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Judgement Date Set For Headmistress Who Shared Nude Picture On WhatsApp

Judgement Date Set For Headmistress Who Shared Nude Picture On WhatsApp

Bulawayo magistrate, Marygold Ndlovu, is on Thursday expected to make a ruling on a case involving Kumalo Primary School headmistress, Stella Mhlanga, who is facing allegations of peddling pornographic material.

Mhlanga (59) is alleged to have accidentally shared a revealing picture of her private parts on her WhatsApp status.

Mhlanga, who is out of custody, is facing charges of contravening Section 26 of the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act Chapter 10:04 (Possession of prohibited articles). She pleaded not guilty.

In her defence outline, Mhlanga through her lawyer Byron Sengweni of Sengweni Legal Practice argued that she was never in possession of the alleged pornographic content.

She said that sometime in December 2019, she received a phone from her sister Sibusisiwe Moyo who is based in South Africa after her phone had been stolen by her housemaid. Part of her defence outline read:

Before handing the phone to the accused, the accused’s sister cleared the phone memory and when she received the phone there was absolutely nothing in it.

She will also deny ever posting pornographic images on her WhatsApp. The images were not posted via her phone but via some unknown device.

She will further state that upon receiving news that offensive material had been posted on her WhatsApp she was advised that she had been hacked and was also advised to restore her phone to factory settings.

When she restored the phone, she lost all the data in her phone but even before that she maintains that she did not have any offensive material.

She also argued that she was advised to stop using the phone in case the hackers attempt to hack it again.

At the close of the State case, Mhlanga’s lawyer filed an application for discharge arguing that the State had failed to prove a prima facie case against the accused and that the evidence was unreliable.

However, in response, the State submitted that a prima facie case had been proven.

The State argued that it had managed to show that the accused did have knowledge of the indecent pictures in her phone before and on the day she was arrested.

Allegations are that on 2 August 2021, a tip-off was received at Provincial Victim Friendly Unit to the effect that Mhlanga had posted pornographic material on her WhatsApp status.

She later deleted the picture but some of her contacts including teachers and parents with children at her school had already saved it and forwarded it to their friends.

Mhlanga later posted a new status apologising, saying someone had borrowed her phone. She said:

Good evening, sorry for what was posted on the status, someone had borrowed my phone. My sincere apologies people.

It’s not my character and I don’t post such in my status. Please delete.

Mhlanga was eventually arrested by the police who also seized her cell phone Samsung N910F Galaxy Note.

The cellphone was then referred to CID National Cyber Forensics Laboratory, Bulawayo for examination.

During the forensic examination, four pornographic images were retrieved from her phone and the nude pictures were also produced in court as an exhibit.

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Tshaka Zulu 2 months ago

Satanism starts in the brain,it manipulates the whole system of ones mentality.It can start as a spark of fire,but in end ignites in an inferno and engulfs ones passion,dignity and behaviour.The first step to Satanism is"Hate".Hate extinguish Love,trust and rightousness..

Let me delve into phobia and tribalistic spirit and mentality planted into the soul of a cursed young generation.Robert Mugabe was the masterminder of hate in Zimbabwe, after coming late in Politics when Cde's in arms were waging warfare against all odds,he introduced the system of divide and rule in the name of "Hate", many Cde died in the process. Joshua Nkomo suffered trickery,the young Mugabe tricked everyone for him to gain power and to reign.

After independence he tried to whip the Ndebele people, the same people who fought alongside him in the liberation struggle,he paid the fellow comrades with death.Many families were affected,maimed,disabled etc Some were thrown alive in deep Mine shafts.After all the damage there came the Unity Accord @1987,Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo encouraged Ndebele people to forgive and forget what the same black brother did to them.Many were affected Physocological,some relocated to South Africa while some hated everything to do with Zimbabwe including the education system. The Mugabe government continued to strike the Ndebele nation i.e underdevelopment,unemployment and created poverty in Gukurahundi affected areas,but the Ndebele kept quit and moved on with life until strife struck the whole Nation @Droughts and the bloody land reform..What did the Ndebele do?They joined hands with the likes of everyone who wanted the best of Zimbabwe and by then the millenium age was then brainwashed again by the Mugabe regime,hate speech was introduced in Mashonaland schools,communities and many Shona security agents were deployed.Some foolish Ndebele youths were recruited @Border Gezi,in return they had to shed blood of their loved ones and fellow countrymen..The power of hate.

Now my Shona brothers and sisters mind your tongue,because the same person you are insulting is the same person you wronged but forgave you.Fight the system that was created by dead racist,tribalist and a hateful man.Is he resting in peace? No,no,no..surely there are wages of sin.As for the Ndebele people they try hard to forget about the past miseries,but you mistreat them.Ndebele people only mind their own business, but if you mess with them surely they deal with you extensively..

We need a New Zimbabwe, we are with the young man Chamisa
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Citizen 2 months ago

@Tshaka zulu...there was never a war between the ndebeles and shonas... the issue of Gukurahundi was between the ndebeles and the government. it was the government killing it's own people,it was never a tribal war...but we all know that ZANU PF which is the government is good at diverting stories and thus inciting violence. Ndebeles and Shonas we are one people, we feel the pain of the Ndebeles, we sympathize with you and thus we are calling with one voice, as we are register to vote, and remove this devilish gvt...

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3man 2 months ago

Its sad this happened in a school setting where this aids in the already compromised current syllabus for the primary schools. Young learners would actually take it as normal to have such exposures as part of the curriculum with what they are being exposed to at such tender ages. Surely the @Dokora syllabus has messed our children.

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To be honest what percentage of Zimbos married or unmarried, young or old have cellphones that come clean of pornographic images if taken to this police forensic what what now? Even pastors, archbishops.

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