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Joina City Open After Minor Fire Incident

Joina City Open After Minor Fire Incident

The Joina City Management says a fire that broke out at Joina City last night was extinguished before it caused significant damage to the building.

In a statement, the management of Joina City said the fire started at 7 PM in a kitchen in one of the restaurants located on the first floor and was put out by water from sprinklers and the fire brigade before it had spread.

Since there was no significant damage was caused by the fire, Joina City Centre is open to the public and businesses within the complex are operating as usual. The statement read:

Fire at Joina City

We would like to inform all our stakeholders that a fire broke out at Joina City. It started in the kitchen of one of our restaurants on the first floor at 1900hrs on the 22nd of March 2022.

Our security team called in the fire brigade who attended the incident and put out the fire in a short time.

The fire which was coming out on the third-floor deck was coming out of the restaurant’s extractor fan.

The damage was confined to the restaurant’s kitchen only.

The sprinklers in the shop were activated and helped confine the fire to the kitchen.

The damage was minimal and other tenants might have been affected by the water from the sprinklers and the fire brigade water.

We would like to thank all stakeholders for the prompt response in assisting us to put out this fire.

To all our customers, it is business as usual as all facilities are functional.

We are humbled by the number of calls we received from all over the world regarding this incident and we would like to thank you for your prayers and concerns.

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