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JUST IN: Moreblessing Ali Family Lawyer Job Sikhala Arrested

JUST IN: Moreblessing Ali Family Lawyer Job Sikhala Arrested

Job Sikhala, a lawyer representing the family of slain Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Moreblessing Ali, has been arrested.

Sikhala who is also a deputy chairperson of the opposition CCC party was arrested this Tuesday evening. 

Freelance journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono said Sikhala’s lawyers were on their way to the police station. He said:

Zimbabwean senior opposition leader and Member of Parliament who has been arrested, Job Sikhala is being charged with INCITING public violence.

Sikhala is the official lawyer for the family of murdered CCC member Moreblessing Ali.

She was allegedly murdered by ZANUPF thugs!

Sikhala’s lawyers are on their way to the notorious police station.

Violence broke out at Moreblessing Ali’s memorial service held in the Nyatsime area this week after alleged ZANU PF supporters stormed the event ordering mourners to change the venue.

Homes belonging to ZANU PF and CCC members were burnt in the clashes. 

CCC accuses ZANU PF leaders in the Nyatsime area of kidnapping and killing Ali.

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chibaba 2 weeks ago

Nyika yakuremerai maZANU, tipei chimuti mogara kumTerrace muone zvatinoita

lobels 2 weeks ago

Chero mukanyarara henyu pano Chingwa chiri kuita $52 bond per slice nhasi ....

Captain Jack Sparrow 2 weeks ago

The **** imbecile Sikhala has been arrested ,good for him ...POSA inomubata chete ,never seen such a dull lawyer

Crocodile 2 weeks ago

Economy yakadhakwa chamunogona kusunga vanhu vasina mhosva gadzirai nyika inakwe kwete zvese zvekusunga vana Sikhala izvo

ecca 2 weeks ago

pindula yakadakwa

Maparamuro 2 weeks ago

Where is Pius Jamba????????




chati homu! ...chareva 2 weeks ago

..taizviziva kuti ndoozvirikutsvagwa nezanupf, kana vanhu vapererwa nemazano ndoozvavanoita.....tinyarewo mabhinya

Oskid 2 weeks ago

This thing is ungovernable there is already sand in Sadza

mama Bee 2 weeks ago

Tsveee kusunga mhondi ma busy nana Job haaaaa tikwanirei imi sei muchishaiwa zvekuita

Nimrod 2 weeks ago

Vanhu vaye vatanga

2 weeks ago

Worzell Gummidge 2 weeks ago

☝️☝️☝️ I sincerely pray & hope that levelheadedness will prevail within the rank & file of the CCC. I'm assuming that some planted agents-provocatures are inciting violence on behalf of the CCC, and such inciteful statements & violent actions will be used to justify a vicious clampdown on the CCC. Non-violence was Tsvangirai's & Martin Luther's greatest strengths. Retaliating with violence will cause the following problems:

1️⃣ ZRP now has an excuse/justification to ban or forbid CCC gatherings on the pretext that CCC supporters are violent arsonists.

2️⃣ Zanu Pf can now deploy security forces on the false pretext of preventing violence. But we all know the agenda will be to suppress the CCC.

3️⃣ All activists suspected of participating in the alleged arson will be arrested & persecuted through prosecution. They will be placed on remand only to be removed after the 2023 election.

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

Citizens await to hear from Police what charges they will charge Job Sikhala with. But what are ZANU PF officials doing at CCC activist funeral? These are the ones who have caused violence. Why were they ordering Moreblessing Ali's funeral to be transfered from Nyatsime to St Mary's ?




🤨🤨 2 weeks ago

Amhusi makungodzokeredza zvakataurwa Kare her imi

Bones 2 weeks ago

Zvatanga.....kuita kunge mahwindi arikurwira mushika-shika. Imagine apa pafinaz

blog 2 weeks ago

let the games begin...

guy t 2 weeks ago


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