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Jonathan Moyo's "Uncle Tom's Boy" Remarks On Hichilema Photo Attract Wrath From Zambia's Ruling UPND

Jonathan Moyo's

Exiled former Information minister of Zimbabwe, Professor Jonathan Moyo recently criticised Zambian president Hakainde Hichilema for reducing the value of the office of the president by posing for a photo with “Uncle Tom’s Boy,” in an apparent reference to a US general. 

Moyo, a Political Science Professor, commented on a picture of Hichilema posing with United States Africa Command visiting Brigadier General Peter Bailey and U.S. Embassy Zambia Chargé d’Affaires Martin Dale. He captioned:

Some things from Zambia are too much. A whole President meeting and posing for pictures with a mere Brigadier General, just because he’s Uncle Sam’s boy? Even Uncle Toms would cringe. Bad optics!

Zambia’s ruling UPND Publicity and Information Secretary Joseph Kalimbwe’s interpretation of the statement was that Hichilema was the one being referred to as ” Uncle Tom’s boy” and that would have meant the Zambian leader was a ‘puppet’ of the West. Kalimbwe made an outburst telling Moyo to stop it! He said:

Jonathan Moyo stop attacking our leader, we aren’t Uncle Tom’s boys. Our politics has suffered huge blows from failed political leadership. We’re now building up; a Zambia freely educated, a stabilizing currency and an Economy strong enough to accommodate the dreams of every Zambian!

Moyo played a central role in destroying a once bread basket of SADC, a county that had a bright African future. On the other hand, we’re shaping Zambia into an envy of African democracy; one where power is transferred peacefully from one freely elected President to the next.

Hichilema’s decision to allow AFRICOM to open an office in the US embassy in Zambia recently attracted criticism from Zambia’s opposition, the New Heritage Party which condemned the move.

The party said the move carries very serious national security implications for Zambia as the country can be a target for terrorists who are opposed to the USA.

The New Heritage Party added that the move was against Zambia’s long-standing neutral foreign policy position of non-alignment which has been premised on “our being a truly independent sovereign state.”

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factos 9 months ago

some countries are busy building yet you still criticize
what's the use of promoting local minor people from a certain politics whilst the whole nation suffer.

if American can make Zambia developed so who are you to criticize Hichilema.

you want him to engage Chinese as you do.

poor Jonathan Moyo the destroyer

Jinn 9 months ago

Some people are good at criticism,and it's not worth listening to them

People of various opinions 9 months ago

Better an uncle Tom's boy' than a zhong tong boy'... greater still if u're yoself

The King of Serpents 9 months ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂taura hako, zhong tong haaite, anoziva kulooter chete, kana apedza okutizai

tsamba Kuna Vybz 9 months ago

@Vybz imi zvamunoita look east yenyu muchidealer nechina murikungoswawo kumanyowa Wani and your relationships with China or Russia etc hasn't yield any good results kuno, u still crying sanctions everyday kuratidza kuti these west countries and Europe are the real deal bharanzi iwe..

Ribvungu 9 months ago

with United States Africa Command visiting Brigadier General Peter Bailey and U.S. Embassy Zambia Chargé d’Affaires Martin Dale.asi kwane united States Africa, tipeiwo ma serious editor zvoratidza kuti u are not serious nebasa renyu and how can i be serious also reading zvinhu zviri misleading so. haaaa dira rizare wanku 🥃🍾

lite 9 months ago

United states africa command indava uri zungairwa iwewe

Zelensky 9 months ago

Zambians continue to use what means available to improve your country .This Jonathan destroyed his country and now he is on exile never take him seriously .He is professor of destruction

kyiv 9 months ago

they destroyed Zim ana Jonso ava nxaaaa


KALAKSHINKOV 9 months ago

imwai mvura makadhakwa imi

Chawabvunza 9 months ago

I do not see where Hakainde Hichilema went wrong. Old People's Home governmen herot worship the Chinese and the Russians. Therefore, there is no reason for cautioning Zambia for allowing the Americans to open a military base in that country. As I write this piece our country is highly infested with the Chinese. One man's meat is another man's poison. Let us choose the friends we want and let the Zambians choose their friends too.


Machiavelli 9 months ago

Jonso, in Australia the natives there have a hunting weapon called the Boomerang. If it fails to hit the intended target, it will come back to hit you if you are not careful.

Your case has boomeranged on you. Nobody is going to take you seriously anymore.

Tshaka 9 months ago

ko iwe unofarira Mnangagwa wakamutiza wani

Dubs 9 months ago

Ana Jonso mohukura muriyo kuKenya uuko.Uyai kumusha mugadzirise economy yamakaparadza.

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