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Human Resources Clerk - World Health Organisation (WHO)

Location: Harare
Alert: Application Deadline Expired
Grade:No grade
Contractual Arrangement:Special Services Agreement (SSA)
Contract Duration (Years, Months, Days):6 MONTHS

Job Posting

:Feb 16, 2022, 9:26:58 AM

Closing Date

:Mar 10, 2022, 12:59:00 AM

Primary Location



:AF_ZWE Zimbabwe


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that the deadline for receipt of applications indicated above reflects your personal device's system settings

* Purpose of the Position

Within the Country Management Support Unit, to provide support and services in the preparation of pre-requisites and the initiation of Human Resources related transaction

2.Job Description

* Objectives of the Programme and the immediate Strategic Objectives

Country Management Support Units (CSUs) have been established in the organisational structure to provide support for Managers and staff to fully assume their responsibilities in the GSM environment and to ensure compliance with organizational policies, procedures, rules and regulations on all administrative and financial matters and transactions in the context of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

* Organizational context (Describe the individual role of the incumbent within the team, the guidance and supervision received and training or briefing provided to others)

Incumbent is expected to work with minimum supervision, in accordance with established procedures and practices, dealing with routine matters independently and referring problems or unusual situations to supervisor.  Broad guidance is provided by supervisor or other professional staff or through general objectives and instructions regarding resource allocation, divisions/programmes needs and priorities.

WHO Staff Rules and Regulations, WHO e-Manual, Information notes, SOPs, established Human Resource procedures, practices and standards, guidelines for briefing/informing staff members.  The incumbent is expected to use independent judgment and discretion in interpreting the above to the full range of issues and cases, to prepare alternative resolutions in final format requesting waivers or exceptions required from HRM, and to keep Managers and staff duly informed.

* Summary of Assigned Duties (Describe what the incumbent has to do to achieve main objectives)

The Human Resources Assistant reports to the Operations Officer, and perform the following GSM duties :-

1.He/she assists in providing relevant HR information the following areas:

•   Initiate position actions (Position classification and reclassification actions);

•    Initiate Hiring and staffing actions, including requesting vacancy notices and hiring of consultants and APWs to individuals through the Procurement module;

•     Filing of HR documentations for staff members, consultants, SSAs

•    Contract Management (appointments, extension of appointments, separation actions) changes in status actions;

•    Advise on possible reasons of HRAP rejections;

•     Provide support to Staff in initiating TRs for statutory travels (Processing of staff entitlements);

•    Provide support to Staff in the use of the staff self-service module (GSM end-users).

2.  Monitoring and Reporting of HR Actions:

•    Through regular reporting, he/she will monitor transactions initiated, appointments coming to an end and that need to be extended, separation actions for a timely action on the part of managers and staff.

3.  Leave Administration;

4.  The incumbent will serve as back up to the team members in similar or different positions within the RSU.

*  Difficulty, Sensitivity, Nature and Importance of Work Relations

With whom (indicate title only) and for what purpose does the job require contacts?

 Title of person contacted              Subject and purpose of contact

Within unit/division        HR Officer, Operations Officer

 To cover the end to end process

To get guidance and/or support

Within Organization at duty station          Team members from the CSU, Managers and staff members

To cover the end to end process

To get guidance and/or support

Within Organization outside duty station               HR Officers and HR Assistants from HRM and ISUs; GHR  To interact on administration of GSM transactions

Outside the Organization             

3. Recruitment Profile

Competencies : Generic

Describe the core, management and leadership competencies required - See WHO competency model - list in order of priority, commencing with the most important ones.

*1. Communicating in a credible and effective way

*2. Producing results

*3. Fosters integration and team work

  4. Moving forward in a changing environment

Functional Knowledge and Skills:-

*Describe the essential knowledge and the skills specific to the position.

Work requires maintaining up to date knowledge on any changes to Staff Regulations and Rules as well as standard operating procedures.  The incumbent is also expected to maintain computer skills including skills Global Management System, to the standard of the Organization by self study or in-house training. Knowledge of WHO rules, regulations, policies and practices would be an asset.

Educational Qualifications;

Essential:-  Work requires completion of secondary school.  Knowledge of general administrative and HR Policy theory and procedures.

Desirable:- Training in UN/HR systems is an advantage.  Proven skills in drafting and editing required.


Essential:-  At least 8 years of experience in Human Resources and preferably with several years’ experience in  WHO in an administrative cluster to have a sound knowledge of its rules, regulation, procedures and practices as related to the work.

Desirable:-   Experience in other areas such as Administration, Program Management, Travel and Procurement would be an asset.


English as a working language  for written and oral communication

Other Considerations (e.g. Physical Workplace Condition, if other than normal office environment; IT Skills; etc.)

Work requires the use of word processing or other software packages, and standard office equipment.  Formal or self-training in the use of standard office software. Training in Oracle-based or other ERP systems an asset.

 Work requires the use of: word processing facilities to create, edit, format and print correspondence and documents; spreadsheet and visual presentation software; e-mail and scheduling software to improve communications both internally and externally; Oracle/GSM for administrative matters.

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Alert: Application Deadline Expired

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