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Jonathan Moyo Praises Obert Mpofu... Denigrates David Coltart

Jonathan Moyo Praises Obert Mpofu... Denigrates David Coltart

Exiled former ZANU PF Politburo member Jonathan Moyo has praised current ZANU PF Secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu while at the same time denigrating CCC interim Treasurer-General David Coltart.

In a Twitter thread, Moyo hailed Mpofu for getting Zimbabwe approved in the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPSC) and disparaged Coltart for acting like a policeman rather than an educationist during the GNU era.

Moyo made the remarks as he was analysing the impact made by cabinet ministers during the Government of National Unity (GNU). Wrote Moyo:

Arguably, the most impactful GNU ministers (2009-13) were Joseph Made, agriculture; Saviour Kasukuwere, youth, indigenisation & empowerment; Obert Mpofu, mines & mining development; Welshman Ncube, industry & commerce; Tendai Biti, finance & Gorden Moyo, parastatals, PM Office!

Made designed a household-based agricultural initiative which would have assured food security had it not been undermined by command agriculture; Kasukuwere introduced a revolutionary, self-financing model of indigenisation; Mpofu restored Zim’s status in the KPCS for diamonds!

Although his initiative was sabotaged, Ncube recognised the strategic importance of steel and worked tirelessly to revive Zisco; Biti worked well with Gideon Gono to stabilise the economy and Moyo crafted a solid blueprint for restructuring the management of public enterprises!

My good friend Coltart is a policeman, not an educationist by any stretch of the imagination. Of course, donors loved him and were happy to release funds under his watch, all good but that was no policy at all!

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Oskid 1 week ago

@sauti kkkkkkk Jona is crazy he failed Zimbabwe in general.Regai vanopera kufira kunyika dzavamwe thus a sign of failure

sauti 2 weeks ago

kwahi chii neuyo ane msoro ungati bheura ratemeswa dombo

2 weeks ago

ZANU 2 weeks ago

Go to college so that you can be able analyse precisely, not to attack other pples' opinions. With higher qualifications you will never go wrong.

Gringo 2 weeks ago

Varume mukatarisa ****u ra Obert Mpofu munogona kungowana $15 billion iya 😁😁😁

Duduzani 2 weeks ago

80% of Zimboz were sympathizing with Mlevu the moment he went exile until he started halucinating without relevance

cde chipopi 2 weeks ago

Jonso nyarara hako wakagadzirirwa size na ED uchafira ku kenya ikoko.


Gafa 2 weeks ago

Ko Chamisa haana chaaona chaakaita **** tweeter urimumwena imomo ukabuda tokugura muswe.ED ndoshamhu yako inemunyu.

Turoo 2 weeks ago

Jonathan ziva zvechingochani, nezvemurume wako Kasukuwere😂

mafirakureva JoJo chenjera 2 weeks ago

@chati homu!
thus obert mpofu angatadze nei kusimba chero Jona wacho
kudya zvevapfupi nekureba

chati homu! ...chareva 2 weeks ago

ah! ... from Jonathan Moyo's picture on this news clip, the man is now fat, madhara aya akagarika, l hope, they are not living large on looted monies during their reign when they were bootlicking the the then president & gvt.
Cry my beloved country!

Jimmy *machende* 2 weeks ago

Ndiobert uyu

mafirakureva JoJo chenjera 2 weeks ago

jonso always singing for your supper and praying for your safety wave Lacoste yet in exile because of Lacoste
nyika unoona wave pabasa futy sekushungurudza kwaakaita vanhu during Mugabe era wakubhadhadhagwa futy kuipisa upenyu hwevanhu...what a puppet of a man faceless
now plaising those who looted 15billions and national diamonds money to put the country at its knees broke to the bone while buying themselves properties banks buildings and all improvereshing all while the poor gets poorer the country getting into adject poverty because of them praising them for your safety will not help anyone
remember noone takes you seriously now that you already tormented vana vezimbabwe during Mugabe era...once bitten twice shy citizens know you coltard had a successful ministry so to say
if we can have a assets audit mpofu and coltard
siyana nazvo ITA zveikoko Kenya ...wave murakashi now why stoop so low such a learned professor iwe ndopaunoona kuti **** musoro bhangu

Mmmm 2 weeks ago

Jonathan moyo is a disgrace who is too full of himself.

Murozvi 2 weeks ago

Jonathan failed to tell us how he failed us

Da Truth 2 weeks ago

Coltart made education what it is today .Iwe soro banana wakavharisa zbc tv kusvika nhasi ika vengwa kusvika muvhu .Wakava marii futiii.Ukaisa Hitler law yako .Dai wangofirako ikoko urimuroyi .Mwari ngakutore nhasi chaiye .

Ellie 2 weeks ago

Kkkkkk nyoka huru haizvi rume

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