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Director: General - Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade

Location: Harare
Alert: Application Deadline Expired

Job Summary

Position Overview The Director General oversees the crafting of Diplomatic Training Programmes, Language Training, Research and Professional discourse in diplomacy and international affairs, and advices Ministry on career development for Foreign Service personnel

Job Description: Foreign Service Institute

Station Zimbabwe Foreign Service institute (ZFSI)

Reports To Board of Governors

Parent Ministry : Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Executes his/her mandate as outlined in the ZESI Charter;
  • Provides leadership and strategic direction to the Zimbabwe Foreign Service Institute;
  • Coordinates and ensures that strategic plans, policies and procedures are developed and implemented;
  • Oversees all programmes/projects and activities of the Zimbabwe Foreign Service Institute;
  • Develops and evaluates the Institute's training programmes, courses and other related activities, as well as carrying out periodic surveys on training needs, in line with global standards/trends;
  • Directs the periodic analysis of national and international events and other information with foreign policy implications;
  • Maintains an active formal liaison with various agencies, institutions and individuals, both at borne and abroad, who are interested in research activities;
  • Initiates in-depth studies on foreign policy/international relations for publication by the Institute;
  • Oversees the implementation of the Performance Management System;
  • Collaborates and promotes cooperation with partnering organisations and affiliate institutions;
  • Develops and interprets policies and procedures;
  • Practises judicious financial and asset management, and ensures timely submission of audited financial accounts to the Board of Governors in terms of the governing Act, SI 151 of 2020;
  • Oversees the Institution's public relations and stakeholder management of the Institute.

Qualifications And Experience

  • A PhD. In Humanities (Arts, Law or Economics)
  • A Master's in International Relations, Arts, law or Economics
  • At least 10 years' experience in the foreign service, including at Ambassadorial level
  • At least 5 years of experience as Lecturer or Administrator at an institute of higher learning.

How To Apply

Applications are directed to:

The Secretary,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

Munhumutapa Building Samora Machel Avenue/ Sam Nujoma Street




Alert: Application Deadline Expired

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