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Jonathan Moyo Says Chamisa Is Immature And Ideologically Bankrupt

Jonathan Moyo Says Chamisa Is Immature And Ideologically Bankrupt

Self-exiled former Information Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has said Nelson Chamisa who leads the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is immature and ideologically bankrupt. 

He made the remarks in an interview with News24 during which he stated that he interacted with the former ICT Minister “many times a day, 24/7, between 2018 and early 2022.” He added:

When I challenged Chamisa about [the] duplicitous stance in November 2021, he said no formidable tree makes public its roots.

I told him that his analogy was inappropriate, undemocratic, unprofessional, wrong, and satanic; he mumbled some mumbo jumbo, and I bade him farewell, which later turned out to be for good.

When New Zimbabwe asked Moyo about the rationale behind the public apology he and Patrick Zhuwao recently wrote to the ruling ZANU PF party, he said:

As far as we are concerned the relevant, substantive and meaningful debate on Zimbabwe’s national question and economic prosperity – based on the inclusive values and principles of the country’s liberation struggle and national independence – has remained among and between Zanu PF members. The rest mahumbwe (child’s play).

NC (Nelson Chamisa) and his base publicly proved to be unworthy of the kind of support we gave them.

We now know first-hand that they’re immature, ideologically bankrupt and anti-the nationalist project. They want power just for its own sake, on behalf of their handlers and funders.

Moyo is among several former senior government officials who left the country in 2017 following the ouster of Zimbabwe’s founding leader, Robert Mugabe.

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Parasite 4 days ago

Jonathan Moyo should form his own political party toona kuti anosvikepi. kwete kungovukura

Sorojena 4 days ago

Jonso views Chamisa as the president of Zimbabwe, he's fully aware that Chamisa is holding the ball ⚽ and has dribbled past them all and is ready to thrust an awe inspiring goal. Zanu pf tried to create her own opposition, Povo ikaramba, all their malicious plans have failed. Now he's on 4ED campaigns, as a civil servant I will join, but come 2023 elections, ha ha ha, uzowubona umhlola my vote goes to my citizen champion. Pamberi neZanu vote for CCC 👆❎

Those hired snipers proved incompetent... Coup de tat 4 days ago

kunampula 4 days ago

musoro bhangu

MuPfungwe Chaiye 4 days ago

We(Zim) need to build a bridge on Jonso's head. His brains isn't functioning well. Hadzisi kubatana so. Paita bridge dzimwe dzaenda kuhuma dzimwe kugotsi. Ko kungoformer rako bato kana uri murume chaiye. Nxaaa

The Shona Philosopher 4 days ago

To underrate JM's sentiments is a revelation of the same ideological bankruptcy that characterises NC. Professor Moyo is not mad, as a behavioral scientist, he knows fact from fiction. Despite our fellow Pindulists' insult (which he probably does not read) what he's given are facts. Chamisa will need to work very hard coz as it stands 2023 is a guaranteed loss for him

Sorojena 4 days ago

Chamisa is not CCC, I think Sorobhangu has a vendetta to settle with Chamisa, that's their private. CCC has got a think tank running her affairs which is not even privy to Sorobhangu. The much talked about mature ideology, has not yet landed Jonso to political prosperity, he's just a running fugitive desperate to make a comeback to politics. He had eyed CCC, however he's been frustrated as he did not find pronounced structures to cling on and manipulate. He is just like an HIV virus in a human body undergoing Art where structures to cling on are destroyed. That is the life of a political immature political scientist.

pk 4 days ago

nhaiwe saka waida aite compaign for which party. jonso ndewe Zanu pf ari kutoita basa rake imi muchingo🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩

You 4 days ago

Nonsense... Jm speaks nonsense to bootlick and campaign for zanupf.

The Shona Philosopher 4 days ago

To underrate JM's sentiments is a revelation of the same ideological bankruptcy that characterises NC. Professor Moyo is not mad, as a behavioral scientist, he knows fact from fiction. Despite our fellow Pindulists' insult (which he probably does not read) what he's given are facts. Chamisa will need to work very hard coz as it stands 2023 is a guaranteed loss for him

jona 4 days ago

Zim content zbc hondo yeminda

dispenser 4 days ago

This Jonso thing more than e word itself Stu PID .He is now trying to bootlick Munangagwa fr e mistake wc ey have done. Now it happened that e jungle is biting and unbearable. Did he not understand wise words of wisdom from e might Chamisa that no formidable tree expose it's roots. Particularly to a sellout like him Jonathan

Politics 4 days ago

Jonso is hired.. He is an expert in throwing spanners into opponent's engine


Maparamuro 4 days ago

Jonso as always speaks the truth that most are uncomfortable with. Chamisa is worshipped by his followers and that's his biggest problem, he needs people who can tell him the truth and not worshippers. People who want him to succeed will criticise and not worship him. Jonso has tried and realised he is unsupportable because of his legion of worshippers

mtt 4 days ago

ndakataura haana maqualities of of a shrewd leader

Maparamuro 4 days ago

@dispenser we all want zanupf gone as soon as yesterday but we will not achieve that by worshipping chamisa.
Chamisa is human and bound to make errors and for that he should be open to criticism without his lapdogs going after everyone who criticises him.
What Jonso says about Chamisa is very true and Chamisa should consider it seriously and make corrections where necessary. The praise and worship we see on chamisa is the same as what Mugabe got in 1980 and he became a political god and sank the ship. People around chamisa are misleading him by failing to tell him the truth

Patrick 4 days ago

I agree with you,this mentality of Chamisa is always right and is immune to criticism is going to be the downfall of CCC ...

dispenser 4 days ago

@maparamuro ,l disagree with yr sentiments that supporters of Chamisa worship him.The only concept behind is people want a Genuine movement wc dislodge Zanu pf fr e sake of progress. It's unlike mwonzora who purport to be an opposition yet he is just leading an organization funded by Zanu # puppet! .The reason bz he is failing even to win a single Constituency

MdC nema C matatu 4 days ago

Ndoo chokwadi chataurwa nava Moyo.Nero lacks the maturity required to run the country. He lacks decisiveness.

Mdc 4ED 3 days ago

Anebhora ndiye anomakwA

Worzell Gummidge 4 days ago

At one point the Israelites refused to leave Egypt, preferring to live as slaves because that's the life they had become accustomed to. They said Moses is not eloquent & he stammers. They said Moses lacks ideological clarity & is not fit to lead. To them it was better to live under the Pharaohs who had oppressed them for generations.

The same applies to ZANU PF supporters. They would rather be fed with **** bcoz that's all they've known all their lives. Anything new is scary to them and lacks ideology. The false & fictitious liberation war fables are the only ideology they've ever known. As for Jonathan Moyo, a hound dog will always go back to its master no matter how many times the master kicks it & tells it Voetsuk.

war vet 4 days ago

@Shona philosopher I think you have lost it also what behavioural is Jonso He is just desperate to come back to Zanu because explotable anywhere in the world especially as a política science lecturer which is his profession because of his past behaviour which is mostly shaddy Even professor Chan who is based in the UK who is a guru and fundi in Áfrican politics and history has written him off The guy is in financial distress hence the desperation

war vet 4 days ago

*scientist* he is not employable anywhere in the world

VYBZ KARTEL 4 days ago

Chokwadi chorwadza vanhu be ccc maudzwa na Jonso mfana Nero haafe akatonga nyika ino

Napoleon 4 days ago

Its not about Chamisa being worshiped by his followers, who in his right mind would listen to a flipflopper like Jonso you people dont know this guy when he came around 1999 and joined Zanu Pf he was in financial diré straits he had embezzled money of an Ngo and he was on the run Before that he was a fierce critic of Mugabe and Zanu Pf. Furthermore is the current president and his henchmen mature enough Is their behaviour and deeds indicate maturity especially for national leaders who are governing

Maparamuro 4 days ago

In politics there are no permanent enemies. Chamisa praised the army for the coup and called the coup a miracle from heaven, today he is crying foul, he was fighting Mugabe all his adult life but ended up praising him. Is that also flip flopping?
Hopewell was full of praise for Idhi and has turned into one of his best critics. Criticism that shows your weakness should be applauded at all times as it helps you become better. Jonso has consistently pointed out chamisa weaknesses and Chamisa has gone on the counter therefore failing to improve himself.
Jonso understand politics far much better than chamisa who only has a multitude of praise and worship singers who are not helping him

4 days ago

Jonso think people will forget hutsinye hwawaiita uchitiridzira Tambaoga (Rambai makashinga) forget it and Smile.
Ngapinde Hake Chamisa.

Sorojena 4 days ago

Imagine if Chamisa accepted the offer of help from the devil incarnate Sorobhangu what would be happening right now? Really it would have been chaos and another split on the CCC, Even Mugabe never trusted this devil incarnate, and is behind the fall of Mugabe and Zanu pf from grace.


Jonso is trying to please ED he is not wanted in Kenya where his favourite Odinga lost the election. He has nowhere to turn to. He should come back and form his own party and stop meddling with Chamisa's party.

Skalazi International 4 days ago

Bankruptcy and immaturity. Don't worry Jonso coin other words you actually campaigning for the young man. Everyday you spew vitriol against Nero he becomes a hero in my eyes and those of my clan.

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 4 days ago

Ndogara ndichataura kuti
mungaswero tukana henyu on social platforms yet there is only one truth...

Inini 4 days ago

Taura hakoh Parasite ngaandotanga yake party sezvoh ariiye anoti anofunga chaizvoh.

Skalazi International 4 days ago

Jonso sees the bankruptcy and immaturity of Nelson yet over 2million people are ready to vote for him. For starters if Jonso is the all in all man let him form his own party The Tsholotsho Dingane Patriotic Front. That's when this blabbermouth political lilliputian will learn that the people of Zimbabwe will not be swayed by graduates of POLAD. The more you spew vitriol language against Nero the heroer he becomes. We will (me and all my clan) foolishly vote for Nelson Chamisa.Usatimbunyikidze.

factos 4 days ago

people better remove zanu pf
otherwise if you dance to its tune you will never ever remove it and poverty Will continue to harass.

we need a government who when lost the election will not fight people

government who will not Preach about war

and the only government from all opposition parties CCC is the main ideal

don't be fooled by zanu pf

VYBZ KARTEL 4 days ago

It's you who is getting fooled by a party that lacks ideology in your desperate attempt to find change, but the truth of the matter is people will not be Hoodwinked from the frying pan straight into the fire. The ccc has no plan once it comes into office it will be the same animal farm we are living in today or much worse.

👤 4 days ago

pindula can you help us by not posting anything about this guy...

Stonyi 4 days ago

KKK he's very ****

Falot 4 days ago

Coward - one bent on self preservation even at the expense of his kith and kin's future,

4 days ago

Cde Big Head is at it again He must be really idle kwaari kuKenya kwaari kugara nanatezvara vake uko If he himself was a mature politician he should have had a good sense of judgement to notice the beginning of the end of the
Mugabe era but alas hapana chaakawona hence he stuck to a ship which was about to sink He is just as immature as most of us or even worse He is entitled to his own opinions but I don't think he is qualified to judge kakomana kedu aka

ZANU PF 4 days ago

I thought Chamisa was just a stingy dude but alas he's just a broke big mouth puppy 😂😂😂

jnm 4 days ago

th more you write abt chamisa th more chamisa becomes relevant pls keep posting jopnopn

Cde hondo 4 days ago

Jonso yu are also part of if not mastermind of the economic problems we face today. Media hangman together with your Mahoso, yu were a defacto prime minister in mugabes cabinet. Wakadzosera chirongwa chorusununguko kumas**** iwewe, zanu pf is in trouble if yu are allowed back.

avtomat Kalashnikov 4 days ago



Professor Jonathan Moyo's recent comments are not worth their salt because he is issuing the statements while sitting on a compromised position.

[1] He tried to impose himself on CCC Political Party, but he was snubbed.

[2] Two weeks ago he wrote a letter of apology to the generality of ZANU PF supporters.

The 2 sets of points mean Professor Jonathan Moyo can not comment anything good on Advocate Nelson Chamisa. He hates him too much for snubbing him when he put feelers to join CCC political party. He is now bootlicking ZANU PF because he now wants to find a permanent home and friends in ZANU PF.



Yours sincerely

Muchama 4 days ago

Zvagara chokwadi hakuna unochida zvabaya moyo maudzwa chokwadi momanikidza munhu kuti afome part iwewoka fona yako uwone kuti hakuna anokutevera chamisa hakuna asingazvizivi kuti ndipresident wepapondula kuda kana paripo pamurikuti ngaapinde hake kwete zvekutonga nyika ino ayo maroto

4 days ago

Chinonzi Pondula chii iwe Muchama? Bvisa 'M' kwekutanga kwezita rako woisa 'ma' kwekupedzisira kwaro ndiro rinofanira kunge ririzita rako iroro

Muchama 4 days ago

Kumwe kusafunga iyezvi chawaona chachinja iye asina chaanacho chii kwaayimora mari havachadi vakaona kuti tabayika nekubirwa saka hapana zvaachachinja tipeyi tinzwe

Denosaur 4 days ago

Jonso too much talkative if you want to join Zanu ends wakanyarara and if you belong to Zanu why can't you come home and join Zanu peacefully.pamaive pazvigara naRGM and stop it what have you done chinobatika . Corruption chete ndoyenyu Musatinyangadza form your Party tigoona kuti ndiyani anokuda

Politics 4 days ago

Ask yourself why is Jonso doing all this? Surely there in a motive and if there is that motive, who is benefiting?

Remember all the draconian laws which were crafted by Jonso during his tenure of office!

Learn to understand politics in your own way (Bread and butter issues ). Never be hoodwinked by the so called political commentators..

I know, and understand that you are not blinkered, nor deaf. Use your senses

Politics 4 days ago

Ask yourself why is Jonso doing all this? Surely there in a motive and if there is that motive, who is benefiting?

Remember all the draconian laws which were crafted by Jonso during his tenure of office!

Learn to understand politics in your own way (Bread and butter issues ). Never be hoodwinked by the so called political commentators..

I know, and understand that you are not blinkered, nor deaf. Use your senses

Tang ku 4 days ago

It's a waste of time listening and debating about Jonathan and his zanupf puppets they are trying to divert us from our focus infact these are old toothless lions trying to access elephant meat from grumbling energetic lions so is Jonathan and zanupf we are focusing on the future of ordinary Zimbabweans who are desperately looking for someone who can relief them from the distresses who is only president Nelson Chamisa no doubt , then I am warning those who believe kuti zanupf icharigger igotonga never pachaita Hondo inotyisa

Motormouth 4 days ago

jmoyo is singing for his supper
that's why achinanzwa ra dambudzo

Ed 4 days ago

Dzoka kumusha iwe kwete kungogwauta wakapata musha

GILBERT 4 days ago

ini hangu handidye ideology...ndoda vision..

unknown 4 days ago

Jonso, jonso gara pasi. Unoona sewakachi master chigame ichi. Dai wakachimaster sezvaunofunga uri kutsvakei kuKenya? Tamba yako urege Chamisa atambe yake

5 4 days ago

Hama dzangu leader asingade criticism between ED and NC ndiani? Leader anoti ukataura a different perspective pane yake unosungwa ndiyani between the above mentioned leaders? Food for thought

5 4 days ago

Huimmaturity nehuideologicl bankrapcy ihoho ndihwo hwatinomudira mupfana uyu, zvirinani kwatiri veCCC kuda an immature and ideologically bankrupt person than kuvhotera corruption and mediocrity. Hatidyi ideology isu

Black Jack 4 days ago

I don't much to say to you. I'm a grade seven finish. But I think better than you PROFESSOR . Say there where you are. Yawatitamba yekuti blocker TV International. YAKARWADZA. INSANE DICTATOR. NXAAAA

Black Jack 3 days ago


Sir African 3 days ago

I resolved not to vote for CCC councillors next election because they are killing residents by increasing rates and making us pay for no services,but for MP I will vote CCC

3 days ago

Jonso mmmmm hadiwe Shuwa.

Muchama 3 days ago

Ifungwa dzako hana nyika yaanomboita rule uya pindula president here kana uneumwe waunoreva asiri sisi chamisa

seme order 19 hours ago

chamisa muoffice 2023

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