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Business Development Manager (OmniContact) - Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

Location: Harare
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Job Description

The incumbent is responsible for growing revenue from new BPO customer acquisitions and existing business as well as the retention of signed BPO customers (Local, Regional & International). The role is also responsible for developing B2B BPO solutions for customers, Business Planning, Market Development and Team Growth and Development.

Key Responsibilities

Business Planning

  • Drafting the BPO Business Development Strategy for final approval by the COO OmniContact and incorporation into the main OmniContact Corporate strategy.
  • Contributes to the main OmniContact corporate strategy.
  • Formulating and designing local and international sales, business plans marketing and profitability plan for OmniContact channels (Resellers, Marketing Agencies etc.).
  • Developing BPO customer acquisition strategies for the local and international markets.

BPO Solution Development

  • Collaborating with the Technical Support Personnel and Head Contact Centres to design BPO solutions for the customers in line with the provided customers’ business requirements.
  • Collaborating with the Business or Financial Analyst to determine BPO solution and pricing for the developed solutions.

Market Development & Business Growth

  • Identifying and develops new markets for selling OmniContact solutions (products and services).
  • Gathering market intelligence and customer insights in local and international markets to identify new business opportunities.
  • Developing growth opportunities for OmniContact products in existing markets.
  • Understanding the target markets, including industry, company, project, company contacts and which market strategies can be used to attract clients.

Channel Development & Partner Management

  • Determining through market information and business intelligence received from Direct Reports to decide the appropriate channel to move solutions.
  • Collaborating with Commercial, S&D to determine the most effective channels to sell the service.
  • Identify and sign-up relevant Partners to sell products in international markets.
  • Identify and signs-up relevant Partners to manage overflow traffic.
  • Managing Partner performance in line with agreed KPIs.

Sales Support

  • Providing collateral and training support to the Sales and Distribution Teams and International Resellers to sell the BPO Offering.

Revenue Growth Strategy

  • Coordinates execution of the OmniContact Business Plan to deliver on agreed revenue targets.
  • Developing sales strategies through a combination of methods that includes Lead Generation, Prospecting, Networking and face to face appointments with new and inactive clients.

Customer Retention

  • Initiating and motivates reviews of trading terms when needed, to ensure retention and loyalty.
  • Designing and implements tactical strategies to enhance service usage on customers.
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of customer retention initiatives and implements required changes.

Financial Management and Control

  • Preparing and consolidates the Business Development budget CAPEX, OPEX and Headcount Budgets for incorporation into the main OmniContact Budget.
  • Reviewing and implements cost containment strategies in line with agreed on KPIs.

Management of the Department

  • Developing the necessary plan/s to ensure that the Department meets its agreed goals and objectives,
  • meets departmental staff on a monthly basis, identifies and agrees key result areas, key objectives/tasks and action plans.
  • Overviews, updates and maintains the departmental organisation structure.
  • Identifies possible vacancies and where applicable, suitable candidates internally or externally, and arranges for the appointment of suitable staff.
  • Develops and implements employee engagement initiatives to drive a high performance team culture and overall business productivity


  • Bachelor's Degree
  • 6 Years Experience 

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