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July Moyo Reverses Harare Resolution On Pomona Dumpsite Deal

July Moyo Reverses Harare Resolution On Pomona Dumpsite Deal

Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo has reversed a resolution by the Harare City Council that seeks to scrutinise the controversial Pomona Waste of Energy Project contract between the local authority and Geoginix BV.

In a letter addressed to Harare mayor Jacob Mafume, and dated 16 June 2022, Moyo said the resolution is unnecessary and interferes with the matter which is already before the courts. The letter reads:


Please be advised that I have been availed by your Chamber Secretary the minutes of the meeting held by your Council on 2 June 2022.

A number of resolutions were made at that meeting, perhaps the most notable of which was the resolution to investigate the circumstances under which the Pomona Waste of Energy Project contract with Geoginix BV was negotiated, approved and signed by Council.

Council is, of course, at liberty to carry out the investigation which it resolved to carry out, and to challenge the validity of the contract in question.  What concerns me, however, is an associated resolution which read as follows:

That the council instruct the Acting Town Clerk to withdraw the Affidavits filed by council with the court opposing the Court case by the residents challenging the Pomona Waste Energy Project .

In my view, the above resolution unnecessary interferes with the matter which is already sub judice.

The resolution is also, in my view, premature to the extent that the investigation to be carried out is not yet complete.

There is also no suggestion in the resolution that, in making and filing the affidavit with the count, the Acting Town Clerk was either not authorized or competent to make it or that perjured himself in the process.

In my view, therefore, the resolution in question was made with a view to subverting the process of the court, and is therefore in very bad faith and cannot be allowed.

Council can always approach the court direct itself to explain why it wishes to alter or withdraw its defence.

I accordingly direct, in terms of section 314(1) of the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15), that Council immediately rescinds the resolution cited above which seeks to withdraw the opposing affidavit filed by Council in the pending court proceedings.

The resolution is, in my view, in bad faith and meant to subvert the process of the court, and is therefore not in the public interest.

The letter was copied to the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr M.J.M. Sibanda, Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Eng A. Marawa, Executive Chairman, Geogenix BV, Nr D Nguwaya , The Acting Town Clerk, Harare City Council, Eng P.M. Moyo, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Harare Metropolitan Province, Hon 0. Chidawo, Deputy Minister of Local Government and Public Works, Hon M Chombo, Permanent Secretary of Local Government and Public Works, Mr Z.R. Churu, Secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Harare Metropolitan Province, Mr T. Muguti.

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wadjajena 2 weeks ago

it is common coz that moyo is abusing powers confered on him for self is clear that the stake holders ar not willing to sanitize this bosh deal wc was unilaterally imposed on city of hre by o.p.c.....the rational behind this resolution to order town clerk to withdraw affidavit wc has since been lodged wt the cot is to try to convince stakeholders that the council is againist the deal and is working tirelesy to make sure that the contract is terminated...

while moyo is also againist that idea bcoz once the city of hre withdraw its founding affidavit the case wld be very weak and hycot wl be find it difficult to suport the coz of o.p.c...

Da Truth 2 weeks ago

Jacob Mafume was being suspended for this deal to take place.So this time around it's dig it dog .The councilors in office will fight hard to stop this botched deal.Jp Moyo has a big piece of the pie so letting this deal go will make him lose a deal of a life time.He is not the ring master .Him being a the puppet in the show and the string pullers in the back ground.Strings are being pulled simultaneously relentlessly.He will keep on waving his feet and legs to the desire of the man in the underground.So we will be a show of the year were the minister is suppose to hold up the deal to save his feathers being ruffled by the rufflers.His head is on the line so Zimbos forgive our local gvt minister .This definitely will be deal of the year 🎉😊 with some mafioso dude or dudes waiting to pop-up some champagne bottles in the shortest time possible.J.Mafume vs J P Moyo will go down in history books of zimbabwe . Capital fiasco starring J Mafume also J P Moyo and the underground gang from H town.Happy 2022 may the best gang win .

comrade disaster 2 weeks ago

at july , the notion July propunds is correct, in that it is subjudice,that is ,before the courts.
it does.nit however,diminish the right for council and rateplayers to challenge the deal's legality & fairness especially where suspected beneficiaries seem to have interfered & coerced councilors to agree to a deal where stakeholders do not derive benefit.

July pomona moyo 2 weeks ago

You know wat .... M pathetic

PJ 2 weeks ago

wakashata wena Moyo

John Chibadura 2 weeks ago

Why is Moyo putting so much effort in this Pomona. If the contract is for HCC & Geoginix BV, why is Moyo refusing the two to terminate the contract. Moyo designed and approved this deal for his own mileage and gain which he is now fighting hard for the deal to proceed

chati homu! ...chareva 2 weeks ago

ko blue wacho nhasi aripi? replaced by baba? ..Lol..


Mazibeka 2 weeks ago

Kkkkk baba vablue mandipedza akashata juju hah

Mazibeka 2 weeks ago

Kkkkkk hah baba value mandioedza akashama juju kkkk

BABA VA BLUE💙 2 weeks ago

Hey July Moyo akashata weduwe

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

Munyika medu problem tinoshandisa ma lawyers voti rescind panekungoti remove zvoita sekuti panechikuru chataurwa iko kurikuponda nechirungu using sections echirungu yet varungu vacho tichiti they should not interfere in our country 😂

Our leaders tell the world that Zimbabwe has the most learned asi vachipedza kudaro they lie to the most learned 🤔 wotoshaya kuti who is not learned 🤑 asina mari here?

professor 2 weeks ago

Difficult to understand

Gorosviba 2 weeks ago

kusviba zvese ne moyo👹

Tozivepiko 2 weeks ago

Moyo is very corrupt, he is Nguwaya's errand boy .

ppp 2 weeks ago

mati hamucharidiwo dhiri rePomona here vaMoyo.Chirungu chandijamba

.. 2 weeks ago

Kana neni hanzi kudiiko hama

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