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Jordan Zemura's "Meagre" Salary At AFC Bournemouth Revealed

Jordan Zemura's

Warriors and AFC Bournemouth defender Jordan Zemura is reportedly one of the lowest-paid players in the English Premier League.

Zemura (22) joined the Bournemouth Academy from Charlton Athletic in 2019 and signed a £385 per week deal.

The contract was extended to June 2023 back in March, making him one of the lowest-paid players in England’s topflight.

Soccer24 reported a source as saying Zemura’s close friend and teammate Jaidon Anthony has a similar contract but the duo is not in a rush to have new deals. Said the source:

I think it’s more both players are happy at the club and want to focus on their football at the moment.

I think they know they can get what they want wage-wise from either Bournemouth or elsewhere, they both seem quite mature and focused on football rather than money.

Zemura played a key role in the Cherries’ successful campaign in the Championship in the 2021/22 season which saw the club return to the Premier League after a 2-year absence.

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Khama Billiat 1 month ago

lam being paid more in SA than this guy. To hell with your English soccer

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Don't forget that Bounemouth is coming back from Division 1 soccer, and it does not have rich sponsors. £385 is a weekly wage, so its £1.540K per month. Jardon Zemura is only 22 and is developing himself with Bounemouth so as to fetch higher tranfer fees, higher transfer bonuses & higher weekly salaries in 2023. We may not be privy to the contents of his contract, but I'm sure its subject upward review.

katsande boss yamboka 1 month ago this kuchando thing is not for everyine,wotorarama nema allowances wangu,be patient my brother build yourself,make yourself a remarkable brand so that u will b on spotlight

the Zebra 1 month ago

Here in Zimbabwe he is highly paid 385 pounds a week , kkkkk I .

dispenser 1 month ago

That's misrepresentation of information. He cld be afraid of those of here , hangers on

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Varikubatirira mwana, Marvelous Nakamba akupihwa £75 000 per week kuAston Villa

dispenser 1 month ago

385 is a big lie


Sunak 1 month ago

anaDispenser problem munoswera paPindula mahara. Bournemouth website on payroll states that Zemura earns 20k a year. Do the Math

Suarez 1 month ago

Correct, 385 X 52 weeks = 20020

pk 1 month ago

why deleting comments

Biden 1 month ago

But why wait to renogiate the current contract, because you neva know about tomorrow if you sustain a career ending injury

Doug 1 month ago

He is afraid of moving or renegotiating his contract as he may be caught in the ZIFA SRC FIFA debacle. We cannot play regional and international football, and, while the countries around us are winning medals at the Commonwealth Games, we are not part of the games.

saikorojist 1 month ago

385 is for today but soon youll add 3 zeros to the digits. You'll make it brother. You'll laugh about it in the future, your season of great things has come

Tintin 1 month ago

psychologist or prophet?🙄🙄🙄

ABC 1 month ago

mupfana anonzi Zemura akangwara by leaking salary yake yakadai, it's obvious kutya kukumbirwa Mari nekuzonzi ma warriors ashota Mari yendege can you assist , salary yako chaiyo chaiyo haitaurwi because people can shupa you with money requests .

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