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Jonathan Moyo Warns Mnangagwa Against Trusting His Lieutenants

Jonathan Moyo Warns Mnangagwa Against Trusting His Lieutenants

Exiled former Information Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has warned president Emmerson Mnangagwa against trusting his lieutenants saying that will be a grave mistake.

Moyo suggested that the people surrounding the president had evil thoughts about him, the least being to dislodge him from power.

Moyo said not everyone in the ruling ZANU PF was fighting in Mnangagwa’s corner. Posting on Twitter this Saturday, Moyo said:

Dear (president Emmerson Mnangagwa) @edmnangagwa, Do you trust those around you? Think again. Not all who sing the loudest in church will go to heaven or are without sin. Akubaira zani [the one who has warned you], or is it “Zanu”, haasi wako [is not yours]. Remember what you did to Gushungo? For you, pray that worse is not on the way. Ini ziiii hangu! [Let me keep my peace].

Moyo’s remarks come amid increasing reports about increasing tensions between Mnangagwa and his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga who is allegedly leading a faction that is pushing for Mnangagwa’s ouster.

He also speaks amid reports that remnants of the vanquished G40 faction are preparing for the return of exiled former local government minister, Saviour Kasukuwere to lead ZANU PF.

Mnangagwa himself previously admitted that he was “hunting with borrowed dogs” referring to individuals in the ruling party who supported other factions opposed to him.

This is happening at the backdrop of a lawsuit by ZANU PF member, Sybeth Musengezi, who is challenging Mnangagwa’s rise to the presidency in 2017 following the ouster of the late former president Robert Mugabe.

Meanwhile, Chiwenga recently rubbished reports that there is bad blood between himself and his boss and even endorsed Mnangagwa as the sole 2023 presidential candidate for the governing party.

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Soul jah love 6 months ago

Jonso inini panduzvangu andisati ndakuregerera,ndikafunga ndziyo dzenu nana Tambaoga ,"Rambai makashinga".Ipapo nzara yaiti kwakwàidza,tikaita zvigunduru,muchitimamisa nema green bomber ana Gono vachibika zvima bearer cheques mari dzenhema.Jonso ma speech ako aindipedza mweya,ndichipfufutirwa.Pa makatidzwanyirira kuna 2008 wematama pa aka winner mukaramba nema results..Jonso tikasangana pa road ndoda kungokumamisa too bad.
Ndatsamwa hangu

Ghetto yut 6 months ago

Jonso akatijairira paye he must pay

Soso 6 months ago

Kkk at last jah luv mambonyorawo nhasi

Frisco 6 months ago

Iwe Jonathan, nyaya ye ZIMDEF haisati yapera hatisati takanganwa.....

Soso 6 months ago

Kkkk he will need to defend 400000 usd , corruption, he is not qualified to speak about Zimbabwe , that man.
His ideologies washed zims tenacity and belief of a better zim.
Jonathan is only opposing ED because he lost the succession battle in an unfashionable way!
Nowhere in the world would he have dreamt of such a classic power take over.Meticulously done and a smack on his so celebrated education and intelligence.

Fortune Muchuchuti 6 months ago

Soso, your analysis is excellent, particularly where you say Jonathan Moyo now tweets from a hole after being outsmarted by ED inspite of all his education. We know Moyo did this country a lot of harm during his time in government, what of the draconic legislation he authored targeting free-media expression. For a professor, he is unfortunately not qualified to speak or advise us on the many issues he makes noise about.

Soso 6 months ago

True he had his chance to play an important role yet he fluffed it off by formernting internal divisions and pepertuating his personal dream to be president of Zimbabwe one day


Skuleskule 6 months ago

"Politicians: so evil and heartless that when it comes to political violence,they organize other people's children. But when to business opportunities and other big benefits,they organize their children and relatives"

Munhumutapa 6 months ago

Kkkkkk Neuromancer

Griso 6 months ago

Isu tinenge tiri ku terrace

ED 6 months ago

I know that youngman @jonsomoyo

My 'borrowed dogs' are just underestimating me, they're playing in coalfields.

Watch the space!!!

Yours truly


Soso 6 months ago

Underestimating ED can only be done by a fool.No sane politician would plot against him without full fallback plan .. even the general knows that.Thats y he decided to endorse him 2023 and duly wait for his time ( which could be probably earlier than 2028), but I can firmly confirm to you that any speculation of mutiny against HE is a pipe dream.
Only those deluded by grief of either ORl or July 2018 elections will rush to believe such nonsense.
ED was a lawyer since 1975, a politician for for more than 5 will take him for a fool at your own loss.Jonathan knows the man we are talking about here, he was outsmarted all by his phds 😂😂, and now he tweets from a hole and everyone thinks he has something.Sorry zimbos

NHM 6 months ago


R`G 6 months ago

Takangoti pamberi naChiwenga munoona zvinoitika muzanu ndopamunoona kt General vane maplans

Chief Nqumbi 6 months ago

Ini hangu I wouldn't mind a #ORL Season 2. Ma streets eHarare ainakidza November 2017 guys 😅😂🤣

Mr ndhlumbi 6 months ago

History repeats itself

Doroguru 6 months ago

Haahada,kuvhima nembwa dzekukwereta chaiko 🤦🤣😂😅

Man of the moment 6 months ago

Kutaura Chokwadi in ZANU PF torasika pakuti Vanhu Varikuti ipapa apa Vanhu Vapi apa izvezvi VP iwo General hawazviziwe Kuti isu Tirikuvada uku HE ED hazviziwi kuti Hatiwadi😆😆😆 Just that so Jonathan is 💯 Right inini Zvangu GENERAL 💪💪

Do that 6 months ago

True that Jona an Open Letter to HE ED hazviziwi izvozvo haaayaa Borrowed Dogs by Now 😆😆😆

Rambo 6 months ago

Rega zviwhandirane zvega imomo

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