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Supply of Goat Does During Livestock Direct Distribution - Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)

Location: Gokwe North District
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The small livestock Goat Does distribution will be conducted in Gokwe North District ward centers located in wards 6, 14, 30, 31 & 36.

Introduction and background information

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is the local humanitarian and development organization of the Seventh-dayAdventist Church in Zimbabwe. Through an international network,

 the organization delivers relief and development assistance to individuals in more than 130 countries-regardless of their ethnicity, political affiliation, or religious association.

ADRA’s mission is to act as a catalyst for change, inspiring, engaging, and empowering people to strive together to overcome poverty and injustice,managing the risks and impacts of  disasters.

ADRA’s core sectors include Holistic Health; Secure and Sustainable Livelihoods; Education; and Emergency Management.

ADRA is implementing the USAID / BHA / ADRA ERRIC Project in Gokwe North, Midlands and Mbire, Mashonaland Central from 23rd August 2021 to 22nd December 2022 targeting communities in 15 wards, thus a total of 10 wards in Gokwe North (1, 2, 5, 6, 27, 29, 30, 31 32 and 36) Mbire 5 wards (1,2,3,5 and 13) with a total primary beneficiary reach of 23200 smallholder farmers.

The goal of Go FAR 2 is to ensure households in Gokwe North and Mbire have improved  food security and improved resilience to respond to the drought affecting the country.

This project aims to assist farmers with small grains, small livestock of Matabele Does goats, revive Disaster Risk Management committees, facilitate vulnerable households to access financial services and improve hygiene and water supply.

ADRA seeks to conduct Seed fairs and distribution of goat Does directly within the 15 wards of ERRIC for both Mbire and Gokwe North supported wards between August to November 2022. Each beneficiary is expected to purchase seed packs through use of a  voucher seed fairs and 2 does to be given directly to 1008 goat beneficiaries.

Scope of work ADRA Zimbabwe wishes to facilitate 5 Small livestock direct distributions in 5 wards of Gokwe North District.

The primary purpose of the direct distributions is to ensure that Goat Does are managed well during handover to beneficiaries thus reducing livestock movement and distribution related mortalities. To achieve this objective ADRA Zimbabwe intends to engage small livestock vendors who will directly deliver and distribute Goat Does to ADRA registered Goat Doe Beneficiaries within Gokwe North district. To participate in the organized Goat Does distribution, the goat Vendors should satisfy the following: a) The vendor shall deliver the smalllivestock (Does) to designated ward centre sites at own cost; b) The  adherence, breed purity (true-to-type) and livestock physical examination by an ADRA Zimbabwe representative, AGRITEX and / or Department of Veterinary Services officers; c) Provide proof of vaccination schedule, tax clearance where required and livestock movement certification from the Department of Veterinary Services;d) The vendor must be prepared to be paid after the livestock distributions and following a reconciliation process verifying number of small livestock brought into the livestock distribution and the numbers sold.

Livestock Matabele Does Specifications and general requirements i) The does should be ready for breeding (8 – 12 months), free from defects, must have two permanent teats, no missing teats and free from other physical defects; ii) The breed must be true to type and of large frame; iii) The breed may be horned or polled (hornless); iv) It must be clean, healthy and free from diseases and parasites.

To apply

All applications and queries to be sent by email to the Logistician email muyenges@adrazimbabwe.or or to

ADRA Zimbabwe, 5 Cecil Road, Rhodesville, Greendale, Harare. Tel: + 263 867 700 7147 / 48;

The deadline for applying is COB (1300 hours) on 15 March 2022. We are aiming to select the vendors by 20 March 2022. Ownership and Disclosure of Data / Information All documents, project designs, drawings, data, and information shallbe treated as confidential and shall not without the written approval of ADRA Zimbabwe be made available to any third party. In addition, the contractor(s) formally undertakes not to disclose any parts of the confidential information and shall not, without the written approval of ADRA be made available to any third party.

Alert: Application Deadline Expired

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