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Jonathan Moyo Blames Chamisa For Alleged Online Abuse Targeting His Family

Jonathan Moyo Blames Chamisa For Alleged Online Abuse Targeting His Family

Self-exiled former ZANU PF Politburo member Jonathan Moyo has blamed CCC leader Nelson Chamisa for the alleged online attacks targeting his family, including his late daughter by party activists.

Moyo, who is believed to be in Kenya, said Chamisa’s failure to stop his supporters from attacking him on social media proves that he supports the abuse.

Writing on Twitter, Moyo claimed that Chamisa rejected all efforts to address the alleged online abuse targetting him. Said Moyo:

While I am sad, I cannot continue to respond to each and all of them. I am heartened by the deluge of DMs asking for the reason for the crude slurs I get from Chamisa’s supporters, which reflect deep-seated hatred, as they have also targeted my sister and my late daughter!

The reason for the slurs I am getting is Chamisa himself. While he feigns ignorance and appears to be silent amid the slurs, Nelson has in fact used his seeming silence as a cover to fan and fuel the slurs. He has rebuffed all efforts to get him to address the slurs!

Moyo and Chamisa, then leading the MDC Alliance, seemed to have been in good books, with Moyo going as far as offering to train 40 000 MDC Alliance election agents to avoid rigging in favour of ZANU PF.

Moyo insists that he never sought to join the MDC Alliance, adding that he stopped supporting CCC in February following the party’s rally in Harare. He said:

On my part, I never sought to join MDC, given its treacherous ideology. In November 2021, I told Chamisa both by phone and in writing, that he was no longer supportable.

I thus could not seek to join Chamisa’s no ideology, no values, no constitution and no structure CCC.

I stopped supporting CCC after its Zimbabwe Grounds #yellowSunday rally in February. I cannot support a political party or a social movement whose ideology and values I do not know or agree with.

Political parties are ideologically based, and social movements are driven by values!


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Ginious 2 months ago

vote yajona haina dhiri.NHC

Maparamuro 2 months ago

CCC supporters see Chamisa as a god and that's dangerous as it makes the party a cult. These people never accept any criticism of their leader, they forget they are a political party that could one day be the ruling party therefore every citizen has to have interest in how they do things even the international community is interested hence the visit by Stephen Chan to get clarity.
A political party is not a private society, it must be open to scrutiny by all.
Iyi yekutuka ma critics instead of debating ma issues raised especially by Jonso will only alienate the critical thinkers leaving chamisa surrounded by praise and worship warriors like Mugabe did. It's sad Zimbabweans don't learn, politicians are just as human as all of us and prone to mistakes. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. People insulting Jonso are giving Nero absolute power which he is enjoying tremendously. They don't realize they are creating a monster out of the promising leader

🚩 2 months ago

Not all people who criticise Jonso on Sosho media are CCC and not all people who love Chamisa are CCC, of course many Zimbabweans are non aligned.

Machiavelli 2 months ago

If @Maparamuro were to replace CCC with ZANU, Chamisa with ED/Mugabe, then the rest of his treatise is spot on.

Diva 2 months ago

atikuverengi mhunu anowawata erikunze you joined MDC trying to penetrate but hauna diri Jonso

Fari 2 months ago

Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan, you never cease to amaze. If you're man enough just come back home then wotaura nyaya yako. You are you fighting for anyway? As far as I know you, you are seeking relevance but kanganwa coz tokuzivai zvauri

MuPfungwe Chaiye 2 months ago

Awavo vemisoro yemhasuru ava chavo kungoda kukonzeresa confusion manje mabasa ako tavakumaziva Jonso

dispenser 2 months ago

what is Jonathan fighting for . Instead he should have been fighting his colleagues who dumped him into e wildness



Muzvinafundo we politics Jonathan Moyo is slowly becoming a a useless Professor.

You are truly not democratic. You want Advocate Nelson Chamisa to block his supporters from talking to you. Advocate Nelson Chamisa will not do that. It is you, Professor Jonathan Moyo, who started and fuelled your hatred for Advocate Nelson Chamisa by continuosly attacking our President.

Professor Jonathan Moyo must not take advantage of President Chamisa's reservations. CCC supporters are proud of their esteemed leader. CCC supporters shall not rebuke you for bootlicking His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa, your leader, because he is your cult leader.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Crocodile 2 months ago

@Maparamuro ko kuZanu kwenyu munobvuma here criticism dambudziko rine vanhu ndoyekutarisa party isineyi nemi itai ka zvinoita kuti nyika economy iite recovery nyaya ndeya chamisa chete

c 2 months ago

CCC real change

Mafirakureva Jeremiah 2 months ago

let's disagree on ideologies
personal attacks are a symptom of intellectual immaturity.
it wont get us to the promised land...

jj 2 months ago

pls Jonso leave Chamisa . itai zveku Kenya ikoko not here in Zim . we know you very well you are trying to confuse Zimbabwean this no one will hear your voice. ngaapinde haake mkomama CCC chete chete

ghetto eye 2 months ago

dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe kana rokwevewa roti mavara angu azara ivhu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Kule Dhambi 2 months ago

Iwe Jonho usati nyangadza. Zigwara remunhu. Haugoni kupedza zvaunenge watanga wega wakaita sei iwe? Kubva tiri vadoko kumafuro uko ndozvawaingoita. Kura!!

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