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Jonathan Moyo Ignites Social Media Debate With "CCC Needs Structures, Constitution" Remarks

Jonathan Moyo Ignites Social Media Debate With

Exiled former Information Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has ignited a social media debate after suggesting that the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa needs to establish membership structures.

Moyo also said the party must have a constitution for governance purposes. In a series of Twitter messages seen by Pindula News, the former ZANU PF Member of Parliament for Tsholotsho said:

CCC has a leadership structure with a President, Spokesperson, Treasurer General, etc; but it has no membership structures & has no constitution. Since #CCC seeks power to govern Zim, the public is entitled to know where #CCC leadership has come from & how it’s held accountable?

The issue arises because #CCC says it is not a rebranded political party, but is a brand new political formation. The time has come for Zim to consider registering political parties. Parties with no constitution, no structures & no founding processes should not contest elections!

It is not and it cannot be in the public interest to have a secret society masquerading as a political party, to contest elections for public office. That is just wrong and it has no precedence anywhere in the world. In fact, it is very scary from a societal point of view!

The late former President’s son, Chatunga, has blasted Jonathan Moyo for trying to discredit CCC.

Jonathan Moyo last week attempted to pour cold water on CCC’s rising popularity after claiming the party “does not have structures.”

In response to Moyo’s posts, a Twitter account Chatunga @bellagushaz, the name of the son of the late former president Robert Mugabe wrote:

Hanzi Structures na Jonso whilst Chiwenga jumped from the Barrack to the Zanu PF deputy secretary position.

LynneM @LynneStactia also responded:

Phelekezela Mphoko was left with NOTHING under the structures while a fired VP ED Mnangagwa took EVERYTHING via a coup d’etat! The structures FAILED to protect VP Phelekezela Mphoko.

Hopewell Chin’ono said citizens are not saying there are no structures, “they are simply saying STRUCTURES are there, but you can’t see them. ZANU PF wants to see CCC structures to prevent what happened in Zambia where HH had invisible structures. INVISIBLE!”

Some say it is the ruling ZANU PF pushing the CCC to have structures so that it can infiltrate the structures and cause confusion while some say structures are important for voter mobilisation and administrative purposes.

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mdara ndola 1 week ago

kanoita seiko ka mdara aka kachingoita musoro unenge budzi kudaro.

sekoz 1 week ago

when did we listen to strategies from you Jonso siyayanana nesu shamwari isu toziva zvatirikuita.You want to infiltrate us manje hazvibude this time tambai mega ikoko

cde chipopi 1 week ago

Jonso anongoda kurobwa basi paka mhanza ikako kakapenyeswa ne kuba mari ye hurumende

Maparamuro 1 week ago

Only a law abiding citizen can demand that other citizens also abide by the law but how do we know you are law abiding when there is no law to abide by?
Charity begins at home. Show democracy at home and we know you understand it and can implement it at national level

Citizen Citizen Citizen 1 week ago

If J. M was not so **** he and his feathered friends would rally behind CCC so that they could fly home safely instead of living in exile.

sugar boy 1 week ago

party structure has no that it becomes so easier for you ZANU-PF to go around murdering thoz members .the only important thing is to go into the ballot box and vote for chamisa


Jandu 1 week ago

Jonathan nyara vanhu.

Maparamuro 1 week ago

Kana Jonso achishaura batai mazwi kuitira mangwana. CCC is a political party seeking public office batisisai ipapo. All people in public office must be accountable to the public. A constitution tells the people the intention of the party and how it will be held accountable. Pasina constitution hapana mabvunziro amunovaita kuti ko iyi ndeipi.
Party structures inzira yekufambisa mashoko kubva pasi (grassroots) kuenda kuatungamiri. Pasina ma structures mashoko achafamba sei.

Rewind kuna 2018, mumwe murume akati constitution haina basa zvinove zvakaparadza musangano we Mdct.
Murume uyu arikurakidza kuti zvemutemo chaizvo zvinomunetsa.

Dambudziko riri muzanupf i lawlessness. Vatungamiri vezanupf vanoita zvavanoda panguva yavanoda zvisinei nekuti mutemo webato ravo kana nyika unoti kudii. Ndiwo matongerwo arikuda kuitwa ne CCC saka mubvunzo woti pane musiyano here?
Chirikumboda kuchinjwa vanhu here kana kuti maitirwo ezvinhu

VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

don mess around wit big names

Mkanya 01 2 weeks ago

Jonso ita mushe who are you to demand ccc structures. Concentrate on your return to Zanu. Structures don't vote. CCC has it's supporter's they will vote for it. Some citizens will vote for the party zvako zvekuti hee ideology structures ndezvako izvo wazobuda pachena kuti ukushandiswa ne zanu. Wakuda kudzoka kuchi party chenyu chemhondi ne mbavha. Mari yawakaba ye zimdef wakazodii

Mcdee 2 weeks ago

God Almighty will structure the party according to HIs will, and that's beyond your limited scope

Jonathan Moyo 2 weeks ago

Forgive me fellow Zimbabweans.I was given conditions for my safe return to my motherland,one of them is discrediting CCC at all costs.Im sure you were surprised a few days ago when I congratulated Vp CDGN Chiwenga on the consumption of his marriage to Dr Amai.Please bear with me ,I really do miss home.
Prof Jonathan Moyo

Gafa 2 weeks ago

Moda mugoponda vanhu moadii ma structure eparty isiri yenyu.Becoz yu are evil yu see nothing but CCC has got structures kkkkkk mazofema moto naChamisa

chati bwege 2 weeks ago

Jonso ziva zveikoko usapindira zvausingazivi wakakoniwa kare hapana achakuda wakatadza kare ****

hello 2 weeks ago

zanu pf inopengae

T1 2 weeks ago

Jonso njuzu yemu sewage
Wakugona ku advisor iwe wakatadza kuudza Mugabe kuti you overstayed
Mai Zizi baba Nyoka iwe mwana uri chi bat

Tintin 1 week ago

aaaaah munoshaudha😂😂😂

Gear 2 weeks ago

Kasoro bhangu fugitive squatting in Kenya apa hakavhote

Jinn 2 weeks ago

Why are you so concerned about CCC affairs, ZanuPf is where you belong old folk.

gogodera 2 weeks ago

ndosaka akatodzigwa haana kukwana uyuyu

haiqa 2 weeks ago

Ana Jonathan Moyo makatadza basa kare saka nyarara musoro unege nzungu !!

Ccc 2 weeks ago

Rupenzi rwomunhu.

blacklabel 2 weeks ago

jonso uripiko huya pakudaka iwewe apa urikukwata here

Nyasha inyaya* 2 weeks ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

Kunonzi kuchema chitunha varidzi varikubhawa
Kuthiwa yikukhala isi****u abanikazi bezinathela utshwala ebhawa 😂

CCC and its supporters dont see anything wrong with what Jonso and the rest are asking for, why want to put your neighbors's house in order?
kupukuta mwana we small house madziwa hadzisi nyaya inyaya 😀 Political Science is in every political party...

Joe Goebbels 2 weeks ago

How does CCC quantify sits support base in any given area?
How does the party strategise on growth & development as regards :
(a) population density
(b) gender & age configurations
(c) voter metrics & preferences
(d) support & influence
within a particular geographical area over a defined period of time?

BOSS VEDAH 2 weeks ago

@Joe Geobbels hapana politics dzozikanwa po apo ndodza Politics of the year now. These structures they Zanu Pf are calling for are their advantage of infiltrating into the opposition & destroy. So this tym havalume. So ana Joe Geobbles bvunzai zveRATE zvataurwa na@Political Commentator

Political commentator 2 weeks ago

@ Joe Goebbels if you don't understand the dynamics of politics pliz kip quite don't parade your shallow brains here Betta kunobvinza kuti rate yave papi and let those who understand politics have a word

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

Why is this necessary?
I still have to see a political party that has paraded this kind of information world over.

Why require this of CCC when ZANU in its existence since 1964 has never publicly published this type of info?

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

What structures does Professor Jonso want ? CCC has its own structures and ZANU PF has its structures which are not physical on the ground like what unfolded last weekend when ZANU PF tried to meet actual people in structures on the ground. They were surprised because there were no physical structures on the ground, but on paper. I consider talk about the Constitution as relevant and CCC has not refused to write a constitution. Professor Jonso is becoming a political blabbermouth. He is trying to dismember CCC as they did Moreblessing Ali's body in Nyatsime. In fact Professor Jonso is a crminal fugitive who ran away while he was under investigations for stealing ZIMDEF funds which he used to buy bicycles which he distributed to his so called structures in Tsholotsho. Musorobhangu, your prison cell is ready at Chikurubi Maximum Prison.




Matemadanda 2 weeks ago

Jonso mboko nemunhu anofunga kuti CCC ine madhanda heads kunge Zanoids. here

dispenser 2 weeks ago

structures is CCC 's secret ,why are they concerned about other parties 's structures whenever they themselves are failures.Do they want to copy . Jonathan Ku Kenya kwavakurwadza kugara or else mabroka .we don't want yu here tinokusungira corruption

Jonasi Savimbi 2 weeks ago

Tisiyei takadaro we know where we are going and where we are coming from

inini zvangu 2 weeks ago

so long zvaturwa naJonso
inini handina zvekupindura otherwise i will be like him

Billboard Of Public Opinions 2 weeks ago

Structures or no structures, people will vote for Chamisa. Though the coming presidential elections will cause so many deaths of people from both the 2 parties.

zanu 2 weeks ago

jonso ziva zvekugara kuKenya structures for what purpose?

trr 2 weeks ago

Tanga wadzoka totangira ipapo kwete kuhukura uri ikoko

Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera 2 weeks ago

Jonso musamutedzere. He is the most dangerous Nyathi in the world. The guy expends most of his energy and time scheming to exterminate the opposition.He is undoubtedly on Zanu Pf payroll & has been promised parole,carte blanche entry into the Zanu hierarchy and a ministerial post.The oblong head shaped spin doctor is missing home & has written to ED promising him to obliterate Chamisa and CCC. Dai Mwari akamutora.

Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera 2 weeks ago

Saka ndati Dai. Chikumbiro Kuna Mwari. It's obvious neniwo ndichatorwa but dai zvaita sokuda kwangu dai kwatanga musoro bhangu,kozotera inini then iwewe then Nicki

VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

Kana newe uchatorwa

Dirigsme 2 weeks ago

Your being erudite is no passport to dictating everything under the sun. You have been sent by Zanu Pf to destroy us by intimating the construction of vulnerable structures. Listen Jonso when Zanu won in 1980 we had no structures.2023 is a replica of the 1980 referendum. We don't care who is who in CCC. We voting for Change en masse. It's a protest vote against the status quo. U hve since decayed from a spin doctor to see saw ediot. You are now a turncoat singing for it's supper. Ingoti plz ED ndokumbira kudzoka. Nonsense!

charlie charlie 2 weeks ago

we the citizens like CCC as it is without visible structures..chigunwe mudenga!

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

Why is Jonso so concerned about CCC structures? Why doesn't he save his energy for ZANU structures and his refugee status.

Structures don't mean a thing. The last 2 weeks ZANU cell audits have shown that while theoretically ZANU has structures, there is no grassroots support leading to postponement of 60-80% of scheduled meetings. Meanwhile, with or without structures CCC has resoundingly won the last two by-elections.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

🗣️The voiceless 2 weeks ago

kanti yena vele ungubani?, who is this Jonathan that wants to talk things that doesn't pertain him.
If he wants to make noise about structures,he must first.Come back to Zim and we take it from there.
low lani liyazihlupha ngoku mnikenza ithuba lokulitshayanisa amakhanda,he just want to be heard that his still around.
sithi ayi baba wrong move.Its now different it's nolonger 100% local content

mthwakhazi 2 weeks ago

I concur with you

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

The lack of a constitution shows that the CCC is nothing but a dictorial party. Voting for CCC is suicide Chamisa chete chete mentality and yet they can't run a simple thing like council what more about a nation.


Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

You see how violent and derigotory they are. These are just supporters what more about the leaders😱 voting for the CCC scares me to death

Hip hop 2 weeks ago

Bomboclat, uridatya iwe hauna pfugwa. Mwana we**** re old people's party

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

Then you will never get to the promised Land with Chamisa that will never happen and the ruling party will never allow us to stoop so low. This isn't Zambia we need Zimbabwean solutions for Zimbabwean problems and the mighty ZANU PF is the solution

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

@Chawabvunza, failure of civic municipalities in service delivery lies squarely on meddling by successive Ministers of Local Government, viz Chombo Kasukuwere (proper name Kasikwale) and now July Pomona Moyo.

Suicide under Chamisa is preferable than the 42 year sufferance under ZANU. We were much better in 1979 when farm workers and domestic servants earned $21 but managed to send some of us to school (myself included), with plenty to spare for food clothing and shelter

Putin 2 weeks ago

ka manza....ngaende kunofa uyu

🤨🤨 2 weeks ago

Jonso musoro bandamba

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