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Jonathan Moyo Disagrees With EFF's Call On SA To Cut Ties With eSwatini's Mswati III

Jonathan Moyo Disagrees With EFF's Call On SA To Cut Ties With eSwatini's Mswati III

Professor Jonathan Moyo, a former Higher Tertiary Education minister has urged South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters not to campaign for cutting ties between South Africa and eSwatini King, Mswati III.

EFF had this Tuesday called upon the South African government to isolate Mswati whom they accused of brutalising the people of eSwatini.The party said:

The EFF stood up in solidarity with the people of eSwatini today. SA government must isolate and close down the diplomatic offices of the king Mswati III in SA as form of protest and demonstration against his order to brutalise and maim the struggling people of eSwatini.

In response, the exiled Political Science Professor said:

Dear @EFFSouthAfrica, On this one Cdes you might have to reconsider your stance or approach because there’s a real risk and possibility that you will find yourselves in bed with Uncle Sam and his well-known snakes in SA, whose agenda in Eswatini is radically different from yours!

King Mswati III, who came to power at the age of 18 in 1986, has ruled Eswatini, formerly Swaziland, for 36 years.

There have been reports of human rights abuses in the country and abuse of national resources while the general populace wallowed in abject poverty.

The government’ inaction or neglect of the citizenry’s grievances triggered the ongoing civil unrest in eSwatini in June 2021 when pro-democratic protests started thereby shaking Africa’s last absolute monarch. 

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ED PFEE 3 months ago


Zuze 3 months ago

ED Shweeee
ED Pfuuuuu

Worzell Gummidge 3 months ago

Typical of Jonathan Moyo. The Machiavellian Beelzebub. Always on the side of the oppressor and never the oppressed. After one meeting with Mnangagwa in Kenya last month, Jonathan Moyo is back to his usual Zanu Pf propaganda. Uncle Sam is not the one brutalising the Eswathini People. It's that Paedophile Poligamist King who loots national resources to feed his harem of child brides & his battalion of children. EFF is a champion of human rights in this particular case. EFF cannot be silent while an unelected tyrant who spends 99% of his time between the thighs of an underage bride butchers defenceless citizens who are asking for representative democracy. No wonder Tendai Biti opposed your involvement in CCC affairs. You are a loose cannon Jonathan Mlevhu. Your heart gravitates naturally towards evil.

mwana wevhu 3 months ago

professor vadzoka panguva yavo yekubhadharwa kuti vashungurudze vana vevhu ...manje manje tave kuvaziva ....kudya zvevapfupi nekureba...njere dzekurasa ....rimwe zuva gava richadambura musungo.....ukafarira kutambura kwavamwe nhasi mangwana inoda kwako...jonso apana achakunzwa yakaneta newe

Murozvi 3 months ago

I agree with you on this. Since Ed visited Kenya the propheser is back to his zanu days.

Machiavelli 3 months ago

Mswati is dictatorial. Period.
Both EFF and the USA see eye to eye on that score. I find it ridiculous that Jonathan Moyo is trying to change EFF's stance simply because the Americans are of the same opinion.

Agendas may differ, but what is wrong is wrong. Jonso's reasoning is getting more and more warped. His dislike of the USA is clouding his rationality. Sad really

BIBLE ANALYST 3 months ago

Thats why Jonah was swallowed by a whale, ndivava ana Jona ava 🤣🤣🤣🤣

jm 3 months ago

Zanu PF must reconsider this cde jonso, vanoziva zvavanoita. come back home prof


charu 3 months ago

I wonder which consequences he was referring.last monarch.....blah blah blah.what is good about this king Solomon they work. saka johane marange anga arinane.

bhudhi harare 3 months ago

jonso shld stop mingling in other countries politics ...wen he is in hiding for his failed advisory role....dai waiziva zvese wakazotiza Zim here

Aratijiyesi 3 months ago

VanaJonso vanongoita noise and wonder if they are some people who listens to him coz anongowawata. I'm sorry to say this but I hate this guy nezvaakatiita makore aye.

baba Divhanti 3 months ago

Nhasi rate riri pachii?

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