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Procurement Office

Location: Harare
Alert: Application Deadline Expired

Wanted is a Procurement Officer to join an organisation in the Construction sector in Harare . Candidates invited to apply.  

Job Description:

  • Manages the procurement process through end to end management of all activities which includes the planning of procurement, stock control, warehousing, logistics and distribution.
  • Ensures smart global sourcing of all product requirements for the SBU, from products for resale, stationery, protective clothing, machine & motor vehicle spares and canteen requirements.
  • Ensures that every process of the supply chain is functioning effectively to avoid costly delays and lost sales opportunities.
  • Ensures cost reduction and continuous process improvement in the Procurement department.
  • Ensures that highest quality products are purchased and delivered to Branches.
  • Provides technical support to manufacturers to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of products procured by the SBU
  • Draws up and maintain a list of accredited suppliers.
  • Manages relationships with key suppliers.
  • Ensures that business activities comply with all legislative requirements and enhance the SBU’s image for professionalism and integrity.
  • Communicates the departmental needs and objectives to the line Managers and key people in procurement in order to help the entire team to understand the timing required and individual input necessary to make the process run smoothly.


Years of Experience: 

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Alert: Application Deadline Expired

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