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July Moyo Defends Pomona Dumpsite Deal

July Moyo Defends Pomona Dumpsite Deal

The Minister of Local Government and Public Works, July Moyo, has defended the controversial Pomona dumpsite deal despite admitting that they did not follow tender procedures.

This comes after Harare North legislator Allan Markham (MDC Alliance), approached the High Court seeking a review of the Pomona dumpsite deal between the Harare City Council and Netherlands-based Geogenix BV.

Under the deal, the City of Harare pays US$22 000 per day or US$8 million annually to dump waste at its Pomona dumpsite.

In his opposing affidavit filed at the High Court, Moyo said the deal will benefit Harare residents. He said:

In this instant case, an unsolicited bid was made to first respondent (Harare City Council) by the Geogenix BV, and the first respondent submitted it to ZIDA (Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency) as is required by the law.

…. It [the deal] will also reduce the amount of pollution which is being experienced by residents in Harare, especially those who stay in and around the area of Pomona, taking into consideration the hazardous incidents which have occurred there in the previous years.

Markham has cited the Harare City Council, Moyo, Harare deputy mayor Stewart Mutizwa, suspended Harare mayor Jacob Mafume, acting town clerk Phakamile Moyo and Geogenix BV as respondents.

Delish Nguwaya, who represents the Netherlands-based Geogenix BV, said that due diligence was done before the company was given the contract. Said Nguwaya:

First respondent’s officials, particularly engineers together with officials from the second respondent visited Italy and Tirana in Albania as part of the due diligence exercise.

The officials managed to see other projects carried out by the sixth respondent similar to the one proposed at Pomona dumpsite.

Post this visit through the Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency, engagements continued resulting in parties coming up with a draft joint venture.

The draft agreement was negotiated with City of Harare officials, the Attorney-General of the Republic of Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and the Ministry of Local Government.

Government and Public Works officials and the Geogenix BV and the process was transparently done.

Cabinet rendered an oversight role as the project was of national interest.

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Tkt 1 month ago

Honestly guys hapana defence yaitwa apo while at the same time acknowledging FLOUTING TENDER processes! Means zvese zviri wrong izvi bcoz how can you defend something wrongly entered into haaa nxa, zvimwe zvoitwa nemadhara angu aya zvosvota

ndunge 1 month ago

kosekuru avovanonzi minstr sei ndavaende vanorima vapevapfanha basa

Asalif 1 month ago

USD 22.000 per day not per month 😀😀😀😀 in 2 days the money buys a refuse compactor truck

Dhuterere 1 month ago

hama yangu the city of Harare is paying for the service it's not affordable USD 27.000 per month

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

I do not see anything wrong with this venture except that the Netherlands company's representative in Zimbabwe, Nguwaya's truthfulness is questionable due to his previous court appearances. The deal shall encourage ordinary citizens to collect garbage to sell at the Dumpsite. Thus keeping the city clean.


Observer 1 month ago

The victims will be the residents who will be forced to pay the costs. People have no faith in the courts. We wait and see.

..... 1 month ago

Ndiye uya zvekare waObediah Moyo munhu iyeyu.


Machiavelli 1 month ago

Let's just wait and what the courts will decide.

Frankly this deal stinks like a 100 day corpse

Asalif 1 month ago

ungarambei company iri yehama yaPresident you fear victimisation taking such huge amount of money from a mare city council how will they be able to provide much needed service delivery matora billions through rubbish

24 1 month ago

Haaaa aya masseuse evanhu , havasi kuona here kutii our side is losing

Gire 1 month ago

Delish Nguwaya ndeupi zviya uyù?Imbavha futi ka iyi?Us22 000/day.Musadaro vefuwee.

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