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Jonathan Moyo: It's Ludicrous For US To Attack ZEC, Call For Reforms Based On ZIDERA

Jonathan Moyo: It's Ludicrous For US To Attack ZEC, Call For Reforms Based On ZIDERA

Exiled former Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, has said it is absurd for the United States of America’s Embassy in Zimbabwe to say the Southern African country should implement electoral reforms based on ZIDERA.

Moyo was responding to an article by NewsDay which reported that the embassy had expressed concern over the political landscape in the country and particularly the political violence that was witnessed in the run-up to the 26 March by-elections.

The embassy posted on Twitter urging the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to implement guidelines in ZIDERA which confirmed the US’ imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2001 following the chaotic land reform programme by the administration led by the late former president Robert Mugabe. Posted the embassy:

We appreciated the opportunity to observe by-elections, but remain very concerned about harsh rhetoric, intimidation and violent assaults in the lead-up to election day. Voters have the right to participate in political processes free from fear and violence. Zidera requires Zimbabwe to hold an election ‘widely accepted as free and fair by independent international monitors,’ and to sufficiently improve the pre-election environment to be consistent with international standards.”

In response, Moyo suggested that ZEC should be guided by the national constitution where it derives its mandate. He said: 

While Uncle Toms will applaud this, it’s ludicrous for @USEmbZim to attack @ZECzim and call for reforms based on ZDERA, an anti-Zim US law; and not on the Constitution of Zimbabwe, which setup #ZEC!

Meanwhile, some observers say the requirements in ZIDERA are consistent with the provisions of the constitution.

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Maparamuro 3 months ago

Quoting Zidera implies ZEC is taking instructions from USA. Quoting Zim constitution means ZEC is following a Zim law without interference from outside. Zanupf will resist all influence from USA because the two admins are at war with each other.
Above all USA cannot lecture anyone on democracy

eu 3 months ago

you trust USA too much

chiranga mapenzi 3 months ago

kana muchiri mavsanction hantie ndiyo zidera here ....kana musingade USA itaure musacheme mavsanction ....zidera unongotaura zvimwe be Constitution yenyu.....saka Moda kuurayana pa ma election futy .....chero Hondo wacho kwaari uko dai zvaiteverwa hantie dai akagara kumba kwakwewo achizvinwira tea Ari zii...rule of law apana jonso wakasiya waisavvanhu pamacsanction ......chii chibgaudzwe vanhu na jonso uyu tingatonzwe USA embassy pane kunzwa sorivbhangu akatiza nyika aasiya aisa vanhu pama sanction

jonzo wamsoro 3 months ago

ndasuwa muparliament tiina the late robie

tyson kasukuwere 3 months ago

pakadini paKenya Mdhara isu tiripo paSandton apa kungoswera tichiona TV tichirarama nepolitical Asylm

yaMkoma Ceril rhamaphisa

but mdhara tikadzoka kuZimbabwe tinoisirwa poison mufod naiye Ngwena uyu

Chik 3 months ago

What if ZIDERA contains progressive electoral best practices

ngorima chuc Norris 3 months ago

zidera more pro Zim than jonso
it follows rule of law and the constitution of Zim

jonso created repressive laws for Zim people
now he stays out of the country fearing his own crooks he used to protect killing and leave zimbalobe
zidera can save Zimbabwean lives during election
it helps the people of Zim's pro our Constitution ...he should dance to his music

ngorima mushava 3 months ago

Zidera is anti establishment ,it's against Zimbabwean 🇿🇼 interests ,read it in FULL then you will understand it better...
ZEC derives it's mandate from the constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe,
we're not an American village????

Machiavelli 3 months ago

.... and it does

Vote CHAMISA and Vote CCC 3 months ago

Zanu-PF doesn't like any law that put it to disadvantage, it is not concerned about people or the nation but only for them to remain in power. Even the requirements of its constitution it does not follow. It can only adopt a foreign law when it advantageous to Zanu-PF and it is for criminalizing the opposition parties like the current PVO bill

ngorima chuck norris 3 months ago

PVO bill rakadhakwa munyati

why should you monitor ....why caant you just help yourself ...NGOs are helping and you are chasing them for political gain don't want them to see you killing your own people or rigging elections they shld be an independent prroject for helping your own people

ngorima mushava 3 months ago

PVO Bill is a nice ☮️ peace of legislation ,it's long overdue ...if these NGO'S are genuine in their operations WHY are they afraid of being monitored

Machiavelli 3 months ago

Amen to that

Machiavelli 3 months ago

Jonso's hatred of USA is getting ludicrous. If you read ZIDERA properly you will find that its actually toeing the Zimbabwean Constitution chapter and verse. ZIDERA isn't manufacturing anything new.

qweerty 3 months ago

unoziva chaizvo Chiurai. we need more people like you in Africa

Chiurai 3 months ago

US ndaiite zvema Elections eikoko. isu toita ekuno. vadii kuti tiitewo zvema states zvekubira tisiye zvema individual vote.
Zimbabwe is for us. No one should dictate to us what to do


Worzell Gimmidge 3 months ago

If Jonathan Moyo is back in Zanu PF, he should not be sly about it. He should just openly say so. That's where he belongs - amongst his evil henchmen. Surely evil people are always opposed to everything good. The US Embassy in Zimbabwe is on the ground and they observed the pre & post-election environment first hand. The Constitution of Zimbabwe which established ZEC cannot be relied upon because Mnangagwa & his captured Judges always abuse it. Even now, electoral reforms are being delayed. It is actually better to rely on the conditions set out in the ZIDERA than to rely on a mutilated Constitution, Zanu PF laws & captured institutions.

Chawabvunza 3 months ago

Allow me to comment on Muzvinafundo JONATHAN MOYO'S article. Let us examine the two documents, ZIDERA and our CONSTITUTION. ZIDERA was constituted in the early 2000 and yet our CONSTITUTION was written in 2013. Our ZIMBABWE CONSTITUTION was written almost word by word from ZIDERA. I fail to understand why we can reprimand the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Embassy to refer to their document, but refer to our document which is a carbon copy of their ZIDERA document.


jm 3 months ago

you are completely wrong, our own constitution is different from that inhuman writing from their own constitution (Zidera). Democracy is here in Zim but vakadyisa nemaAmerican hameno havo

Machiavelli 3 months ago

Please sir, show me the difference(s)

jm 3 months ago

the difference is that USA haifanigwi kutiudza zvekuita. citizen must our constituion yakaitwa during inclusive gvtmt

ngorima mushava 3 months ago

Zidera was made by the US Senate in order to try and make the people revolt against the GVT,it's a repressive law, the constitution of Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 ,was made by us the people during the COPAC process ,and all eligible people voted "YES" to it being the supreme Law of the land.... Democracy is not a bottle of coca cola ....

Machiavelli 3 months ago

This is an opinion.
What I want are the differences in content between ZIDERA and The Zimbabwean Constitution

jm 3 months ago

Zidera handigoni kuisa mulocal language but ndaigona kuudza hama dzangu zvirimo hapana chedu, our constitution is the best. ZEC is ours not Zidera is not our law/rule

Machiavelli 3 months ago

@jm you are still not saying exactly what is wrong with ZIDERA. I am therefore convinced that you are debating from a point of ignorance.

You don't know what ZIDERA contains and I notice from previous input you think ZIDERA is some kind of Constitution. I feel sorry for you

charu 3 months ago

hi is right, point taken.

makunakuna 3 months ago

makunakuna muchinyanya vana venyoka muchapera

mwana wevhu 3 months ago

zidera zvainotaura ndozviri my constitution yedu ....apana chakaipa kutevera zidera yakanakira vana vevhu....kukanzir musaurayana tevedzerai mutemo vana Jonso vosvora futy....masanctions ngaasabve kusvika marega kuurayana ...Moda kuudzwa zvokubatsirai nemutorwa zvamakanyora mega my constitution yenyu fty....musoro bhangu ngaanyarare

truth 3 months ago

iwe ndiwe mupengo

rye 3 months ago

'We can not reform ourselves out of power' kkk 'ini zete zvangu kurara'

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