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Job Sikhala's Wife Appears In Court, Granted Free Bail

Job Sikhala's Wife Appears In Court, Granted Free Bail

The wife of jailed Zengeza West MP Job Sikhala (CCC), Ellen, appeared in court on Thursday facing traffic offence charges and was granted free bail.

Ellen was arrested on Tuesday on her way to see her husband who has been incarcerated at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison for over 100 days.

She was accused of driving against oncoming traffic.

Ellen, who was represented by Paidamoyo Saurombe from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), was remanded to 19 October for trial.

It is the State’s case that Ellen who is a holder of class 2, 4 and 5 was driving a Nissan Navara vehicle along Seke Road on 20 September.

Ellen allegedly drove her vehicle against oncoming traffic, leading to her arrest. | NewsDay

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Dzakutsaku 1 week ago

Vane stress ambuya ava dzemirume wavo,free wiwa

Wezhira 1 week ago

Wakambofamba pk hour muharare here ukaona zvezvichiitika. Zanu pf is politicizing and weaponising our justice system.

pk 1 week ago

bail granted....
she is not a serial offender

@pk 1 week ago

Uri **** pakufunga

Constable 1 week ago

Neither is the husband. An offender is defined as someone who is convicted for any crime. Job has never been convicted for any crime and remains innocent. He is not a criminal. Even us the constabulary know that

Steven Chidhumo 1 week ago

She was going to get bail as expected. Their target is not the wife. Job is the one they need. Just hope Job will ever taste freedom once again

Nimrod 1 week ago

Uuuuum. Heavy handed. Dzimwe nyaya dzinongoda caution. Ne road dzedu idzi pamwe vainzvenga ma porthole then probably misjudged the distance of oncoming traffic. Or probably was overtaking but once again misjudged distance. Hapana nyaya apa. There should be a plausible reason why she was driving on the right side.
Asi pane aiva tevera Mai ava( ma state security agents). Asi pakaitika accident? Uuuuum l smell a rat

Lion from woods 1 week ago

Sure I smell a rat.. Something fishy cooking.. Distance yacho yakareba sei yavakafamba vari wrong way

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 week ago

Asi vakazviitira pamberi pemapurisa kani??

Graduate 1 week ago

Saka vakasungwa vanonogara vese nemurume wavo mujeri


The Adjudicator 1 week ago

It seems the lady is under 24hr surveillance from state agents .It goes on to show how biased they are and they hve shown their true colours. Double standards.

Nimrod 1 week ago

l have never come across such a silly case, especially on an open road. dai yaive one way street. Soits coming out clearly kuti sheis under surveillance. what a waste of state resources?
Shame on who ever is harassing the lady

dambu 1 week ago


nyosi 1 week ago

kwamutare zvinogara zvichiitika quick hour yese but hapana akambosungwa ndazvikoniva zvezimbabwe

Let's free zim 1 week ago

Kushungurudzwa nezanu uku hapana kna mhsva apa

Lawyers for Human Rights 1 week ago

Since when does the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights represent traffic offenders in court?

sixpence 1 week ago

because this is more than a traffic offence

Normally traffic offenses you get fined and either you pay on the spot or within 7 days at any police station

Chelsea 1 week ago


Chelsea 1 week ago


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