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June 14 Violence: Another Nyatsime Resident Arrested

June 14 Violence: Another Nyatsime Resident Arrested

Another Nyatsime resident has been arrested in connection with the 14 June violence which rocked the area during the funeral wake of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)’s slain activist, Moreblessing Ali.

The CCC confirmed the arrest of Felix whom it had earlier reported as kidnapped by ZANU PF members. Said the party in an update:

ALERT: Another citizen, Felix Biri, has been caught in the Nyatsime dragnet. He was forcibly taken from his home on Thursday by unknown assailants, beaten & tortured. He was later dumped at @PoliceZimbabwe CID Law & Order. He’s now at Rotten Row awaiting his remand hearing.

Biri is charged with engaging in Public Violence as defined in section 36 (1) (a) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform,) Act, Chapter 9:23 in which Felix Biri is the accused person.

In a statement seen by Pindula News, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) say whilst in the company of several other people, Biri proceeded to the Nyatsime area, Beatrice and Chitungwiza where they engaged in acts of public violence.

They are said to have burnt down the house of ZANU PF Chairperson for Nyatsime George Murambatsvina, destroyed several shops and motor vehicles at Chibhanguza Complex, Nyatsime, Beatrice and also assaulted members of the Nyatsime community thereby causing massive destruction to property and inflicted serious injuries on them.

The other accused who are already on remand are:

Precious Jeche,

Misheck Guzha,

Odias Makoma,

Chauya Shopa,

Zex Makoni,

Roan Tsoka,

Zephania Chinembiri,

Shepherd Bulakasi,

Tatenda Pindahama,

Enock Tsoka,

Emmanuel Muradzikwa,

Robert Madzokere,

Clever Sibanda and

Ephrage Gwavava,

Other accomplices are still at large.

The investigating officer says Biri must be denied bail citing the following reasons:

i). Biri is facing an offence that when convicted, calls for a lengthy custodial sentence, therefore, he is likely to abscond trial since the state has an overwhelming evidence against him.

ii). Biri and witnesses stay in the same area and if granted bail he is likely to interfere with them.

iii). He is likely to commit similar offences because he vowed to revenge for the now deceased Moreblessing Ali who was murdered in the Nyatsime area.

iv). Biri’s other accomplices are still at large and his release will further dampen any prospects of arresting them.

Pindula News

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Angry citizen 2 months ago

August 1 shooters variko varikingombeya zvavo munyika vari free, Wadyajena ariko arikungombeya ari free zvake, vakaba 15 bhiriyoni variko varikungombeya nenyika they are free,Henrita Rushwaya is free, iya harahwa yekuba 90 miriyoni ku NSSA iri free zvayo... Zvakaoma shuwa,if u support it u wont be arrested, if u oppose it unogara uri mujeri

dambu 2 months ago

saka tirikuenda kupi pakadai

AK47 2 months ago

Wasiya wekubatwa ane gold pa airport akatonzi haana mhosva

x 2 months ago

desist to be used by opposition clueless part ,where are your bosses now. Nxaa dying for nothing .

MuSabatha(SDA) 2 months ago

Arresting citizens will not change anything. Dictatorships have tried it countless times, but the result is always the same. Dictatorships inevitably always finally falls. Mugabe tried it, Kamuzu tried it, lungu did the same, Al barshir did it , etc etc.

The revolution and the winds of change alwayz resides in the hearts of the masses. There is no turning back. Enough is enough, zanu has failed and must go.

zupco 2 months ago

Mujibha , **** wako

Da Truth 2 months ago

In history pple have been killed ,,jailed but I have learnt something it doesn't change anything .If the wind start to blow it doesn't stop.Zimbabwe is in the middle of the storm Zambia triggered the storm so who knows .

Mujibha 2 months ago

Regai ndikuvudzei ndichiti musashandiswa na Chamisa nana Biti kupisa zvitoro nedzimba. Munorumwa ne inda mukasakara mujere iye avete nomukadzi wake kumba kwake. Zviri nani kundorima kumusha kana taundi yaramba.

dambu 2 months ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣 ngaende anorima

Jecha 2 months ago

Enda worima shuw kana zvetwn zvakuramba

Jjj 2 months ago


2 months ago


Nahoreka 2 months ago

If you find yourself as a leader who kills his people, kidnaps and tortures people, fills jails with opposition political prisons, murders people to subdue dissent, assumes power through stealing the peoples vote..... Then know that you are not a leader, you ar a mafia. That is what mnangagwa and zanu is

pk 2 months ago

political thugs mukati.
vana maHere vainyeba hezvo nyaya yafelix yabuda. ngaaende kuna job uyo

anonymous 2 months ago

@ pk nyarawo wamunhu mukuru.

pk 2 months ago

ehe anorohwa ne mob. iye anobvumidzwa kupisa dzimba dzevanhu here?

Rby 2 months ago

They change the topic after realize that the case of kidnapping has been filled . Pavakamutora vakadini kutaura kuti tiri kumutora nekuti anemhosva yekukonzera mhirizhonga uye ivo semapurisa vakadini kutaura pakauya kuzonyoreswa case ye kidnapping kuti munhu iyeye haana kukidnapwa asi takamusunga vanomirira kuti shoko rekidnapping rimbotenderera vozoti takamusunga . Another thing is that ko musungwa anobvumidzwa here kurobwa iye asina kuramba kusungwa . Iwe unemeso asi hauoni


cliff 2 months ago

mmm wakuvara

Shumba mhonda 2 months ago

Kuna Mwari kudenga. when the time comes the murders will not find a place to hide

Richcracy 1 month ago

Dear Fellow Zimbabweans
I think it's the time to stand up as Citizens of Zimbabwe to fight for our Human rights because this continued detention of the Nyatsime has caused harvoke to the nation.
Them Zanu PF they should stop using the Law as weapons to attack the innocent ones.

We have the ZLHR are they ignorant about wat taking place within Zimbabwe, they is an increase in perpetration mainly by the Zanu PF thugs, is the law blind emancipate then proclamation will be a fact to justice.

Zanu PF ichayi Mwari you have already detained our leaders him advocate Job Sikhala and the other 14 Nyatsimes and you still want more residents, the reason is because they are seeking justice for the slain activist Moreblessing Alli whom you killed and dumped her, now you are busy chasing her children, is she not enough God is watching you ichayi Mwari imwi vanhu ...


Yours Sincerely
Activist Vissie

Kopo 1 month ago

Ndoo operation Restore Legacy here yataka ridzira muridzo 🤔

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