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Java Speaks On His Relationship With Ginimbi And Wicknell

Java Speaks On His Relationship With Ginimbi And Wicknell

Controversial cleric Passion Java said he had a good relationship with the late socialite Genius Kadungure, better known as Ginimbi, saying some people took their frequent public social media verbal spats personally.

Speaking on the DennyJ podcast last week, Java, who is considered a prophet by his congregants, and is a ZANU PF activist, said he failed to attend Ginimbi’s funeral because those in charge of proceedings were discriminatory. He said:

Ginimbi was my guy. I always talk with his family and I passed my condolences.

Of course, I went to the funeral at Doves but kumba, I saw it that people vanenge vaipinzwa due to their faces.

Paiitwa chiface, I looked at the faces there and their skins. So, I didn’t go.

There are some people who took my games with Ginimbi personal, but we used to talk on the phone.

But pamwe pacho ndaimukobora hangu, ndozoti sorry hangu but chibhakera chinenge chasvika.

I used to go to his house, I would also send Mudiwa. I felt that there were some people who took it personally. So, zvaisaita ndiende kunhamo.

But, I miss Ginimbi, the street is dry, ndangosara ndega chibaba, ko vamwe vari kupi? Madam Boss seems to be number two.

Java also claimed to be in good books with controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo despite joking about his size. Said Java:

Muface wangu, Wicknell has money, I only asked how many minutes does he take to put on a jean? It was a question but some took it as a beef.

He is my friend, there was a time when people lied that he posted about me. We talk and it’s now two years, I have his number.

Ndogona ndisiri muface wake, but inini muface wangu.

He said he was different from Tatelicious in that while his jokes are meant to entertain people, the latter has a penchant for saying things that are damaging to people. Added Java:

I am different from Sekuru vaLicious, Tatelicious, anotaura zvinhu zviri damaging to people. Mine are entertaining, I can’t say something damaging.

I have to think about what will happen to their children at home, and wives at home. Sekuru vaLicious vanongokuvadza vanhu, and the relatives get emotional.

My jokes are entertaining, they don’t hurt. Even during the days, I would have disses with Towers, he would laugh.

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mukorokoza dhagi 3 months ago

pashoni is a Zanu pf bootlicker he survives from few bread crumps which he get from Anupf top wips ,he is an actibist who wanted to get closer to ED via the backdoor ,his wishes was to b an executive of AAG unfortunatrly he had been relieved off duty with his partner in crime Chimombe ,

So far Scot Sakupwqnya is noww th AAG president how Scot make his way up th ladder he bought cars fir the electorate so that hr secures a position as AAG president back to Pasion Jacva
he is a zanupf parody activist who was very vocal abt Idhi projects he was silenced by th citizens on 26 March by election he is niw sober

pasion u are also a mineral cartel who had connectiins in UAE,America ,Canasq,China,Germany

th deal why Pasiin Supports Zanu is he smuggle gold to those high profile ppl outside th country so he is always supporting zanu pf to secure more undercarpet deals thru porous mineral system in zim

DKT 3 months ago

Why uyo mufesi asingazive zita rake anonzi Panganayi achisapota zanu but moms yake yaiva mp we MDC Alliance??

doc 3 months ago

how about his excellency president of the people @nelson Chamisa

MuGrade 2 3 months ago

I haven't come across his jokes..buh I used to follow Sir Wicknell,that one brags a lot...he doesn't beat the Bush...I don't think Java can withstand Wicknell....

👽 3 months ago

ko nyaya ye hat chii chakazoitika

Mafirakureva 3 months ago

Chii chingaitike?
Handiti ane Presidential Protection?

Elder chimut 3 months ago

Iwe java hatidi kuhwa zvechimonera chako panapa paplatform wava kutinyaudza


Mike 3 months ago

Mukanya hapana zvamukutaura apa, ko how with deportation. Mukudzoswa kumusha riinhi

Shango 3 months ago

Akudakutsvaga kuti vanhu vamufarire aona kuti chiBato chaanotsigira chagarwa matunduru,wakutumwa kunzi enda kunotsvaga vanhu,zvino ana Ginimbi vaisaita zvePolitics dzenenge dzako apo wozviti munhu waMwari ****,Grace aigaro udza Mface wako kuti ****

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