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Job Sikhala Wants Trial Broadcast Live

Job Sikhala Wants Trial Broadcast Live

Jailed CCC vice chairman Job Sikhala on Tuesday filed an application to have his trial broadcast live when he appeared before Harare magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa.

Sikhala’s lawyer, Jeremiah Bamu, submitted that having his client’s trial broadcast live is meant to vindicate the interests of the public. Said Bamu:

This way, the trial will be done in a fair manner and it will be a public trial and our reasons for this application are that it is meant to vindicate the interests of the public.

There is no other court or person that can come and tell you to allow or reject this decision because you are the one who is overseeing this trial proceeding and you also have an obligation to protect and give effect to members of the public who are entitled to freedom of information and who also have a right to have public access to what will take place in court and in the trial.

This request will also allow members of the family to be detailed about the ongoing proceedings in this case as this comes as a request from the accused’s children who are overseas and are not able to attend the trial.

There is no prejudice at all as this application will not cause any interference and will not be any expense to anyone and will not interfere with prosecutorial order.

We will also like to add to the requests and submit that the media be allowed to use their gadgets during the trial so as to even do their very own live feed.

Magistrate Gofa was on Wednesday expected to make a ruling on the application.

Sikhala has been in prison since his arrest on 14 June 2022 on a charge of incitement to public violence. | NewsDay

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Mike😲 3 weeks ago

inyaya yakanaka chose

3 weeks ago

hatiiti zvido zvake garamo

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 3 weeks ago

Azviiti zvaanoda izvi

. 3 weeks ago

muri kuomesera vana baba varikujeri mmmm

Guka 3 weeks ago

Ayisi American Express yino Muzimbabwe
Hoto votera ZANU pf

Observer 3 weeks ago

Sikhala seems to forget his adversary, his intentions and tactics.
Of what benefit is the broadcast to the ruling elite
or to his freedom?
Is he after justice or populism?
since when has the establishment pandered to an advesary's wishes?
the only thing Sikhala may harvest in his deliberations is to exposes how recalcitrant the regime is ...
I wish Sikhala the best in his endeavours..

pk 3 weeks ago

ndozvimwe zvichaita job agareko kuprison. haasiriye anotonga muzim. Zanu haiite izvo


3 weeks ago

Quick question guys. How was he posting letters in Chikurubi prison?

sikhala 3 weeks ago

iwe kana uchitadza kuposter uri kujere dont ever think kuti ini ndozvitadza

Nelson Mandela 3 weeks ago

Sikhala for President ✔️

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Court documents, processes and hearings are public. This is precisely why journalists are allowed to attend, write their articles publish proceedings of events and submissions made in court. The only restriction in Zimbabwe (as in the USA etc.) has been the prohibition of taking photographs in court. Elsewhere however, notably in South Africa, court proceedings have been beamed live in real time on television, if one recalls the trial of The Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius) and the recent State Capture enquiry (The ZUPTA- Gate Scandal). Other public events of interest, including Parliamentary debates worldwide are now commonplace on television.

There is no reason therefore why Sikhala's trial shouldn't be streamed live. I personally would have liked to see it live on TV, only that DeadBC being an extension of ZANU would not and cannot be allowed by its handlers to do just that.

The defence has put up cogent reasons why live streaming should take place. Job Sikhala's constituents, party supporters civic society, and international well-wishers would like to be in court, but no court can hold such numbers, even if the trial were to be held in the National Sports Stadium.

But of course the Powers-that-be cannot and will not countenance that kind of publicity.

Gone are the days when reporters take everything in shorthand, transcribe onto computer, print and then publish. Technology has advanced to levels where that process be synchronous in real time. It is about time Zimbabwe moved from the Dark Ages to Cyberspace.

O'brien 3 weeks ago


Our Zim 3 weeks ago

Whats special abt sikhala.

Gtre 3 weeks ago


Dofo 3 weeks ago

Zvekuzoita zvido zvako hakuna ,,tsve kurwira bail take take nekuda kubuda pa TV nxaa


I am not a fundi in law. What I understand with the law is that this request is permissible and Advocate Nelson Chamisa versus His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa was done virtually a few years ago.

What probably is to remove the venue from ordinary court to an open air venue, like a football ground.

This case has been mirred in controversy by the continued pretrial detention. If it is done in virtual circumstances, all international activists shall observe and pass the trial as fair although it is not their duty.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Cid 3 weeks ago

mumwe ne mumwe akasungwa akada kubuda pa TV zvobuda here

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Not everyone is newsworthy. if you @CID were to die today we wouldn't know. But if Sikhala were to die tomorrow, he will make headlines the World over

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