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Jonathan Moyo Tells CCC That "Serious Opposition Seeks Electoral Reforms Day After Last Election"

Jonathan Moyo Tells CCC That

Self-exiled Political Science Professor, Jonathan Moyo has told the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa that the party should have sought electoral reforms a day after the 2018 elections if it was “serious.”

Moyo’s remarks come as CCC announced that it will launch its “Electoral Reform Blueprint” on Thursday 29 September 2022 (today), a few months before the harmonised elections scheduled for 2023.

In a series of Twitter messages seen by Pindula News, Moyo said:

As electoral reform experiences around Africa show, serious opposition political players seek meaningful electoral reforms the day after the last election when they have five years to spare; and not the day before the next election, when they have squandered five years!

Seeking electoral reforms when, after participating in the last election, you hibernate; say and do nothing about election reforms only to wake up on the eve of the next election with cacophonic calls for electoral reforms; smacks of political cynicism and gross incompetence!

Calls for electoral reforms should not be a desperate substitute for an election manifesto based on sound values, ideology, constitution and policy alternatives pursued by a political structure with a demonstrable capacity to govern and improve people’s lives and livelihoods!

Chamisa rejected the outcome of the 2018 presidential election accusing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) of conniving with the ruling ZANU PF to manipulate results in favour of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In the months that followed, he declared that he would not participate in the 2023 elections unless requisite electoral reforms have been implemented.

Among other conditions, Chamisa wants the ZEC disbanded saying it has failed to preside over legitimate elections. He also wants media reforms to allow all contestants to have equal air time on state broadcasting radios and television.

The ruling ZANU PF agrees that reforms are of paramount significance if elections were to be credible but notes that “reforms are not to be rushed.”

Early this year, Chamisa suggested that he would engage Mnangagwa on reforms. He said during his party’s rally held after the March 26 by-elections:

We are saying dialogue is important around electoral conditions and the reforms that we would want to see so that we do not have another disputed election.

So even in victory, there has to be dialogue, a pre-election, post-election pact, an agreement on the nature and character of the election that we are going to have so that we agree on what happens to those who are going to win and those who are also going to help the winners.

Some political analysts say ZANU PF will likely win the 2023 general elections if there are no tangible electoral reforms implemented by the government ahead of the crucial polls. 

In a research paper presented at a workshop organized by the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute in April 2022, Dr Norman Pinduka of the Africa University said the role played by the Zimbabwe Defence Force would also determine the outcome of the elections.

Meanwhile, Chamisa is confident that he will win the elections whether there are reforms or not.

Pindula News

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Sir 1 month ago

Rwatangavo urwu musoro banga.

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Jonathan Moyo is the reason why Zimbabwe does not have electoral reforms. In 2013, towards the end of the GNU, after the adoption of the new constitution & just before the harmonised elections -
Jonathan Moyo sponsored Jealousy Mawarire to lodge an application with the Constitutional Court seeking to compel ZEC to conduct elections without reforms. The Parliament of Zimbabwe & ZEC were willing to postpone the elections pending reforms. The SADC had actually organised an extraordinary summit in Mozambique where one of the agenda items was to discuss Zimbabwe's electoral reforms. The Jealous Mawarire case took away SADC's power to compel postponement of elections & enforcement of reforms. It was Jonathan Moto who was the mastermind of all these diabolic shenanigans.

@Ginious 1 month ago

He singlehandedly destroyed zbc

Electoral reforms 1 month ago

Electoral reforms were sought even before the last elections, the quest for electoral reforms does not end, it stood yesterday and still stands today and tomorrow. It does not only affect the opposition only it affects the ruinous party as well since the govt coming outside of reforms is cursed and lacks legitimacy.

Ginious 1 month ago

ndiye uye aikonzeresa zbc kuti iridze makashinge after every 30minutes.Ngasadzoke kuno fut

mtt 1 month ago

he is right outlining the shortcomings. a party without a constitution kkkkk lawyers hapana chnozikanwa. no core values. problem yekusupporta individuals not Party nekuva mabootlickers

@mtt 1 month ago

nhaiwe wakambowona party isina constitution nema structures here pasi not think **** like Musoro Bhangu and his Zanoid matter.

@mtt 1 month ago

Your a failed clown. Give it up.
Try garbage collection.


Jonso is not sencere why the change of heart, he once said ZANU PF can not reform itself out of power. What has changed now?

Phoenix 1 month ago

living in oblivion and you we are gonna give a damn to what you say,,, chief architect if not the Master Brewer of confusion dubious enactments

1 month ago

mtt 1 month ago

citizens coaliation for confusion without a constitution there is no direction at all. vana ncube nanabiti failed in their parties now have resorted to bootlicking. haaaa vote for Strive for success #sanctions must go.

mtt 1 month ago

a primary school dropoutanofungirwa iye haana brain dzekufungisa brainless

mtt 1 month ago

empty vessel keep quite yakazadza musoro nezvituko

@mtt 1 month ago

Your a failed and confused clown. Give it up and try garbage collection.



Muzvinafundo wematongerwo ezvenyika, Jonathan Moyo, is far away from home to comprehensively understand our politics.

CCC political party has been fighting both ZANU PF and ZEC to make do reforms. The difference is that they now want to make a dossier. POLAD and ZEC have already made theirs which are lodged at Parliament.

May the good Professor be reminded that Advocate Nelson Chamisa made several attempts to meet His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa which attempts were turned down, the president insisting that he will not meet anyone outside his POLAD.

Questionably, down the line His Excellency met Advocate Douglas Mwonzora at State House. He is the only opposition political party leader to allowed entrance into the State House.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

Uyu anonzi Bush Lawyer murwere wepfungwa chaiwo, how could you expect his excellency to bootlick an insignificant failed politician like Chamisa? Prof Moyo as always shows his political maturity and s-tupid CCC member can't fathom wisdom...

dispenser 1 month ago

is it so that political maturity of Jonathan is hiding and to speak behind other ple 's back. why not champion e movement of change if he is a genius. We e children of this country determine our future not serpents like jona

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

The art of war is simply knowing when to attack and knowing when to retreat my lad, time will come when he will show the world his genius kwete zvenyu zvanaChamisa anongohukura left right centre with no sense of direction, the guy even failed to be a pastor kkkkkk

Musoro Bhangu 1 month ago

why don't you form your own party Jonso

S 1 month ago

Jonso tibvire kumhepo. CCC yaka kuramba kare. Go back ku ZAMU PF kwawaka siya wakanya Ana ED. Musoro unenge we Nzungu.

G40 kingpin 1 month ago

vote musoro bhangu for president

Kopo 1 month ago

Jonono ataura chokwadi.. sometyms l feel Nero is Zanu pf project. Advocate vari too weak on confrontation, zanu ndeeropa zve dialogue hazvochashande.. dilly darling yeari kuita kupedza nguva. Apa Sikhala vari mukat bt acts like its normal😕

ccc 1 month ago

there is too many political parties in Zim but jonzo is only targeting ccc

Aaaaa 1 month ago

G40 is now an opposition force,so you Johnah shld have been the first to call for that the
very day you ran away

Biden 1 month ago

But is ccc the only opposition party in Zimbabwe mr pro the mdc alliances is the official opposition party in Parliament with more seats than ccc, if you were thst bright g 40 would still be around but you were outwitted by the crocs who i feel were miles ahead of you

cde Chipopi 1 month ago

uyu anozviti professor anoziva here kuti CCC yaka formwa riinhi? kana kuti anongo hukura basi

Tintin 1 month ago

adzoka zvekare

Chamatams 1 month ago

JONSO CCC haaisiye because ane heart break yekurambwa ne CCC. Musoro Nzungu join Mwonzora and go away. Nxaaa

kingro 1 month ago

musoro usina musoro

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Muchasvinura zvenyu. Go Jonso go

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Muchasvinura zvenyu

1 month ago

Ko iwe wakamuka

Nahoreka 1 month ago

We the people know who we want. We will choose our leaders when the time comes. Stop shedding croc tears mukoma joni. You ruined the nation's future and aspirations the days you were here. Dnt think we have forgotten. Pliz spare us yr advices, we dont need it. You are simply a pack of useless disaster. We will fight for our own freedom. We dont need turncoats like you jonso.

Africs Finest 1 month ago

Straight on point

chasura 1 month ago

iyo constitution nema structure eCCC munombomadii chaizvo atiudzirwe nemuroyi kut tichizvira mwana,kana nguva yakwana zve they do thega mufunge

Voldomyr Zelensky 1 month ago

Mama please save us, kakadaro Musorobhangu kachitizira mubhurugwa raMarujata.

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