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Johane Marange Apostolic Church: Brothers Push For Exhumation Of Noah Taguta Momberume

Johane Marange Apostolic Church: Brothers Push For Exhumation Of Noah Taguta Momberume

Clements Momberume, the brother of the late Johane Marange Apostolic church leader Noah Taguta has been granted an interim interdict barring the sect from using the sacred burial shrine in Mafararikwa Village, Mutare where Taguta was buried.

The legal challenge could result in the exhumation of his remains from the sacred Chinyamukumba Mountain in Marange.

Momberume was granted a prohibitory order by Mutare High Court last Wednesday.

He filed the application through his lawyers, Maunga Maanda and Associates, under case number 353/22, on the basis of the separation of family and religious affairs.

The order was filed and awarded last week Wednesday, which is on the same day Taguta was buried at the church’s shrine, amid squabbles between church leaders and Momberume who also runs a splinter group dubbed the Johane Marange (Simon Branch).

The first and second respondent includes Saratiel Taguta and Titos Taguta respectively, brothers to the late High Priest.

Mutare magistrate, Langton Carter, granted an interim relief order and further hearing on the matter is set for April 29. Reads the order:

The 1st and 2nd respondents, their agents or proxies, are barred from interfering with the gravesite of the late Johane Muchabaya Momberume at the southwestern side of Chinyamukumba Mountain Range in Taguta Village, Headman Mafararikwa, Chief Marange.

Pending the return of this matter, the 1st and 2nd respondents, their agents and proxies be,  and are hereby barred from pointing, marking, preparing for burial site of the late Johane Machabaya Momberume, which is at the south-western side of Chinyamukumba Mountain Range in Taguta Village, Headman Mafararikwa, Chief Marange.

The interim order further barred respondents from burying Noah Taguta at the sacred summit of the Chinyamukumba Mountain Range.

The Johane Marange sect violated the interim order, as in the past, where it went against a number of court orders by Momberume, a direct sibling of the late Johane Marange Momberume, who was the founder of the apostolic sect.

There has been a longstanding brotherly feud between late Noah and Momberume.


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fifi 3 weeks ago

Clements why wrestling with a dead body of High Priest Noah Taguta. l heard that you lead your church. A graveyard noise is NOT the bestforward way.

jeizet 3 weeks ago

if you dont have full information about this ,,dont talk nonsense

Tboy 3 weeks ago

Worzell uri mboko yemunhu infact uri duzuman

kkk 3 weeks ago


fifi 3 weeks ago


pumura 3 weeks ago

muchereyi uye aida zanu

Fifi 3 weeks ago

worzell think twice before criticizing without adequate information regarding the death St Noah

Worzell Gummidge 3 weeks ago

Ah. Nhaiwe Fufu! Maitomuti Saint Noah achiri mupenyu? More like Saint Nyowa / Satan Noah to me. One can only be cannonized a Saint after death. Mabasa aakabata achi mupenyu ndiwo anomupupurira afa. Kwete zveSelf anointing & self elevation, munhu otozviti saint. Chete kungoti church yacho yaimborambidza education neImmunisation. Saka vaigoramba sei kuti haasi Saint ivo vasina kumbobvira vaona mukati meClass room.

Worzell Gummidge 3 weeks ago

Surely there is no respite for the wicked. Even in death rinenge richingonzi rifukunurwe. Apa rakavigwa raora mus**** mekunge raita two days richigezwa nemvura yemuteuro yakafashaidzwa kuti rimuke. Rakazovigwa raora. Nhasi kwahi ngarifukunurwe. It reminds of a certain dead President who is still to be reburried. App raive neTen dozens dzevana neQuater century yevakadzi.

truth 2 weeks ago


The King of Serpents 3 weeks ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 rega varifukunure, pamwe rinomuka.

lite 3 weeks ago

*If Zanu is not for Mugabe, Sithole, Nkala, Mujuru or Gumbo, then how can it be yours?*

by Multiverse Dungani
3 hrs ago | 523 Views
Anyone who thinks is a Zanu Member, is a proper **** who will never Learn. ****ishness is the Quality to be Unable to Learn, and unfortunately, in Zimbabwe, we have a surplus of that Quality.
Does anyone remember President Mugabe saying a pen cannot override the command of a gun? Does anyone remember Grace Mugabe declaring that she would execute a "Baby Dumping" on Joyce Mujuru? Is anyone old enough to remember Edgar Tekere confessing that Zanu is a club for armed thugs? Does anyone remember that Zanu was formed by Ndabaningi Sithole who later died under Zanu persecution? Does anyone remember Rugare Gumbo claiming that Zimbabweans were supporting Zanu for its vibrant programmes in August 2012?
Does anyone, with a working mind, remember how Mutasa would kill for Zanu? What does it take for a level headed person to see empirical evidence from Margaret Dongo who spent her life fighting for Zanu, but now confesses that Zanu is a mistake for Zimbabwe's progress?
Why would anyone want to be reminded of Enos Nkala, under whose roof Zanu was formed in 1963, and how he died an enemy of Zanu.
Who remembers a proud chap called Ignatius Chombo who used to be sure that Zanu was his Party? What about Webstar Shamhu who invented Mugabe Cremora mantra?
My question goes to a young educated thinker who is still stuck in Zanu. Do you really think you are more important to Zanu than Enos Nkala? Than Ndabaningi Sithole? Than Mugabe? Tekere, Chombo, Gumbo, Mujuru, Dongo, Shamhu, Grace or anyone who has been humiliated by Zanu including Mnangagwa himself?
Why would someone educated beyond grade 4, really fail to see that Zanu-PF has got no friends at all? It has an infinite mass of ****s to keep using, casting and recycling while eroding Zimbabwe resources at gun-point.
Does anyone with a little brain doubt that Mnangagwa and his wife and all their children will end up jailed by a new Zanu leader, maybe Kasukuwere or Mzembi? Is anyone aware that anything is possible in Zanu? Isn't Grace Mugabe more afraid of Zanu than myself today? Has it ever visited anyone's imagination that Mugabe would one day ask Zimbabweans to vote for MDC rather than Zanu?
Which Zanu Leader has ever enjoyed a safe retirement from Zanu without being hunted? Why would Mnangagwa be the first or are we incapable to learn from the past? Show me Sithole accumulated wealth today? What about Enos Nkala? Does anyone think Mugabe will have a single cow to pass to his children in ten years from now? What gain does Zimbabwe, as a country, gain from unlimited Hero-Worshiping? Where is the Cremora and what can we show as a Nation out of it?What do we expect to gain from-PFeee or wearing Rags of Many Colours that our President Weaved For Us? Are we really an educated country?
How can anyone fail to learn that Zanu is far away from being an innovative Party that can bring economic advantage to Zimbabwe, but a bunch of Armed operators who use our Police and Army to accumulate stolen wealth for the leaders?
We only have ourselves to blame if we openly and voluntarily repeat the same mistakes of propping up Zanu even when our soldiers earn less than a garden-boy in South Africa.

Then u hear murakashi busy defending zanu apa munhu wacho is a youth nxa people must wake up and smell the coffee. YELLOW NATION👆👆👆👆 @Tee

zimcitizen 3 weeks ago

Those who have ears hear🙏🙏🙏🙏

#B1 3 weeks ago

Kurombaa ukoo

3 weeks ago

Hama 3 weeks ago

ava vachatibhowa ava

gogodera 3 weeks ago

zvemachurch zvononetsa better kungohara waita nyaradzo yako hona kwakudzi wofukunhurwa kuzorora kwacho kuri papi kunge mugabe

Extraterrestrial 3 weeks ago


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