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Jonathan Moyo Says CCC Has Been Infiltrated, Chamisa Is Unhelpable And Unsupportable

Jonathan Moyo Says CCC Has Been Infiltrated, Chamisa Is Unhelpable And Unsupportable

Self-exiled former ZANU PF Politburo member and cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo denied claims by Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters that he had infiltrated the opposition party ahead of general elections scheduled for 2023.

Speaking in an interview with The Standard, Moyo said he, and another self-exiled former senior ZANU PF official, Patrick Zhuwao, never sought to join the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance or its successor, CCC.

Moyo claimed that he supported Chamisa “around the clock from 2018 to 2021” but his efforts were not appreciated and he came to the conclusion that the opposition leader and his supporters “are unhelpable and unsupportable”. Said Moyo:

Well, if that is what CCC chaps think, then it means they are functionally illiterate and do not know what infiltration means.

The infiltrators are already deep in CCC, and Nelson Chamisa himself said as much only a few days ago.

The fact is that at no time did I or Cde Zhuwao seek membership in either MDC-A or CCC, never ever; not even for a second or a minute.

So how can I seek to infiltrate something that I never sought to be part of?

The claim of Nelson Chamisa’s supporters is political madness on steroids.

If anyone wants to know anything of some political value about this, it is a matter of the public record that Zhuwao, Edmund Kudzayi and I worked with and supported Nelson Chamisa publicly and openly around the clock in his 2018 presidential election campaign.

There was no, and there will never be, a sustainable suggestion that we infiltrated Chamisa or his party in 2018.

We were actually his campaign’s reliable backbone when Tsvangirai’s MDC base deserted Chamisa; including many who are now jumping up and down, pretending to support him while gratuitously demonising us in the hope of getting retweets and likes on Twitter to grow their own personal accounts.

As far as the 2023 election campaign is concerned, I told Chamisa in writing in November 2021 that I will not campaign for him in 2023 or do anything like what I did for him in 2018; Chamisa has that information which I gave him and my reasons in November 2021. I have also said this on my Twitter handle many times before.

So, there could not have been any question of either Zhuwao or me infiltrating Nelson Chamisa or his CCC or whatever party he is going to contest in the 2023 elections; because I told him directly in November that I was not going to support him in 2023.

And here is my point about this; based on working closely with Nelson Chamisa and supporting him around the clock from 2018 to 2021, I reached a truly clear conclusion that he and his noisy supporters are unhelpable and unsupportable.

That is the bottom line, everything else is irrelevant.

Asked if Zimbabwe is prepared to hold free, fair and credible elections in 2023, Moyo responded:

No, I don’t think any rational or fair-minded person would say that the necessary political, institutional and legal imperatives to hold free, fair and credible elections are now in place for the 2023 harmonised general election due within the next nine months.

The delimitation exercise is yet to be finalised and it is surrounded by lots of questions and concerns.

There are still too many controversies about the availability, accessibility, reliability and credibility of the voters’ roll – this is a major concern because an election is a voters’ roll – and the fact that ZEC is doing precious little to address these and other related issues legally, transparently, efficiently and effectively; dents the country’s readiness to hold free, fair and credible elections.

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juru 2 months ago

im sorry olive my wife

2 months ago

Musoro mako mine chinhu her or mune mvura

Sorojena 2 months ago

Whilst I partially agree with Jonso that CCC had already been infiltrated, and that the voters roll is the real election, CCC must listen to the voice of wisdom coming from this man. Chamisa himself is quite aware that some of his members are receiving bribes to derail the CCC party, but surprisingly he's taking no action .

Voter 2 months ago

The people will vote 2023CCC for change... R. I. P zanupf.

Olive 2 months ago

Siyana neni

2 months ago

Jonso mafunga kudzoka kuzoba futi her vakomana hee

2 months ago

That's a possibility. But the fact that he says they (The terrible G40 teins) apologised to ZANU MEMBERS and not ZANU LEADERSHIP creates confusion.

They may be trying to sow divisions between the membership and the leadership. With Jonso nothing is impossible.

Chikumba 2 months ago

Chamisa is unhelpable and unsupportable.

mukmeric 2 months ago

hanty ndimi moziva here

Puluzuzu 2 months ago

In 2018 Chamisa was supported by Robert Mugabe & many other disgruntled Zanu PF supporters under the MDC Alliance banner. Back then, he never called them infiltrators or traitors bcoz he was benefiting. Its evil to use people and throw them away.

The CCC already rejected Jonathan Moyo so let him do as he pleases. Even the people we hate have rights too.

Vesto 2 months ago

Correction @Puluzuzu, the people you mentioned may have voted for Chamisa, but they certainly DID NOT help in his election campaign in 2018. There is a world of a difference between supporting and helping.

The same applies to Jonso, he may have supported but help or assist her did not. Certainly not from the comfort of a hotel in Kenya

,,,,, dott 2 months ago

Hapanaa zvozivikanwa nana chamisa dzoka hako

mukmeric 2 months ago

vaudze jonso asi ziva zanu yakangwara

Cde Boycott 2 months ago

We do not need Jonathan Moyo's support because we are likely to boycott the 2023 elections. The ground is not level and apart from our all weather friends in USAID, the AU, SADC, Commonwealth are all unwilling to give us graders to even out the electoral field.

2 months ago

Comrade boycott ndarasika papi mumba yeround isina window?

That boycotting of elections IF certain conditions are not met, doesn't mean that CCC is certainly going to boycott.

Wishful thinking on your part so that ZANU has a clean sweep? Sorry wabhejera bhiza rine mimba.


kissmore 2 months ago

true chamisa and his tribalist supporters nearly killed Thokozane khupe,a big dictator if you didn't know but better than Zanu maybe

Vesto 2 months ago

Kiss more, reasoning capacity yako yakadhakwa. At no time did Chamisa make a life attempt at Thoko, unless you are confusing him with Nzvonyora at the last MDC-T AGM.

Where you get the notion that Chamisa is tribalistic, I cannot even start to fathom. CCC membership and leadership comes from all corners of this Teapot shaped country. Last election he polled 1.3 million votes across the country. in March 2022, he cleaned out ZANU bot in the northern and southern parts of this country.

Hate Chamisa, but please be factual and fair in your conclusions.

Maparamuro 2 months ago

Jonso will be demonized until he starts to praise and worship chamisa. Whatever he says is rubbish unless it's praising chamisa and predicting that he wins in 2023.

This is the sad reality.
Unfortunately for CCC supporters their understanding of Zim politics leaves a lot to be desired. Jonso is right, CCC has been infiltrated

Vesto 2 months ago

@Maparamuro, no, Jonso will continue to be demonized until he learns to be consistent. If he continues to be the political prosti.tute that he is neither side of the political divide will take him seriously. Note well yesterday's response from Patrick Chinamasa. Even Jonso's post-apology clarification (which further muddled up the issue), didn't endear him to anybody. including his perennial psychophants like yourself.

Joe 2 months ago

**** Jona

Joe 2 months ago

**** Jona

Muzvinafundo 2 months ago

iwe jonso if you were helpable dai urimuno muzimbabwe

factos 2 months ago

we the majority rally with Chamisa
you msorobhangu jonso we don't need your support

CCC the real ideal

Skalazi International 2 months ago

Jonso's cryptic wisdom leaves him equally bemused. He is hysterically confused he doesn't know whether he will be buried at Heroes Acre or interred within the proximity of Jomo Kenyatta Airport. It u Jonso who is unhelpable and unsupportable. You fluctuating rate of political inflation is unprecedented. You are the Guinness book of records holder of a talented quisling sellout. When you die your spherical oblongata will be taken to the Hague for forensic inquest. You are 2 in one. Unourayisa vanhu.

Vesto 2 months ago

Infiltrated or not, Chamisa has substantial support;
Label him anything and everything you want, Chamisa is the darling of a sizeable section of society;
Whatever his detractors may point out as his weakness, Chamisa has less visible weaknesses than ED;
Chamisa has age, charisma, vision and concern for the people that Mnangagwa hasn't.

ZANU and its supporters are running scared of Chamisa because he has potential and substantial support.

Like it or not, Chamisa stands heads and shoulders above ED any day of the week

2 months ago

Ngapinde hake Chamisa

2 months ago

Listen big head Chamisa has got a huge support base in Zim and doesn't need you to support or campaign for CCC in order to win mavotes Iwewe you won't vote anywhere because you are out there in the cold People are always sceptical of what you say so don't think that you solicited for and got any votes for CCC palast election apo Concentrate on your efforts to win back favours and forgiveness from Mnangagwa and company and leave CCC alone A word of warning though Uchenjera Garwe nematukire awairiita aye kuti ringakuregerera? Hameno He will be a f-o-o-l if he forgives you because waiwonererwa sitereki nanaGrace uchimutuka Gara ikoko uchingonyora chirungu chako chinenge chaMutsvangwa chisina kwachinokusvitsa icho

2 months ago

Vanhu vane misoro yakaswinywa nature.che twana amai vavo saJonathan Moyo, Lovemore Madhuku na Obert Gutu pfungwa dzavo hadzidhonze mushe.

Vanamusorobhemba endai mujogasziriswa misoro

Cash-talker 2 months ago

What's special about your support iwe ****? What you should know from today is that Chamisa and the CCC Machine doesn't need your support, you are just useless,,,you OLD SCHOOL POLITICIAN'


I suggest CCC Political Party leadership and supporters forget and stop answering what Professor Jonathan Moyo says because they will go in circles without anything being solved.

Let me add that if the good Professor wants to help Advocate Nelson Chamisa and CCC Political Party, he should continue to speak to Advocate Chamisa and his leadership only. He should not get worried about what supporters say in the social media.

In conclusion, most citizens agree with Professor Jonathan Moyo that the situation on the ground is far from conducive to holding fair, free and credible elections.

ZEC is operating in fits and starts. The price for their voters roll is out of the reach of many Political Parties and NGOs, rightfully or wrongly interpreted to mean they are closing space for their roll to be inspected independently.


Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

DZ 2 months ago

l believe we have many opposition parties in Zim why do you talk so much about Chamisa ,lt appears you are afraid of him

real citizen 2 months ago

is unstopable

maths 2 months ago

politics of this world is satan's project to manipulate decieved people. True Christians must never ever participate in this. Read Rev 12:9

2 months ago

kkk kumachechi ikoko dziriyo politics.

Mukomana 2 months ago

Jonathan ndinokuziva ndobasa rako..what else can you say to please your to-be masters are simply lucky that zanupf enjoys your tantrums..but the masses know you better..... your starting point after zanupf accepted your apology is surely to condemn Chamisa and Ccc..(never Mwonzora because he is already in zanupf camp)..but it's unfortunate you can't" smell the coffee"..Chamisa is unstoppable..just like Zanupf was at the 1980 elections!

Tibvirei pano 2 months ago

There goes Jonathan Moyo musoro bhangu seeking relevance. Who are you after all. Ust ranting from your hiding place. If you are a man as you profess come over and fight openly like what Chsmisa is doing. Kungo humana kwaurikuita. It won't change anybody mind

Pp 2 months ago


boss yah aka megadee 2 months ago

gd ccc

bounty hunter 2 months ago

@vesto thanks for yo comments .. full of wisdom

Nsojo 2 months ago

Jonso you are the one that's needs help no Chamisa Enda kumapostori

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