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Job Vacancies: Nurse Counsellors, Compliance Officer, Procurement Intern, Etc

Job Vacancies: Nurse Counsellors, Compliance Officer, Procurement Intern, Etc

We have posted new jobs to the Jobs section on Pindula. Please open the job you’re interested in to view the detailed application requirements and application deadline.

Nurse Counsellor (x2) (Global Fund Project) – CeSHHAR Zimbabwe

CeSHHAR Zimbabwe is an organization that specializes in Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH), HIV and AIDS research in Zimbabwe. CeSHHAR in collaboration with the MOHCC and NAC is implementing a National Sex Work Programme aimed at reducing HIV acquisition and transmission among female, male and transgender sex workers thereby reducing HIV transmission and acquisition to and from their clients. Low consistent condom use, risk of drug use and increasing transactional sex are some of the common reasons that put these key populations at risk of acquiring HIV infections. Therefore, reaching these populations and increasing awareness and access to STI & HIV prevention, testing and treatment services are fundamental to reducing transmission of  STI and HIV infections.

Link for applications

Procurement Intern – Bantwana

Purpose of the position

Under the general supervision of the Procurement Assistant, the Procurement and Admin Intern will be responsible for the following.

Link for applications

Compliance Officer – Zimbabwe Health Interventions (ZHI)

Location: Harare


Zimbabwe Health Interventions (ZHI) is a not-for-profit human development organization that is registered as a Trust under the Zimbabwe Deeds Registries Act (Chapter 20:05). ZHI’s mission is to develop and deliver innovative and sustainable high impact integrated health interventions with local communities while working with and strengthening existing institutions.

Link for applications

Supply of Goat Does During Livestock Direct Distribution – Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)

Location: Gokwe North District

The small livestock Goat Does distribution will be conducted in Gokwe North District ward centers located in wards 6, 14, 30, 31 & 36.

Link for applications

Consultancy – Law Society of Zimbabwe


The Law Society of Zimbabwe is a Statutory, self-regulating, body established in terms of the Legal Practitioners Act (Chapter 27:07). The Law Society regulates the legal profession in Zimbabwe. It also represents the legal profession. The Law Society is run by an elected council of registered legal practitioners practicing across the country. The council is assisted by an appointed Secretariat based in both Harare and Bulawayo.

Link for applications

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Autenowski zelensky 3 months ago

@terminator are you insane 😂😂😂, why would you just wait till the right time, when we will be able to do things on our own ..for now we are still under them

inini 3 months ago

vamwe vanhu vakupura mafisizi

inini 3 months ago

ummmmm vamwe vanhu vakuputa ma****


Terminator 😎 3 months ago

Case study number 1 . Let's chase them away today right now 😜and want to show the whites we can make it alone like Libya ,,, Mozambique pple tried it and succeeded why not us ,, let's give a no fly zone to planes from EU countries and their medicine,,,tools ,, computers,,, cars ,, cosmetics,,trains let's stop buying their trains,,, weapons,,,food too even in our courts let's use our mother tongue ,,,, Ndebele ,karabha ,,Venda and so on everyone abroad must come back we need to show these whites that we can make it as a country from today I am throwing away my cellphone I will use a hwamanda for communication shangu handichapfeki ndapedza ma Olympics acho kkkk ini Terminator 😎😎😎

Zvimbazi 3 months ago

Right these are next levels of Vene Vayo - Upper Level Vene Vayo (ULVV)



The Boy Who Saw 🛸 UFOs 3 months ago

Mukuda tiite zvepa the gods must be crazy kasi

mhazi of Silobela 3 months ago

weed inokanganisa utano

Gushungo 3 months ago

What have you been smoking. I will report you to Dr. Stop It

Donald Trump 3 months ago

@Zanu is looking to ban NGOs yet they provide many jobs for our people

ngorima mushava 3 months ago

if these ngo's are genuine in their operations , WHY are they afraid of being monitored, shows that have some agenda to distabilise the country

Jinx 3 months ago

Hahaha, that Z*** PF official spoke naively and ****ly. Even in Germany, the richest country in Europe, NGO's give homeless people shelter and jobs there not to mention food and health services. The richest countries in the world need NGOs what more poor Zimbabwe 🤣

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