadyajena and his accomplices were today granted $200 000 bail.

The politician and his accomplices were ordered to surrender their passports and report to police once every Friday.

Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje who granted Wadyajena, ruled that the prosecution failed to stand up its opposition to bail on basis that he would interfere with witnesses.

Wadyajena and his c-accused were arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission earlier this week on US $5 million corruption charges. They are accused of embezzling the money which they used to buy and import for themselves 25 haulage trucks from the USA.

See the Timeline of the Wadyajena Corruption at Cottco

In recent years, the Zimbabwean justice system has been criticised for being lenient with prominent people associated with Zanu-PF who have been charged with corruption. 

Cases referenced in what is now called a “Catch and Release” routine include those of Wicknell Chivayo, Henrietta Rushwaya, and Dylish Nguwaya. 

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,. 1 month ago

This comes as no surprise or is it?

kz 1 month ago


Gwedu 1 month ago

Does that mean Job Sikhala and colleague vane right to languish in prison? That is why I'm starting to doubt the soft appraloach form the opposition. Mwonzora is no secret was captured wat anou lt CCC, how long shall we remain silent and soft?

😎 1 month ago

Case closed

Apolitically the real Apolitically 🤔 1 month ago

then you will see someone voting for such people, whilst they misuse tax payers money by stealing it for their gains.

nxa mani maZimbabweans regai kupusa mani,,

Vladimir 1 month ago

kkkkkk , Nyaya hapasisina

Klux kk 1 month ago

Thats why Chair we ZACC ayida kutorerwa murume na Suzan. Those who know know

Captured Judiciary 1 month ago

This comes as a no surprise to us when it involves these looters.We knew he is more useful out than in jail.Soon the case will die a natural death.

Kutonga kwadzo mbavha.Nyika yaurava nevatongi vayo.Thats very unpatriotic.

Trump 1 month ago

That's why vachiti ukarwadziwa na Wadyajena hawupore kkkkkk, hecho chabuda chikomana .


Vax 1 month ago

Saka ndeupi aiita mhosva hombe Mayor naJob sikhaka ari kurambirwa bail

Da Truth 1 month ago

Varikutsvaga ma votes kune vavharirwa hwayana dzezvipiriso .Some will become secrificial lambs.

Bossolona 1 month ago

No justice in zim

Bossolona 1 month ago

Catch and release, we know these zanu bloodsuckers, vampires👹

Vladimir 1 month ago

5 million is not a little money , this country is not poor but is made poor by the likes of Wadyajena.

Trump 1 month ago

25 Haulage trucks from USA , not to mention those top of the range cars . Then a House at the Brooke , look at his age , 38 yrs , Mwari ngaavapindire , Tosvika rini ko ?

spectacular splendour 1 month ago

splendid Mayor.thats the way to do it.enjoy life to the fullest

Angry Citizen 1 month ago

Ane mhosva hombe ndiani Wadyajena na Job Sikhala, hapana kwatirikuenda senyika, iyi nyaya yakapera isati yaparwa

Observer 1 month ago

yatopera nyaya so.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

200k mahuwesi here kana kuti matissue edu aya. Hahaha seka hako MuPfungwe


Catch and release yatofa nyaya ndokutonga kwavo. Hapana kwatiri kuenda senyika. Zvatopera .

yyy 1 month ago

obvious tissue paper

Zelennsk 1 month ago

Someone steals then calls you lowlife people , kkkkkk , God is seeing .

pk 1 month ago

vana sikhala havana mari. kungoita violence chete pedzezvo vakuita go fund me

plus sikhala is a serial offender

🗣️ Apolitically 1 month ago

someone who stole $ 5 000 000usd is given bail and considered as what exactly... this person is a threat to the financial sector a corrupt person.
but someone fighting for justice for others still denied bail wiwa &13 others.

judiciary system is biased shame

1 month ago


1 month ago

Ibwa dzevanhu

Gwedu 1 month ago

Heya Job Sikhala ndiye ane right yekugara kujeri nhai? The time shall come and you will see! ED and VP your time is numbered!!

JusticeIsAJoke 1 month ago

Our judges and magistrates are a disgrace.

Justiceisajoke 1 month ago

Our judges and magistrates are a disgrace

Arafat 1 month ago

Vatopedza so vakomana zvatovharana. Vakutotsvaka kumwe kwekuba. Obvious pa US$5million yakabiwa Mnangagwa akadyawo something

Bvupfuwe 1 month ago

Damn it

Mayor 1 month ago

Munoda dirumwe netsikitsi itayi mushe.

Asi chii 1 month ago

the judiciary system ma1... bamwe imbamva asi given bail... then others fighting for justice for others they are labeled as a threat to the society and no bail #13..
then one wonder's how does someone who misuse tax payers money getting bail

1 month ago

Tirikuona hatina kupusa Sikhala is inside asi muchibudisa mbavha idzi ED be warned Zanu be warned musazodaro zvinopera chete

Apolitically the real Apolitically 🤔 1 month ago

the problem with Zimbos maka pusa kuti pusisisa.
then you keep on defending such people.
Peter psquare Nigeria artists posted
"... you don't have a job you are jobless but you have a iphone you go on social media to defend such people who makes you jobless..."

thus what most Zimbos do kupusa pusa pa ballot box apo

_____ 1 month ago

meanwhile......Sakhala is still wallowing in prison

spectacular splendour 1 month ago

ehezve kuti mudhote

Majority Rule 1 month ago

Ohhhh,selective judgement,bail faster faster.Free Wiwa

Stylz 1 month ago



I want to tell my colleagues what is happening on Honourable Advocate Job Sikhala and Honourable Godfrey Sithole and 13 CCC supporters who are wallowing in prison while really criminals in the likes of Justice Mayor Wadyajena and his accomplices are questionably freed on further questionable amount of bail.

The prosecutor who handled bail application in this case must be investigated for corruption. It appears there was an exchange of brown envelopes.

There is really a danger of accused persons interfering with state witnesses.

It seems courts have already been told how to deal with the Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole case. I am not a qualified lawyer in criminal matters, but it seems the captured judiciary has been given instructions to try, find them guilty and send them to jail as good example. The judiciary seems have received instructions to try them from remand Prison and send them to jail without the option of a fine.

How can Justice Mayor Wadyajena and his colleagues get peanut butter bail without a fight ? Their crime of swindling Cottco of over $5 000 000 is very serious. There must have been exchange of brown envelopes here.

The presiding magistrate Mambanje pointed out in passing that prosecuting authority did not bring up the likelihood of accused persons interfering with state witnesses.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

anti-CCC 1 month ago

Mbudzi inodya payakasungirirwa!!! Ndatopedza so

stallion 1 month ago

chinondirwadza ndivana Job naSithole havana mhosva zviri pachena chero ukabvunza anorwara pfungwa mutemo hamuna munyika Mari yedu iri kudyiwa tichipatiswa come next year Mwari variko kudenga

justice 1 month ago

mukangoziva kuti ndiri mkwasha was ED munobva ma yarara zve justice izvo good morning my fellow Zimbabweans.

incorrect 1 month ago

dai zvaitwa nevamwe vaisakara in prison

Yvt 1 month ago

Catch and realese ,these guys will never be convicted. If this was a proper country, the trucks will be confisticated and Lamborghini yake taken and even that Borrowdale house as they are all proceeds of crime and him will serve a sentence of not less than 2 years in jail to deter other people from corrupt activities. But knowing Zimbabwe hapana chaanoitwa he has paid for his crime bumg spending a night in jail and paying that measly 200k bond.

wasu 1 month ago

it will work bt will not works

wasu 1 month ago

it will work but will not works

dtek 1 month ago

basket full of rotten tomatoes

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Okay kul...

jaison 1 month ago

well done

tina 1 month ago

Zimbabwe yakanokorwa tsoka chete...😯

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Bhora musango. Judiciary doing a good job there giving you reasons not to vote for Idhi

mugabe 1 month ago

unoba 5million us wobhadhara bail re200us . musadero veduwee

mugabe 1 month ago

bail 200us chete 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

🏠 1 month ago

Next comment please...

Zim 1 1 month ago

Hoo mbavha ndodzinopiwa bail asi vana Sikala vachinyimwa

Totito 1 month ago

Mambanje anga akarova mbanje.

Dhara Racho 1 month ago

Any crime in Zim which doesn't threaten those in power is considered of less importance. The plundering of Cotco is seen as very insignificant. I feel for the cotton farmer who is paid peanuts while some people enrich themselves in a corrupt way like this. There is need to make sure the people we vote into office pass integrity test first. Zvinonyadzisa izvi.

SENIOR LAWYER 1 month ago

kubvisa macourt kurinane ochingotonga Idhi nekuti ndiye anobvunzwa nemajudge

meki 1 month ago

kkkkl ayas

Patriot 1 month ago

Havana kuba kupomerwa until convicted.zivai mutemo kwete kungowawats

Ana List 1 month ago

Jobo's statements causes his supporters whom he buys musombodhiya to be violent.How much is Zimbabwe loosing because of sanctions since the year 2000 when decided to take back our land from the whites.Compare that with $5 million

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