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JSC Launches Virtual Court System

JSC Launches Virtual Court System

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on Tuesday officially launched the virtual court system for cases to be completed with speed and efficiency.

The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) has in the past failed to take prisoners to court due to transport and fuel challenges, and also restrictions necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking at the event in Harare, Chief Justice Luke Malaba said the virtual platform would allow for bail applications to be made online as it is also cost-effective. He said:

Carrying out virtual hearings has many advantages — both to the courts and the litigating public.

Matters are finalised expeditiously and there is the added advantage of participating in the court proceedings in the comfort of your home or office.

Inmates are expected to appear before the courts regularly for routine remands and trials.

The pandemic has at times caused inmates not to appear before the courts as required because of the restrictions imposed to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Through the virtual court hearing platform, it is no longer necessary for inmates to appear physically in court as they can interact with the court virtually while they are in prison.

Other countries that are using the virtual court system include South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Gambia, India and England.

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Goodfella 3 months ago

Zvimwe zvacho government yedu kana yotaura unofunga kuti one upfumi unokwikwidzana nana America.Virtual ipi yavanotaura tarisai majeri acho mazhinjo no fit for human habitation.Jeri rinoshaya mota dzimwe nguva fuel yekunza vasungwa kucourt.Ivo maprison officer havana uniform dzabvaruka bhutsu vavekupfeka dzavo dzekumba.Mozotaura zvevirtual manje.Gore Riya mapromisa masoja magarrison shops akachipa asi nanhasi.Izvezvi takamirira kutenga fuel yemartgs yatakavimbiswa.

Mephistophles 3 months ago

Is the JSC going to provide the data or wifi bundles and computers with webcams to the prisoners and litigants? At whose cost? Electricity supply is eratic. Is the JSC going to provide backup power sources? I foresee litigants absconding the virtual trials and skipping bail. What about areas with poor or no internet coverage? The education system tried virtual learning and has dismally failed. Maybe the few rich litigants with comfortable homes may afford virtual justice. But the majority or criminals are poor. Why not make the courts Covid proof and adequately resource the prison services to bring incacerated litigants o court on time. Or better yet, employ more prosecutors and magistrates to attend to the backlog?

🤨🤨 3 months ago

Zimbabwe ii kushaya fuel ko ana Ed dzavanofambisa dziya ummm vauraya nyika unoenda kuchimanimani by road shuwa apa zpc ahina fuel

3 months ago

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