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Consultant engagement to train (ToT) Sub Recipient Staff on GFATM processes and cycles - Family AIDS Caring Trust (FACT)

Location: Harare
Alert: Application Deadline Expired

Job Summary

Scope of Advert: Local/Globally Advertised

Category (Eligible Applicants) External

Practice Area: HIV/Health and Development, Administration

Date of Issue 25/02/2022

Application Deadline: 05/03/ 2022 (1600HRS)

Type of Contract: Individual Contract/Professional Services

Post Type/ Level: Local

Duty Station: Harare, Zimbabwe

Languages Required: English

Proposes Date of Training: 10/03/2022

Expected Duration of Assignment: 10 Days

Background of the Organisation

  • FACT is a Christian-based national organisation working in and through partnerships to improve health and reduce poverty among people affected by HIV and related issues in Zimbabwe and beyond. FACT is receiving support from GIZ BACKUP Health to assist CSOs in understanding the utilization of GF resources and improve CSO networks and KP communities’ participation in Global Fund and CCM programs.

Background to BACK UP Health Grant

  • (BACKUP) is an initiative to provide technical assistance to public and civil society partners in implementing and coordinating funds from international finance mechanisms, with a historical focus on the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM). It has been noted that, familiarity and contribution to GF processes is limited among CBOs and CSOs and, in some cases missing among most of Zimbabwe’s CSOs especially those at sub-national levels (district and province). Some CSOs have limited to poor appreciation of GF funding support and cycles, interventions focus (modular framework), monitoring, outcomes and expectations. Consequently, CSOs neither meaningfully contribute local issues nor take time to appreciate the rapidly transforming needs in health. Equally, CSOs fail to make a link between locally available resources and GF thus affecting complementarity towards health systems improvement goal.
  • Country engagements are generally confined to a small number of well-developed urban and national level CSOs. Such engagement inadvertently excludes rural and remote CSOs, yet these are poorly resourced and less likely knowledgeable to contribute effectively to GF country processes. Systematic engagement and support of all CSOs including community level CBOs leads to timely, better, specific and targeted identification of community needs leading to better utilization of health finance. At implementation level, systematic and evidence-based outputs are affected by uncoordinated implementation and individual resource allocation plans, a consequence and reflection of the effects of poor coordination structures. CSOs/ CBOs need guidance in functional coordination. CSOs/ CBOs and the communities are not fully integrated into ongoing data collection, data analysis, data generation and data sharing for evidence based and responsive interventions. Programmatic data generation and sharing is a critical factor in resource utilization and allocation. Where such is missing, it impacts negatively on effective local and GF resources allocation and utilization. CSOs health generated data is poorly managed to contribute to and reflect on demand and supply of GF funded services. This affects utilization and CSOs capacity to respond. Overall, poor and misaligned uptake leads to poor health outcomes. The overall effect is poor uptake of GF financing leading to poor health systems outcomes and invariably gender, human rights and equity.

To address the challenges highlighted above, FACT received funding from GIZ to implement the BACKUP HEALTH to achieve two major objectives which are;

  • Capacitate CSOs/CBOs, KP communities and CCM representatives to actively and timely contribute to GF resources monitoring, utilization and allocation at community and national level.
  • Improve CSOs, networks and KP Communities participation in Global Fund and CCM focused data generation and effective programming.

Duties And Responsibilities

The expected outcome for intervention

  • SR & SSR staff trained on GF process & cycles
  • Effective engagement and guidance of CBOs and KP communities to contribute to the GF process.

It is against this background the FACT is seeking a consultant to train SR staff on the Global Fund Processes and cycles so that they can cascade the training downwards to CBOs/CSOs and Key Populations.

Description of Responsibilities

  • Develop content and training programme for SR/ SSR staff.
  • Develop a Pre and Post-test to test knowledge of the participants.
  • Train SR staff on GFATM application, roll out processes and cycles at country level.
  • Produce a training report
  • liverables
  • Training of Trainers guide / manual that will be used to cascade the training to CBO/CSOs.
  • Training report

Qualifications And Experience


TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES: Professional Educational Qualification and Work Experience


  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Strategic Planning/Development and other related field/ Development Studies/ Social-Science or any other related field for the assignment. A PhD degree or working towards PhD will be a distinct advantage.


  • At least five years of relevant experience in areas of training and capacity building of institutions and individuals
  • At least two years’ experience and knowledge of Global Fund mechanism, Processes and Cycles, Country engagements and CCMs
  • Proven track record of training and participation in a similar role in the public/ and/or private sector minimum two years
  • Direct involvement in country level GF processes for at least two cycles of : writing, allocation, lobbying, CCM committees
  • Proven existing or past membership in CCM committee role.

How To Apply

Scope of Price Proposal and Schedule of Payments

  • The consultancy fee will be determined on a lump sum basis. The lump sum amount must be all-inclusive and the contract price must be fixed regardless of changes in the cost components. Payment will be made upon completion of all key deliverables.

How to apply

  • Consultants can submit their Expression of Interest (EoI) clearly marked in the subject EOI for Training SR staff in Global Fund Processes and cycles. All EoI must be submitted by to . The subject matter should be clearly stated on the submission and email response stating the subject one is responding to.

The EoI must include the following:

  • Technical proposal: a cover letter and updated Curriculum Vitae (2 pages maximum); a technical proposal (max. 4 pages) summarizing the approach and the proposed manual/guide to be used. Work plan with the expected number of working days; and, List of evidence of similar work done and experience to undertake the assignment.
  • Financial proposal: - asking rate (fees) in USD per workday and estimated number of workdays required to perform the assignment. Other logistical expenditures including materials, if applicable, must be included in the budget breakdown.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Candidates will be evaluated using a combined scoring method with the qualifications, experience and methodology weighted at 75% and the price offer weighted at 25%. Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 50+% (out of 75%) points on the technical qualifications will be considered for the Financial Evaluation.

Criteria for evaluation of qualifications, experience and methodology (75 points maximum):

  • Relevance of education to the consultancy (10 points);
  • Knowledge of the Global Fund Processes & Systems & proven track record of participation in such processes (35 points)
  • Experience in training, GF proposal writing and facilitation skills (25 points)
  • Experience in CCM operations (5points)

Criteria for financial evaluation (25 points maximum)

Alert: Application Deadline Expired

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