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Activist to end tribalism

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Zan u will continue to rule if tribalism continues ti exists

Tribalism has always been Zanu pf's secret weapon,it has been their useful weapon in their divide and conquer strategy ,they used tribalism in the 1980 until the early 1990s ,during that time the main opposition was Zapu which had a strong ndebele support base but was received and supported all over the country including mashonaland Joshua Nkomo was loved by both ndebeles and shonas and came to be known as father zimbabwe he also had a shona nickname ,Realising that his rule was at risk Mugabe fabricated lies about nkomo keeping weapons and said nkomo was planning a rebellion ,He used that propaganda and sent a north korea trained army to unleash terror in matebelaland claiming 20 000 lives ,Even Putin's invasion of Ukraine is no match for what mugabe did and shonas believed his propaganda and supported him gukurahundi he virtually ended the opposition in zimbabwe and solidified his rule until 1999 when the mdc was born fast forward to 2022 Zanu pf still realises the power of tribalism that is why they send individuals to pindula to peddle tribalism and distract us from discussing the real issues affecting us.we now spend all our time insulting each other and promoting tribalism instead of dicussing fuel prices,politically violence ,corruption .lets stop entertaining these state sponsered individuals...Tribalism is zanu pf if you are tribalist you are a Zanu pf supporter

Alert: Application Deadline Expired

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