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Job-seeking Marondera Woman (25) "Enslaved" In Oman

Job-seeking Marondera Woman (25)

A 25-year-old woman from Marondera was allegedly trafficked to Oman in April by an unknown Zimbabwean man who had promised her a good-paying job.

Police said the suspect made all the arrangements for the woman to travel to the Middle Eastern country and he is now demanding to be reimbursed.

The man is reportedly abusing his victim and demanding to be paid US$1 800 which he claims he used to cover the woman’s travelling expenses. The ZRP said:

The ZRP is investigating a case of human trafficking where a Marondera woman (25) was lured to travel to Oman by an unknown Zimbabwean who promised her employment in April 2022.

The suspect, who arranged the travelling logistics, is reportedly abusing the victim in the foreign country, threatening her to refund the US$1800 that he claims to have used for the victim’s travelling expenses.

Meanwhile, a 35-year-old woman from Marondera was arrested on allegations of trafficking two women to Oman in April this year.

Farisai Mupeti appeared before a Harare magistrate facing charges of human trafficking after she allegedly lured two Zimbabweans to Oman where they were enslaved.

The trafficked women were identified as Murriam Zihumo and Isabel Mushoriwa who were both tricked into believing that they had found lucrative jobs in Dubai only to find themselves in slavery in Oman.

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Reza 1 month ago

iyo Oman inyika here kana kuti ibhawa

Seka hako 1 month ago

Kkkkkkkkkkkkk. Ibhawa

1 month ago

Ndokune gehena revanhu vatema

John 1 month ago

Some of the countries in the middle East have harsh working conditions for women as they don't have as many right as in some countries.Its advisable to stay away from the middle East if your a women looking for employment ,unotitiswa .

Putin 1 month ago

ini ndaidya kamwe chete , they confiscated my passport , also unoita kuneta nayo vachingochinjana without protection.

1 month ago

Ndouyavo here ndoidawo handi hamuchainzwi here

sparkie 1 month ago

kuda zvinhu ndiko kunotiparira, gutsikana nezviripo usachiwa zvausikuziwa kuti zviri kushandwa here or not

Tindo 1 month ago

Well said


Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Kutiza NEMA votes kkk

1 month ago

IIslam does not equate women to men. Women are like second class citizens. Tsvagai ruzivo musina kuenda . No towomen driving. Shariah law. Women should never report rape untill 4 citizens testified. If a man is caught raping . He can marry the victim and case closed

Rape abuse 1 month ago

Zvino muno vakadzi variku abuser rape charge against men to settle a dispute like in the case of a certain mother who coached her daughter to lie that her father got intimate with her without her consent. The man did tym behind bars only to be released after the daughter confessed

Ra's Tiraz 1 month ago

These gullible women keep on falling for the same trick.Izvezvi mumwe arikutoverenga nyaya iyi next week anenge achitokabira kunzi kune basa Ku Oman

zuku 1 month ago

izvozvi pakatouya munhu achiti kune job ku oman rinopa 6000 yusa pamwedzi munoona vachiita murambamhuru kuenda ,varume vachisiwa vatukwa chaizvo ,uri rombe haunaki better ndozvoshandira Mari yangu haulume kana cent ndoda kudzoka ndotenga imba Kulow density kwete zvako zvekundigarisa muchitangwena chigaba zvacho chituckshop chemba,,,,,,,,kana muchiti ndiri kunyepa bvunzai varume vevakadzoka vaitwa maslave ikoko

Moyo 1 month ago

kkk unonyatsoziva hunhu hwevakadzi

Malcom X 1 month ago

Well said some are not victims but serving their moral jail sentences. Mwari haadhakwi.

citizen 1 month ago

Overses Job Scams:

Sometimes your applications get hacked⛓️⛓️

They land into Nigerian hands and they will send you replies with job offers which are so attractive such that HAUNA WAUNOUDZA kutya kuroiwa🤠.

$6000 salary for Housekeeping,

$5000 salary for Waitresses,

Hana yotanga kurova and you start imagining how your life will be with these riches.

Sometimes you even do interviews with job letters following,

Now instead of applying for your visa alone, you are asked to send money to process visas.

Tapota tapota musatumire Mari.

Ukawona wonzi enda kuWestern Union kunotumira!

Hana yako, your gut feeling inotokuudza kuti this is scam. Usaite nharo

daddy 1 month ago

I have lived in Oman, sohar al batina and I am going to work there again from next month, I have been living in Dubai for the past 8 years, UAE and Oman they are just neighbors all I want to say is guys if u know what you are going for out there is very important, someone of our sisters sacrifice them selves in the name of money, they will I have met some who had come for prostitution I asked them why were they doing that all the way from Africa, they told me the same statement, that we were lied to they were six actually but what got me questioning them was the freedom they had to roam around looking for man to sleep with but not going to hand over themselves to the police if they did not like what they were doing, but they chose not to go to the police and some are still there in the streets everyday, never ever leave your country before you verify with the embassy of that country u would want to visit

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